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July 2, 2009

The Running Back Tier System…

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Fantasy-wise? Running backs are at once tenuous and intriguing. You don’t need to go up and get runner-runner straight away. A sharp waiver wire eye can get you to the promised land. But here’s the tier system. I will make comments as to why you need to trust or distrust.

Note: Do NOT go in order. Do Not go in order. Do not…do not…do not…
Note II: Italics mean avoid, Courier bold means sleeper.

Tier 1
Adrian Peterson (He is the Number One Pick. Mock the drafter if they do not take him.)
Maurice Jones-Drew (You see what I said about few running backs to truly trust? He’s a top three running back despite never having been the bellcow.)
Michael Turner (He is the Curse of 370’s latest victim. You have to be special to avoid the curse of 370. Turner’s good, but he’s in no way special.)
Steven Jackson (He gets a fullback and an offensive line infusion, but he’s like Westbrook in that he’s only healthy for 12 games. But he’s awesome for those 12.)
Chris Johnson (The upside? Jeff Fisher hates LenDale White as much as everybody else. And CJ is that damn good. The downside? He was injury-prone in college.)
Brian Westbrook (He’s 30. For a runner has never been healthy? You can see a potentiality of Westbrook falling off the cliff. And he does have the ankle issue that leaves him lazier than I.)
Matt Forte (Obviously, he’s productive, and he’ll get his 300 carries. But why he’s here is because Cutler has the dumbass that Kyle Orton just didn’t have with the checkdown. That’s why you may see him in the middle of the first round.)
LaDainian Tomlinson (I do not want. You shouldn’t either. He’s breaking down. His yards per carry was on the way down when he was healthy. In fact, he was nearly cut. And now he’s 30. I could be wrong, but too many runners fall off the cliff. Let someone else take the gamble.)
Steve Slaton (I know I said that Arian Foster is a great deep sleeper, but I like Steve Slaton. With the offense that the Texans could put up? It may not matter if Slaton does not get the 3rd and goal from the 2 run. He has breakaway speed and If you draft him as your RB1 you should be in great shape.)

Tier 2
DeAngelo Williams (If he was anywhere else he would be right behind Peterson. But Jonathan Stewart missed time last season and still managed to get 884 yards and 10 scores running the ball last season. He’s not going away. That’s why he’s a round 1/round 2 tweener.)
Marion Barber (The problem is he has a running style that will not be amenable to 300 carries. The other problem is that he has Felix Jones and Tashard Choice who deserve 15 carries.)
Clinton Portis (In the first half of the season? He will destroy opponents, but even if he stays healthy, he wears down as the season goes on. Draft him in the second round and trade him by week 8 and you’re gold pony boy.)
Frank Gore (The system will swing back toward more of a balanced attack, and that should benefit Gore. But the offensive line won’t mean he’ll be back at the 1692 yard 2006 season. Expect 1300 total yards and 8 scores. Be surprised if its better.)
Darren McFadden (Now year one can be explained away. He had a toe injury. Toes are big for speed and power. The pride is back. And the guy who was that damn good for Arkansas just has to overcome the huggy bear. It will happen this year.)
Ronnie Brown (He’s playing for his contract, and he is in his physical prime. He seems to have a firm lead over Ricky Williams in terms of a starting job. He may not be a keeper, but he will be a fine starter.
Kevin Smith (This may be your early third round sleeper pick. He’s got a lock on the starting job, a one cut system, an infusion of offensive line help, and a relativly conservative offensive system. The expectation is that he’ll be fringe top 15. I think he can be fringe top 5.)
Brandon Jacobs (Of course, if your league skews toward scoring? You can start to have Big Country [Yes, he deserves that nickname] climb up tier two. But like many other runners, you can’t depend on his health, and if Ahmad Bradshaw’s Family Dolla Steve Slaton doesn’t get you? Danny Ware will.)
Thomas Jones (The life of a running back who is on his way out is kind of scary. You have little recourse to rage against the dying of the light. And if you do holdout? You notice that the back-up is not nearly as much of a dropoff as you’d think. Leon Washington has ached to be Tiki Barber for so long, and Shonn Greene could bring thumpers power. Hell, we could see a three-headed comittee.)
Pierre Thomas (Deuce McAlister is gone, Aaron Stecker is gone. All you have here is Reggie Bush to work the all-purpose yardage. Pierre Thomas is going to work inside. And with the passing game as an ever present threat? He will be successful.)
Derrick Ward (Why you need to like him? He ran for 1,000 yards without 200 carries. He did get starter money in his new contract. And the line is improving. But there is the foreboding spectre of the averageness of Earnest Graham and the general struggles of a team instituting a Jeff Jadgozinski run scheme.)
Ryan Grant (He does have a certain amount of bounce-back this season. The Packers are a line in transition, but there is hope, people like the prospects who are coming down the pike. Don’t expect a sleeper, but expect solid.)
Knoshon Moreno (This will not be a Patriotish running back by committee. Moreno is a superman sort of a running back, and he will get 20 carries a game, and with that sort of offense? Gold!)

Tier 3
Marshawn Lynch (He will not play the first three games. But he’s generally solid when he sees the field. He’s not going to lose his job to Fred Jackson in all likelyhood. But he may not be a worthy RB2 in 13 games.)
Joesph Addai (For now avoid. Unless he will be the goal-line back, he will not bring enough to the table for you.)
Jonathan Stewart (You don’t know the exact value of the balance between him and DeAngelo Williams, you just know that he is going to bring a lot to the table if he stays healthy. 10 scores can happen again.)
Reggie Bush (He’s a back-up running back and a #3 receiver in one. With injury issues. Luckily for his situation, he will get looks while Lance Moore coalesces.)
Ahmad Bradshaw (Remember when I said that Derrick Ward ran for 1,000 yards without 200 rushes? The Giants back-up has a lot of value to a team.)
Earnest Graham (A bad ankle and a similar profile to the new hotness. Don’t trust him.)
Willis McGahee (He did not have more than ten carries but once after week 8. He’s in the coaching doghouse, and he may even get cut.)
Larry Johnson (He’s not the person who got rid of the pain of being a man in 2005-2006. But he still has goal line power to his game. And it can’t be that bad.)
LeRon McClain (No matter what happens? He will be your goal line back in Bodymore.)
Ray Rice (All he needs is one domino to fall his way and he looks like he will be a great sleeper.)
Chester Taylor (Obvious handcuff is obvious.)
Jamal Lewis (He’s a starter with a lot of miles on his tread. He inspires little, but the Browns don’t seem to have anybody else as I write this.)
Chris Wells (He will start. But he will not last 16 games. Take a shot at him if you have depth, if I’m wrong, you could get a chance at Top 10 numbers.)
Felix Jones (He’s straight weapon. He doesn’t have a clear path to carries, but any time he touches the ball he is a threat to score.)

Tier 4
LenDale White (The question is, does he get the opportunity to have a contract year? Chris Johnson runs like Vinnie Vincent plays guitar. He’ll get some scores, but don’t expect much smash.)
Fred Jackson (He will be solid with the starts that he will get, but that’s just it. He’s going to be merely solid. Marshawn will get the gig back.
Jerrious Norwood (Obvious handcuff with upside if starter gets hurt is obvious.)
Cedric Benson (Bernard Scott will be breathing down his neck. Benson may be able to hold him off this year, but I don’t trust it.)
Darren Sproles: (The same sort of 10 rush #3 receiver Reggie Bush tigerstyle will come here.)
Julius Jones: (Leader of a running back by comittee for a bounce back offense.)
LeSean McCoy (Shady is like Jerious Norwood. Treat him as such.)
Willie Parker
Donald Brown (There’s plenty to like here if he does get to be the front man. But considering how well UConn passed the ball, if he does get starts? He may shock the world.)
Leon Washington (If he gets a chance to start, he will be successful. But this isn’t a league that likes small and shifty bellcows.)
Tim Hightower (Always remember, Chris Wells is stupid injury-prone.)
Rashard Mendenhall (He will get the goal line carries no matter what. No matter what!)
Fred Taylor (If he stays healthy, he will be the front man of the RBBC. He’s not Fragile, but he is 32.)
Jamaal Charles (He’s a home-run threat, he will outplay Kolby Smith if LJ does move on.)
Michael Bush (In a just and loving world, Michael Bush would be the Earth to the wind and fire that Darren McFadden provides. But with Al Davis’ touch? Michael Bush is going to be the back-up quarterback.)
Sammy Morris (An oddly shaped Maurice Jones-Drew to Fred Taylor’s Fred Taylor.)
Kevin Faulk (Random and consistent pass-catcher who will continue down the same road.)
Ricky Williams (A long strange trip to the short man in a time share.)

Tier 5
Shonn Greene (He could be great if he’s the front man. Watch him in camp.)
Laurence Maroney (He does have the gifts to be a good pro. He’s shown it. But there are roadblocks in front of him.)
Correll Buckhalter (Shoot him up to Tier 3 if the word on Moreno is struggling.)
Justin Fargas (He’s your putative Raider starter in July. In September? Differesnt story.)
Maurice Morris (He’s a decent runner who would do will if Smith goes down.)
Tashard Choice (I had him on this list, otherwise he would be in on my last blog post. He’s awesome if he gets the opportunity.)
Mewlede Moore (Willie Parker is injury prone and Mendenhall did not show much last year.)


April 18, 2009

Jason Peters to Philadelphia?

I have one word and two syllables for Philly on this one. Steal.

An above average left tackle for the 28th pick, a 4 and a mid round pick for 2010? Really. Hell of a move. They don’t kill their pick depth. They get solid protection for McNabb. And?

They can still be in the market for Boldin. The #21 and a 3 would probably be the best offer Arizona will get for Boldin. And they can use the #2 for Donald Brown purposes.

Sidebar. It’s kind of weird that you don’t seem to have a deal where it seems as if both sides were equal. Cassell for an early number #2? Chiefs seems to have stole that. Cutler for Orton and Picks? Denver seems to have stolen that. And now Jason Peters is a left tackle for a team that’s once piece away from glory.



Well, Jason Peters went to Philadelphia

I have one word and two syllables for Philly on this one. Steal.

An above average left tackle for the 28th pick, a 4 and a mid round pick for 2010? Really. Hell of a move. They don’t kill their pick depth. They get solid protection for McNabb. And?

They can still be in the market for Boldin. The #21 and a 3 would probably be the best offer Arizona will get for Boldin. And they can use the #2 for Donald Brown purposes.

Sidebar. It’s kind of weird that you don’t seem to have a deal where it seems as if both sides were equal. Cassell for an early number #2? Chiefs seems to have stole that. Cutler for Orton and Picks? Denver seems to have stolen that. And now Jason Peters is a left tackle for a team that’s once piece away from glory.



March 19, 2008

The Trickiness of Underrated.

It is not easy to define what makes a player underrated. The good player may be on a team made of stars. The young player may have consolidated the skills that made him hyped sometime in June. The pitcher may finally have a defense that works for him.

But there are names that are flying under the radar this season. We’re gonna let our light shine upon these underrated going into 2008. These are the guys you need to be watching. Eyes front, these are your new heroes.

The Grand National Championships Present: Dude’s that Don’t Suck

Curtis Granderson CF-Detroit

Now, I know what you’re thinking. He had one of the all time great seasons in baseball history last year, how can he be underrated? You see, while he was spectacular, he is still not a complete player. He is much less than passable versus left-handed pitching, and this will be the year that he turns the tide. Consolidating that with his dominace versus right handed pitching, he will be downright spectacular. And in a line-up with superstars like Miggy Cabrera, Magglio Ordonez, Dontrelle Willis, Gary Sheffield and Justin Verlander? He is still going to fly under the radar.

Jeremy Hermida RF-Florida

When somebody makes the big leagues at the age of 21, he comes with savior level expectations. When somebody goes between awful and injured at age 22, people get disappointed. The first half of age 23? A lot of same shit different day. The second half? Awesome. .340/10/36/.401/.555. He’s ready for the world, so long as he stays healthy.

Chad Billingsley RHP-LA Dodgers

You want to know a reason why the Dodgers are going to improve this year? Bank on Billingsley. Last year when he finally made his entrance into the starting rotation after some scuffling in the bullpen, this young man became the putative ace of the Dodgers with a 3.38 ERA from June onward. And yet? In a world where Brad Penny had sex with Alyssa Milano and Eliza Dushku and Clayton Kershaw is a prospect with Hall of Fame potential, Chad Billingsley is a mere afterthought.

Wasn’t he the kid in Heavyweights?


Corey Hart RF-Milwaukee

As a wise man once said. You don’t go messing with a country boy, a country boy, a country boy. And this native of Bowling Green, Kentucky is a man that is more than sharing a name with a no-talent assclown. This giant of a man with a broad base of skills is less visible than Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder, Yovani Gallardo, Ben Sheets, Eric Gagne, hell, even Jason Kendall is better known to the casual fan. But the fact of the matter is, his flaw to superstardom is more correctable than our favorite 100 Grand. A lot easier to take more walks than hit lefthanders.

These are four names you need to know, casual baseball fan. These are four names that will be even bigger next year. If you don’t know? Now you know.

And knowing is half the battle.

February 18, 2008

We here are fans of Sons of Sam Malone.

Seeing as we are willing to keep them on the blogroll while the man decides that he is on a hiatus. or done. What have you.

Point of fact? He actually contributed both a The Boondocks reference and a guest post to our site. But we liked him before that. He is good people.

Actually, he’s better people than we even realized. He’s deciding to spend a month working with the children whose parents died of AIDS. In Uganda.

My stupid ass only knows that two thinks come from Uganda. Tribal Warfare and Kamala. He’s going to do some impressive things. But he is merely a poor college student. He cannot start saving the world alone.

Click here for more information. Do it.

It’s a quick, easy way for the ignorant among us to feel better about ourselves and help someone achieve a noble dream.

And if you’re too apathetic or in no mood to donate to a political candidate? Here’s a nice way to get your charity on.

Follow the link to donate.

We don’t ask much here. But give the man some money, all right?


December 13, 2007

The Straight to Video Sequel to my Free Darko Homage

Yesterday was a minor big-day in Major League Baseball. Yes, Bob Ley is getting a chubby for the Mitchell Report, (As am I, I want Melvin Mora and Brian Roberts to go down!), but yesterday is the day when a new crop of Free Agents comes down the pipe. Now sure, your Roberto Novoa or Nick Gourneault may not inspire the same sort of confidence vis-a-vis Alex Rodriguez or Torii Hunter, but talent is talent, and the Red Sox signed a lightly regarded Minnesota Twin who was non-tendered. That man?

Dan Gladden.

Okay, it was Big Papi. But you see my point? Skills can slip through the cracks in a lot of ways for Major League Baseball. Some poor schmoe who gets non-tendered will be playing a major role for somebody down the line.

Free Agent List Courtesy of 

American League 

Dallas McPherson, 3B: Your leading candidate for bitter asshole gym teacher in 2015.

Kiko Calero, RHP: Free talent to the middle relief mountaintop to free talent in the span of six years.
Jose Garcia, RHP: He’s Dominican Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords.

Blue Jays
Josh Towers, RHP: His career went down like Tower Two! Too soon! Too soon!

John Parrish, LHP: The Lance Parrish of Lefty One-Out Guys.

Cory Doyne, RHP: Flaky. Can dial it up to 98. Reminds me of that guy who misspelled Doyenne.
Roberto Novoa, RHP: A dollar tree Fransisco Cruceta.

Nick Gorneault, OF: A less awesome Reggie Willits.
Akinori Otsuka, RHP: Adorable!

Red Sox
Brendan Donnelly, RHP: In another universe. Brendan Donnelly is the ass keeping the PG-13 Guy we are all rooting for from getting the girl. He is still more successful than this one.

Emil Brown, OF: The first sign of old age is an inablity to hit lefthanders. Emil Brown is that old.

Chad Durbin, RHP: Voted most likely to be Victor Santos by 

Jason Tyner, OF: If he was named Vince Coleman Jr.? He would have had a career.  

White Sox
Andy Gonzalez, INF: Latin Jazz Impresario. Career OPS below 600.
Heath Phillips, LHP: He will be designated as one of those Ken Phelps All-Stars. 

T.J. Beam, RHP: First Name is indeed Tractor.
Matt DeSalvo, RHP: The Boston Strangler of Triple-A middle relievers.
Darrell Rasner, RHP: The Colter Bean of Triple-A Middle relievers.
Bronson Sardinha, OF: Hawaii is VERY upset with Andy Pettite right now.

National League


Adam Everett, SS: A Twin. Sooze from Bases Love Baseball trembles at his .600 OPS. 

Willie Harris, OF: If he was born 15 years earlier, he could have been bigger than Luis Polonia. 

Kevin Mench, OF: Rabbi Mark Shalowitz’s favorite lefty masher with a giant head.
Matt Wise, RHP: Kyle Farnsworth with 11 MPH off the fastball, no temper, and awesome facial hair.

Aaron Miles, 2B: Knows where you can find the SNL sketch Hulk Hogan Talk Show. I hate him.

Mark Prior, RHP: Will realize that Chris Berman could have called him Mark Prior”Y of Sion.” That it has not happened will make him smile.


Mark Hendrickson, LHP: Would be ballin’ in Spain with Kammron Taylor if he threw righthanded.


Scott Munter, RHP: The Filthy Sanchez of Triple-A Middle Relief. 

Miguel Olivo, C: Another broken catcher on the last chance powerdrive.

Johnny Estrada, C: The best catcher available. Still better than Kendall.
Ben Johnson, OF: In an upset, not on the Mitchell Report.
Juan Padilla, RHP: The American Taliban of Triple A Middle Relievers.

Nook Logan, OF: Tony Gywnn Jr. with a crooked hat and a need to juice. 
Mike O’Connor, LHP: The Irish Lefty One Out Guy of Triple-A Relief Pitching.

Jack Cassel, RHP: A&E has found their replacement for Dog the Bounty Hunter! Rest easy!
Morgan Ensberg, INF: Currently plotting ways to download government secrets into Chuck McElroy’s brain.
Ryan Ketchner, LHP: Deaf. Also Def, Dope and Fresh. Boys with Curtis Pride.
Jason Lane, OF: The Padres will never forget his week of production.

Brad Eldred, 1B: 16 Fat Babies of power.
Brian Rogers, RHP: Or as the Spaniards call him? El Generico! 

Jerry Gil, SS: Don Swayze to Benji Gil’s Patrick. 
Brad Salmon, RHP: A one-pitch pitcher. The personification of the dude who plays fighting games with only the triangle. 

Sean Barker, OF: Nick Gourneault without the ability to have a kick-ass drink named after him.
Darren Clarke, RHP: The only man that can get you out of a pot-bunker at St. Andrews.

November 28, 2007

This is why I hate Boston Sports Fans.

I write for Epic Carnival. You know this. I’ve sent you there once or twice. But I have to call out one of my “teammates.”

No Elvi, it’s not one you’re thinking. It’s Brian Foley. He is from the Northeast. He is a Patriots fan. He wrote the whiniest, everybody’s against my team post, ever.


You want a choice cut so you can avoid the link? How’s this?!

  • If the NFL wanted the Patriots to change the playing surface at Gillette Stadium then the Pittsburgh Steelers should be forced to do the same. (Because a bureaucracy such as the NFL moves at Lightning Speed! Remember how long it took for the NFL to do anything with Vick? No? Figured.)
  • This bias against the Patriots continued during the 2007 season when the Patriots were docked their 2008 first round pick after getting caught videotaping the opponents coaches from the sidelines. (Because they were dumb enough to get caught, and you notice they didn’t go for the team that was .500 at the time? They could have forced them to give the rights of the 49ers Pick. You know this.)
  • Why was NBC getting such great audio of Tom Brady at the line on Sunday night? Was it because NBC wanted to make sure that every team in the league could hear Brady’s audible signals? (This one is really stupid. I need a paragraph break.)
  • (Wow. Really? The team that they went to for their first flex game? That was against the Bills? Who did not have their one offensive threat healthy? Where Al Michaels was cracking wise on the premise that they were running up the score? You missed that game? Or were you still too busy bitching that the refs were going after your team in Indy? Yeah. You probably were. Because every professional ever hates your team like they were a Jets fan. Right…)

Look. I’m not going to go all KSK and offer twenty bucks to break the guy’s fingers or anything. But the matter of the fact is that a dominant team is good for any sport. How many of us loved hoop when it was in the era of the Jordan rules?

And if you want to talk conspiracy theory, your default sports conspiracy is that the superstars get protected. So too your scrappy white guys. The Massholes have both in scads. (WELKAH!)

You’re rooting for an awesome team. Even the haters cannot deny. We’re resigned to the fact that 16-0 is a probability. We’re even steeling ourselves for a 19-0 season. It’s okay.

But when fans of a good team start whining, they deserve to get called out.



November 24, 2007

The Baton Rouge Cataclysm.

Because that’s what Arkansas 50, LSU 48 was. It shook the college football world. There are so many things that need to be made mention of this game that I’m going to do that for which I hate and make this in a list form.

1) Kansas, with a win, becomes the best college football team in the country.

  • Has the magic of fat guy in a little coat reached its zenith? Mizzou nation certainly hopes so. Also, the Reesing-Daniel match-up becomes just a little more important, but not nearly as fun as the Maclin-Talib whango tango.

2) Tim Tebow’s Heisman Candidacy may be in doubt yet again.

  • The mainstream media is lazy and stupid. Darren McFadden had the undivded attention of many voters yesterday. The #1 team in the nation. A usually stout defense. 205 yards rushing, 4 touchdowns (1 passing). If you doubt me, I have two reasons to counteract your counter.
  • 1) The last time LSU was #1 a seemingly mediocre team used the wizardry of its All-American candidate to lead their school to a shocking win in a three overtime thriller. This in turn vaulted Andre Woodson to the top of the Heisman pops.
  • 2) Darren McFadden is older. No true underclassman has ever won the Heisman trophy. This is essentially a lifetime achievement award. And I know what you’re gonna say. That’s stupid right? Well, scroll up an inch or two.

3) Les Miles has been coaching like he has the Michigan job wrapped up for a while now.

  • Nothing really relevant to say here, just spreading opinion and spurious rumor. It is quite fun after all.
  • Expecting a Nation of Islam Sportsblog mention of Ryan Perriloux and his Nubian skin any day now.

4) How far does LSU drop?

  • If it’s only to four, as some on Fox Sports have said? That would be no bueno. That’s not to say that I don’t like LSU. That’s not even to say that my belief in the SEC being overrated has anything to do with it. (Georgia should be 4th with a win over Georgia Tech.)
  • What it is to say is that out of the four or five two loss teams that you would have to consider for the BCS in a disaster scenario (UConn beats West Virginia and Oklahoma beats the winner of KU-Mizzou), LSU is third.
  • Though if Andre Woodson can smack Phillip Fullmer’s Sun Tzu quoting impression of Lloyd Carr up and down the field I would not reconsider this stance at a later date.

5) You want a question for down the road?

  • How far will Glenn Dorsey slip in the draft?

Yeah. This game was big. It was bad. And quite frankly, it just might lead to another piece of BCS dreck served to you a week after everybody else stopped caring about the NCAA Football.

I mean really. They’re going to jerry-rig a special match-up if Kansas/Mizzou and West Virginia don’t win out. It will not inspire nor electrify.

September 13, 2007

This is what you get for being smug Environmentalists, Portland.

Goddamn hippies think you’re better than us with your public transportation and your following the Kyoto protocols. Yeah. Real hardworking Americans can’t follow those things. We have jobs that don’t involve intergrating information packets and panfuckinghandling.

And then you all won the fucking NBA Draft Lottery. Look at us. We get Greg Oden. Basketball is back! Yay!

And the rest of us were all, oh God, these dicks are going to be more insufferable. And for a minute there. Portland was. They were sooo pround of themselves.

But now? They don’t get to have their new hero play for them. Microfracture surgery. Ha. Fuck you Portland.

You still suck.

Yay for bad knees on big men! Yay!

September 12, 2007

Random Blather (Featuring the Raymond of Punctuation)


  • I try not to be a man who hates people. I honestly don’t. I firmly believe Stephen A. got jobbed in our Who’s Hack Tournament. But how Pamela Anderson met her latest beau? It’s a story that’s awful. Put it this way, making me annoyed with an entire gender and sympathetic to Kid Rock? I need to take a shower.
  • The Kevin Everett story is all the more inspiriational by the day. On Monday his life was threatened. On Tuesday he was paralyzed. Today? Day-to-day. He’s going to go for 300 and 5 touchdowns vs. the Steelers at this rate. (Start J.P. Losman.)
  • I apologize to all who think my “please link me” matter abrasive. I mean, I highly recommend the post of the next YouTube Phenomenon. It will fucking cut you wide open to the core.
  • It’s time for a new sports related Manic Indie Thrill. Her name? Ashley Russell. This video? A cheap plea for hits.
  • Or, we can go the poker route. Kimberly Lansing and Layla Kayleigh, come on down!
  • Indeed. Nobody doesn’t like piss and vinegar from the LDN. Also breasts.
  • I know it’s not fair to hate on Derrick Turnbow. But I do. He’s not in the circle of trust. He’s sitting with the guy who broke out of Steve Mahanahan’s Child Clown Outlet playing war. They are out of my circle of trust!
  • Also, another reason to show love for 100 Grand? He chooses Kanye.

Okay. Good. I feel better. I hope you do too.


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