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April 23, 2010

The Green Bay Packers select…Mike Neal DT-Purdue

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In two words? Cautiously optimisitic. Mike Neal may have been a bit of a reach, but at least he’s a reach with a lot of upside. His physical gifts are undeniable, and he does have a nice bit of pass rush skill to him as well. But the problem? He’s undersized for a 3-4 DE. And he might not have the arm length to disengage blockers.

I don’t exactly hate it. It’s an inspired attempt at developing more pass rush. But I am worried that he will go the way of a Patrick Lee in that he won’t be on the 2011 Packers.


January 29, 2010

A very early assessment of what I’d like from the Packers.

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This is the sort of scenario that you’d love because the Packers have a window of opportunity that is wide open. The weaknesses are glaring, but we have a draft that’s widely regarded to be a better draft in terms of quantity than what we had last year. And I think Double T has a chance to keep this team at Super Bowl contention.

1) Bruce Campbell OT-Maryland

In the first Round, I do expect the Packers to shop smart and go after someone to fulfill the left tackle position. What does Campbell bring to the table? Great athleticism for one thing. A killer combine and I can wave goodbye to this dream. Also, he played much of the year with turf toe. His run game skills are imperfect, but he definitely can fit in a passing league. Groovy.

2) Dominique Franks CB-Oklahoma

This is the sort of guy who would learn how he can attain full Al Harris from being tutored by Al Harris. He’s a physical press corner who was a shutdown corner in the Big 12 South. He’s fundamentally sound, but he has the hands that turn interceptions to deflections. But for a second round pick? Great value.

3) Antonio Coleman DE-Auburn

We had hoped that Aaron Kampman could convert to a 3-4 Linebacker. It didn’t work. Brad Jones basically was a better fit last season on little more than raw talent. It’s honestly unknown how Coleman would do in pass coverage, but he’s spent three seasons living in SEC backfields. He’s got a high motor and a sweet array of pass rush moves. Put him opposite of Clay Matthews. I am literally smiling as I type that.

4) Larry Asante SS-Nebraska

With both safeties as Free Agents, why not take a flyer on a guy who compares favorably to Louis Delmas? He is a killer in the back half of the secondary. Killshots for anybody who would dare cross his path. And in run support? This strong safety is like an extra linebacker. He’s not a playmaker vis a vis picks and deflections. But he won’t be embarrassed.

5) James Starks RB-Buffalo

If James Starks had a good 2009, he would have been in contention to be a second round pick. Instead? The draft question is wholly combine dependent after he injured his shoulder and missed the season. It’s a shame really, because this kid is gifted. High production, above average speed and good strength. He can pass catch as well. (2nd in catches for the Bulls as a Freshman, 300 yards in receptions as a Soph).

6) Ryan Perriloux QB-Jacksonville State

Okay, remember this is what I’d like from the Packers. And I’d like a developmental quarterback. Granted, like when I said I kind of wanted Bernard Scott last year, the ex-LSU QB is odds on going to be a Bengal. But no quarterback has the Physical gifts of Perriloux. I’d be fine with Dan LeFevour or Tim Hiller or some random dude. But I’d take a home run swing here.

7) John Estes C-Hawaii

The Packers have a nice guard prospect in T.J. Lang and beyond that? Not much. John Estes isn’t super-powerful but he’s with good technique and a great motor. He won’t quit on a run play by any stretch. But he can lose his leverage if he has to maintain his fit. So yeah.

Now a scenario where Ted Thompson turns the third pick into a 4 and two 6’s isn’t out of the realm of possibility. And last year he shocked the world when he traded up for Clay Matthews. So I guess what I’m trying to say is the total number of picks will in no way be seven.

August 22, 2009

The five things Packer fans should be feeling.

Our team is 2-0, and the first string has looked spectacular through two games. But it’s preseason. I know. Doesn’t count. I know this. But I’m going to try and seperate the myth from the truth. I do this for you.

1) The Packers defense is ready.

Hold on that. Sure, the first string has been dominant. And sure, last year showed this team has a natural proclivity for ballhawking. But here’s the thing. Cleveland sucks on offense and the Bills line is just awful. If they make Kurt Warner and the Arizona Cardinals D look bad next Friday? That will tell a lot.

2) The first string offense looks spectacular.

Yeah. In general. The line needs to gell and people need to know their roles, but the skill position guys? They look good. Jermichael Finley will be a weapon who will make the offense go. When the Packers have had a productive TE? Great things happen.

3) If you need a linebacker?

This looks to be the place to scout. Desmond Bishop is a second team killer. Brady Poppinga is showing more flashes of brilliance. With Clay Matthews and Nick Barnett not playing and Spencer Havner trying to be captain versatile, you may see a squeeze.

4) B.J. Raji will be immovable.

I’d like to see him play against a real offensive line? But the BULLDOZER moves are really fun to watch. I’m happy so far.

5) Brian Brohm is a bust.

Not yet. But he’s close. He led a sheltered life in college, and this is something that he just doesn’t seem to be handling. Flynn says his arm is okay. But the Packers are in trouble if Rodgers goes down for an extended period of time.

August 5, 2009

The "Your Guy" Phenomenon…

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I’m going to level with you. I cannot abide what Michael Vick has done. Training animals to kill each other and all that is disgusting. But it’s a sin that he’s paid his debt to society for.

I’m not going to cheer for the man. But he deserves a chance at playing football again. Worse sinners have been allowed to see the field again. I’m not going to hit the cheer button for him. At least, I wasn’t before I started hearing the rumblings.

And it’s a deep philosophical argument. Not in the Jim Rome provocative, you’d shove Farve out of the way for Rodgers, but bring Vick in sort of way. But should I be all “thank you athletically gifted freak, thank you for coming to join my team?”

It’s obvious that he will add a dimension that the Packers haven’t had since the days of the late-90’s Super Bowl runs. And it’s obvious that the Wildcat would play a major role if the Packers decided to take the PR hit. But I honestly don’t know. It would be simple just to say don’t sign him.

But I want the Packers to win. And if Vick is my guy? So be it.

July 18, 2009

You know what?

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I like to write. I do. And just because I’m struggling to make the blogging donuts so to speak does not mean that I am not writing. I am just at a peak state of disunity.

In the story of my life, this just means I am ready to do something bold. Or at the very least something. Because you know what? Great stories start off from a dilemma. Great stories start off from conflict.

Brett Favre Vikings

This is why I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I want Brett Favre to sign with the Vikings. It will be the greatest sports story of 2009. You have the aged hero cast asunder by the team that made him the single greatest quarterback not named Tom Brady on the history of Earth, joining their rivals for closure. Everybody loves a well drawn protagonist. Everybody loves the three-dimensional tragic hero.

And here is why Brett Favre a tragic hero.

1) The Archetypal Tragic Hero is almost universally male.
2) The tragic hero is either noble by berth or rises to a noble station.
3) The hero is faced with a serious decision.
4) The tragic flaw is in this instance Hubris. A.k.a. I’m 39, I can still play a professional level starting quarterback.
5) The downfall is meant to arouse pity and fear in both audience and actor.

Here’s where we have to wonder. Most of your tragic heroes realize that they have committed some major mistake against God or society and it was by their own hand. Brett has been in a country-fried version of Hamlet for the better part of the decade. His story cannot close until he realizes the sins that he’s committed if he’s a tragic hero.

 stephen a smith Pictures, Images and Photos

Since the days of Arthur Miller, we have seen a rise of people who fall under a new designation. These are people who follow the characteristics for the tragic. But they do not have the gumption to realize they have sinned and they are doomed to suffer. These stories may be open-ended. And they may not even end with a characters death.

These are your anti-heroes. But there is more to the story with Brett Favre. He has an adaptable cunning, a mysterious magnetic charisma, social and sexual dominance, and outright arrogance. If someone writes the story of Brett Favre, it would have to be…

lord byron

Lord Byron. His is the pen that would ink Favres story best.

Boom. Learned.

July 2, 2009

The Running Back Tier System…

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Fantasy-wise? Running backs are at once tenuous and intriguing. You don’t need to go up and get runner-runner straight away. A sharp waiver wire eye can get you to the promised land. But here’s the tier system. I will make comments as to why you need to trust or distrust.

Note: Do NOT go in order. Do Not go in order. Do not…do not…do not…
Note II: Italics mean avoid, Courier bold means sleeper.

Tier 1
Adrian Peterson (He is the Number One Pick. Mock the drafter if they do not take him.)
Maurice Jones-Drew (You see what I said about few running backs to truly trust? He’s a top three running back despite never having been the bellcow.)
Michael Turner (He is the Curse of 370’s latest victim. You have to be special to avoid the curse of 370. Turner’s good, but he’s in no way special.)
Steven Jackson (He gets a fullback and an offensive line infusion, but he’s like Westbrook in that he’s only healthy for 12 games. But he’s awesome for those 12.)
Chris Johnson (The upside? Jeff Fisher hates LenDale White as much as everybody else. And CJ is that damn good. The downside? He was injury-prone in college.)
Brian Westbrook (He’s 30. For a runner has never been healthy? You can see a potentiality of Westbrook falling off the cliff. And he does have the ankle issue that leaves him lazier than I.)
Matt Forte (Obviously, he’s productive, and he’ll get his 300 carries. But why he’s here is because Cutler has the dumbass that Kyle Orton just didn’t have with the checkdown. That’s why you may see him in the middle of the first round.)
LaDainian Tomlinson (I do not want. You shouldn’t either. He’s breaking down. His yards per carry was on the way down when he was healthy. In fact, he was nearly cut. And now he’s 30. I could be wrong, but too many runners fall off the cliff. Let someone else take the gamble.)
Steve Slaton (I know I said that Arian Foster is a great deep sleeper, but I like Steve Slaton. With the offense that the Texans could put up? It may not matter if Slaton does not get the 3rd and goal from the 2 run. He has breakaway speed and If you draft him as your RB1 you should be in great shape.)

Tier 2
DeAngelo Williams (If he was anywhere else he would be right behind Peterson. But Jonathan Stewart missed time last season and still managed to get 884 yards and 10 scores running the ball last season. He’s not going away. That’s why he’s a round 1/round 2 tweener.)
Marion Barber (The problem is he has a running style that will not be amenable to 300 carries. The other problem is that he has Felix Jones and Tashard Choice who deserve 15 carries.)
Clinton Portis (In the first half of the season? He will destroy opponents, but even if he stays healthy, he wears down as the season goes on. Draft him in the second round and trade him by week 8 and you’re gold pony boy.)
Frank Gore (The system will swing back toward more of a balanced attack, and that should benefit Gore. But the offensive line won’t mean he’ll be back at the 1692 yard 2006 season. Expect 1300 total yards and 8 scores. Be surprised if its better.)
Darren McFadden (Now year one can be explained away. He had a toe injury. Toes are big for speed and power. The pride is back. And the guy who was that damn good for Arkansas just has to overcome the huggy bear. It will happen this year.)
Ronnie Brown (He’s playing for his contract, and he is in his physical prime. He seems to have a firm lead over Ricky Williams in terms of a starting job. He may not be a keeper, but he will be a fine starter.
Kevin Smith (This may be your early third round sleeper pick. He’s got a lock on the starting job, a one cut system, an infusion of offensive line help, and a relativly conservative offensive system. The expectation is that he’ll be fringe top 15. I think he can be fringe top 5.)
Brandon Jacobs (Of course, if your league skews toward scoring? You can start to have Big Country [Yes, he deserves that nickname] climb up tier two. But like many other runners, you can’t depend on his health, and if Ahmad Bradshaw’s Family Dolla Steve Slaton doesn’t get you? Danny Ware will.)
Thomas Jones (The life of a running back who is on his way out is kind of scary. You have little recourse to rage against the dying of the light. And if you do holdout? You notice that the back-up is not nearly as much of a dropoff as you’d think. Leon Washington has ached to be Tiki Barber for so long, and Shonn Greene could bring thumpers power. Hell, we could see a three-headed comittee.)
Pierre Thomas (Deuce McAlister is gone, Aaron Stecker is gone. All you have here is Reggie Bush to work the all-purpose yardage. Pierre Thomas is going to work inside. And with the passing game as an ever present threat? He will be successful.)
Derrick Ward (Why you need to like him? He ran for 1,000 yards without 200 carries. He did get starter money in his new contract. And the line is improving. But there is the foreboding spectre of the averageness of Earnest Graham and the general struggles of a team instituting a Jeff Jadgozinski run scheme.)
Ryan Grant (He does have a certain amount of bounce-back this season. The Packers are a line in transition, but there is hope, people like the prospects who are coming down the pike. Don’t expect a sleeper, but expect solid.)
Knoshon Moreno (This will not be a Patriotish running back by committee. Moreno is a superman sort of a running back, and he will get 20 carries a game, and with that sort of offense? Gold!)

Tier 3
Marshawn Lynch (He will not play the first three games. But he’s generally solid when he sees the field. He’s not going to lose his job to Fred Jackson in all likelyhood. But he may not be a worthy RB2 in 13 games.)
Joesph Addai (For now avoid. Unless he will be the goal-line back, he will not bring enough to the table for you.)
Jonathan Stewart (You don’t know the exact value of the balance between him and DeAngelo Williams, you just know that he is going to bring a lot to the table if he stays healthy. 10 scores can happen again.)
Reggie Bush (He’s a back-up running back and a #3 receiver in one. With injury issues. Luckily for his situation, he will get looks while Lance Moore coalesces.)
Ahmad Bradshaw (Remember when I said that Derrick Ward ran for 1,000 yards without 200 rushes? The Giants back-up has a lot of value to a team.)
Earnest Graham (A bad ankle and a similar profile to the new hotness. Don’t trust him.)
Willis McGahee (He did not have more than ten carries but once after week 8. He’s in the coaching doghouse, and he may even get cut.)
Larry Johnson (He’s not the person who got rid of the pain of being a man in 2005-2006. But he still has goal line power to his game. And it can’t be that bad.)
LeRon McClain (No matter what happens? He will be your goal line back in Bodymore.)
Ray Rice (All he needs is one domino to fall his way and he looks like he will be a great sleeper.)
Chester Taylor (Obvious handcuff is obvious.)
Jamal Lewis (He’s a starter with a lot of miles on his tread. He inspires little, but the Browns don’t seem to have anybody else as I write this.)
Chris Wells (He will start. But he will not last 16 games. Take a shot at him if you have depth, if I’m wrong, you could get a chance at Top 10 numbers.)
Felix Jones (He’s straight weapon. He doesn’t have a clear path to carries, but any time he touches the ball he is a threat to score.)

Tier 4
LenDale White (The question is, does he get the opportunity to have a contract year? Chris Johnson runs like Vinnie Vincent plays guitar. He’ll get some scores, but don’t expect much smash.)
Fred Jackson (He will be solid with the starts that he will get, but that’s just it. He’s going to be merely solid. Marshawn will get the gig back.
Jerrious Norwood (Obvious handcuff with upside if starter gets hurt is obvious.)
Cedric Benson (Bernard Scott will be breathing down his neck. Benson may be able to hold him off this year, but I don’t trust it.)
Darren Sproles: (The same sort of 10 rush #3 receiver Reggie Bush tigerstyle will come here.)
Julius Jones: (Leader of a running back by comittee for a bounce back offense.)
LeSean McCoy (Shady is like Jerious Norwood. Treat him as such.)
Willie Parker
Donald Brown (There’s plenty to like here if he does get to be the front man. But considering how well UConn passed the ball, if he does get starts? He may shock the world.)
Leon Washington (If he gets a chance to start, he will be successful. But this isn’t a league that likes small and shifty bellcows.)
Tim Hightower (Always remember, Chris Wells is stupid injury-prone.)
Rashard Mendenhall (He will get the goal line carries no matter what. No matter what!)
Fred Taylor (If he stays healthy, he will be the front man of the RBBC. He’s not Fragile, but he is 32.)
Jamaal Charles (He’s a home-run threat, he will outplay Kolby Smith if LJ does move on.)
Michael Bush (In a just and loving world, Michael Bush would be the Earth to the wind and fire that Darren McFadden provides. But with Al Davis’ touch? Michael Bush is going to be the back-up quarterback.)
Sammy Morris (An oddly shaped Maurice Jones-Drew to Fred Taylor’s Fred Taylor.)
Kevin Faulk (Random and consistent pass-catcher who will continue down the same road.)
Ricky Williams (A long strange trip to the short man in a time share.)

Tier 5
Shonn Greene (He could be great if he’s the front man. Watch him in camp.)
Laurence Maroney (He does have the gifts to be a good pro. He’s shown it. But there are roadblocks in front of him.)
Correll Buckhalter (Shoot him up to Tier 3 if the word on Moreno is struggling.)
Justin Fargas (He’s your putative Raider starter in July. In September? Differesnt story.)
Maurice Morris (He’s a decent runner who would do will if Smith goes down.)
Tashard Choice (I had him on this list, otherwise he would be in on my last blog post. He’s awesome if he gets the opportunity.)
Mewlede Moore (Willie Parker is injury prone and Mendenhall did not show much last year.)

June 30, 2009

The Five Running Backs who would cause a Waiver Storm…

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My friend Elvi has always had a mad on against fantasy sports. And I was nice enough, that because we were a team, I would go easy on the Fantasy talk. But you know what? There’s no reason to stop myself now.

So I will start with a list of five running backs and one situation. This is a watch list for you, it’s not a list of the Jerious Norwood/Ahmad Bradshaw sleeper list, and all of you who are reading my blog get a nice list.

The have the motive, they have the means. All they need is the opportunity.

Bernard Scott
Now you know that many people were making fun of the Bengals for making the pick. And the NFL existence may be a short one. That being said? He is the most talented runner on the Cincinnati depth chart. He has vision, agility, and good power. He was ultra-dominant in college, and all he has to do is beat out Cedric Benson.

Danny Ware
Here’s a little known fact. When the Giants had Earth, Wind, and Fire running last season? They actually kept a 4th running back on the roster. His name is Danny Ware. A tough inside runner who can do the whole one cut and go thing. But he’s never had the full chance to make magic. With Brandon Jacobs health and Ahmad Bradshaw’s character issues, you should need to keep him in mind.

Arian Foster
The Texans need a thumper. Chris Brown cannot take any punishment, and every other runner they have on the roster? Slaton sized. And while Slaton is good and just early 2nd round pick, he just does not generate a push. Enter Arian Foster. He does have a motor. And even if he does not start? The vulture potential of Foster may be worth a stash pick as the Pre-season goes on.

Gartrell Johnson
There needs to be a certain train of events that would have to happen for the G-Train to leave the station. LaDainian has to break down earlier. And Darren Sproles has to keep his touches under 20 a game. Because in a world of thunder and lightning? Gartrell has a shot at greatness on his thunder alone.

Kregg Lumpkin
Apparently, if Georgia wants you to be a running back? You’ve made it. Kregg had 4 touches last season. The shame of it, he was looking good before he tore his hamstring. While he is not nearly as physically gifted as a guy like DeShawn Wynn? He runs angry and he runs mean. And in a one cut and go scenario? It can be all you need.

The Jaguar Backfield
You don’t know who’s going to be the back-up. Right now it could be Chauncey Washington. It could be Greg Jones. It could be Rashad Jennings. All three runners can make their way to the forefront. Why? Because MJD is undersized and he’s lost his YPC average for the past three seasons. But with an offensive line infusion, doing homework here is good value.

Here you go. The six possibilities to electrify fantasy nation. I will peep you to names to know when the time comes. But until you reach that point? Just remember these names, okay.

April 25, 2009

Matt Stafford as a Detroit Lion

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I still think it’s not going to work out. I do think they’re drafting a guy to redshirt, which is defintitely going to help matters. But I’m not going to say that it’s a guaranteed success. In fact? The odds are greater that he’s going to be a bust.

Why? Because what if Daunte Culpepper was a huge success? It could happen. He has his old offensive coordinator when he was at his best, I mean Scott Linehan may have been ridiculous as a coach, but he can coordinate. And he does have Calvin Johnson. Say they get to 6-10? Say Culpepper goes off for 4000/35/10? You have a city/state that was 80-20 against the selection of Stafford. What happens when he gets forced out.

You have an organization that has entirely too many needs. You have an organization that needs to change its culture. Jason Smith can change the culture. Aaron Curry sure as heck can change the culture. Matt Stafford is just going to be the frontman for an empire of dirt.

April 24, 2009

Drew’s Day 1 Breakdown

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Oh Hi, if you’ve stumbled upon this, don’t be afraid, it’s a big breakdown of the draft day. Every position, everyone who was at least at one point of time a potential Day 1 pick. You will be surprised, you will be bored. And maybe I will get a comment of outrage.

Follow the links plz!


Running Backs

Wide Receivers

Tight Ends




Defensive Ends (3-4 OLB)

Defensive Tackles

Outside Linebackers

Inside Linebackers



Leave questions, comments, concerns. Just please to read me.

The Interdimensional Thought Exercise…

For the final one of my thought exercises for the Packers? I saw a gimmick and liked it. And I am going to do what great writers do. I am going to steal it. As I saw someone combine five lines of logic to make the perfect mock draft on I am going to have five ways the Packers will draft the first pick and go from there

Round 1
Space Eater: B.J. Raji NT-Boston College
Pass Rusher: Brian Orakpo OLB-Texas
3-4 End: Tyson Jackson DE-LSU
Offensive Tackle: Andre Smith-OT Alabama
Wild Card Bitches: Aaron Curry-OLB Wake Forest

The Packers really aren’t going to shock the world by drafting an offensive player. But while there is a 40% chance I am going to be upset with life and the way things are going, I can see them getting a need, even if the need is someone who will keep a need for talent at the position necessary.

Round 2
Space Eater: Jarron Gilbert DE-San Jose State
Pass Rusher: Gilbert
3-4 End: Ron Brace NT-Boston College
Offensive Tackle: Lawrence Sidbury OLB-Richmond
WCB: Gilbert

What once was a nuclear powered rise up the charts has been blunted somewhat for Jarron Gilbert. I’m not saying that he’s a bad player by any stretch. But who was the likely pick is now something that could be the d-lineman that sneaks into round 1 in Ron Brace. And as for Lawrence Sidbury, I think Connor Barwin could fall, but Sidbury is going to be a spectacular pass rusher. Pack would love him.

Round 3a
SE: T.J. Lang OG/OT Eastern Michigan
PR: Lang
34E: Cody Brown OLB UConn
OT: Alex Magee DE Purdue
WCB: Lang

T.J. “Twanger” Lang just might have to play guard at some point during his career, but during his postseason all-star game? He killed it at both guard and tackle, and the Packers need some help on the right side of the offensive line. Good upside, an aggressive kid, and I think he’ll only get better. Cody Brown would be the best pass rusher available, and Alex Magee would rock this town as a 3-4 End.

Round 3b
SE: Coye Francies CB-San Jose State
PR: Francies
34E: Francies
OT: Francies
WCB: Francies

The Packers take a Corner in the third round. It could be Chris Owens. It could be Gregory Toler. But the man I want the Packers to take right here is Francies. He is a press corner who, as I have said before, just reminds me of a young Al Harris.

Round 4
SE: Kaluka Miavia OLB USC
PR: Sammie Lee Hill NT Stillman
34E: Fenuki Tenopu OT Oregon
OT: Tenopu
WCB: Hill

Here’s why if Ron Brace is on the board at 41, they may pass on my guy. There is a real drop in the space-eater in the middle of the defensive line. Not to say that Hill doesn’t have upside? But will he be ready for the world straight away? The Packers have to hope. Tenopu would be the would be right tackle. Miavia? Versatiliy, instincts, with a batch of Lofa Tatupu upside on the weakside.

Round 5
SE: Mike Goodson RB Texas A&M
PR: Nate Davis QB Ball State
34E: Davis
OT: Hill
WCB: Goodson

Did I mention Sammie Lee Hill might just be a real reach at 4? But here seems to be where you would go after a best offensive player available. They want a speedster at running back, and Goodson does seem to fit the bill as someone of fifth round value. And Nate Davis? Dude. The negative backlash is going to allow somebody a steal. And Troy Smith went Round 5.

Round 6a
Brian Hoyer QB Michigan State
PR: Devin Moore RB Wyoming
34E: Moore
OT: Moore
WCB: Frantz Joesph ILB Florida Atlantic

Brian Hoyer is a guy with solid tools to his name, even if he struggled mightily with his game as a senior. But the Packers have the time to develop. And I think they are going to add a QB at some point. Devin Moore would be the speedster change of pace back that the Packers select. They’ve been interested. And here they will pull the trigger. More on Joesph below.

Round 6b
SE: Joesph
PR: Joesph
34E: Joesph
OT: Joesph
WCB: Lydon Murtha OT Nebraska

Too low you say? Maybe. Who you say? If the Packers select him, they would get a steal two rounds earlier. Frantz Joesph is an explosive player with amazing instincts. He is a dollar tree Rey Maualuga in terms of his rep. But don’t question his game. He could start right away. Murtha is a developmental tackle with great measurables.

Round 7
SE: Joe Burnett CB-UCF
PR: Burnett CB-UCF
34E: Burnett
OT: Curtis Painter QB-Purdue
WCB: Painter

Joe Burnett is another Macho Harris type. More quick than fast. He may have a bad 40-time, but he is great with the man coverage. Believe in him if you get him. Curtis Painter, solid, unspectacular. He’ll grow up to be a stopgap starter if he’s average.

So yeah, 5 mock drafts for the Pack. I just have one more homeristic thing to say before I sleep. Please don’t make me have to watch Tyson Jackson.


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