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August 5, 2010

Five interesting facts about quarterbacks related to fantasy football.

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1) The quarterback with the best playoff schedule? Joe Flacco. It’s not as if he’ll be starting too hot this year. But if you’re a contender looking for an insurance policy at QB? Flacco is the one to target. And he now has Anquan Boldin.

2) The quarterback with the easiest starting schedule? Jason Campbell. Yeah, I know, telling someone to take a Raiders quarterback is like telling someone that Plaxico Burress is draftable. But for what it’s worth? Everybody loved Chaz Schilens last year and Darius Heyward-Bey doesn’t seem as useless as he did last year.

3) On schedule alone? The one top-tier quarterback that worries me beyond anyone is Matt Schaub.

4) On schedule alone? Peyton Manning is going to have another boringly awesome year.

5) And if you need a quarterback who’s going to be a fine one-week plug in for the byes? Why not get into the Josh Freeman business. Week 5 at Cincy is marginally good and Week 10 vs. Carolina is probably a recipe for not good, but here’s weeks 6-9. New Orelans, St. Louis, @ Arizona, @ Atlanta. Even a marginally good quarterback can find his way into a good month through that schedule.

Funny how it takes twitter going down to actually get me to blog.

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