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April 24, 2009

The Interdimensional Thought Exercise…

For the final one of my thought exercises for the Packers? I saw a gimmick and liked it. And I am going to do what great writers do. I am going to steal it. As I saw someone combine five lines of logic to make the perfect mock draft on I am going to have five ways the Packers will draft the first pick and go from there

Round 1
Space Eater: B.J. Raji NT-Boston College
Pass Rusher: Brian Orakpo OLB-Texas
3-4 End: Tyson Jackson DE-LSU
Offensive Tackle: Andre Smith-OT Alabama
Wild Card Bitches: Aaron Curry-OLB Wake Forest

The Packers really aren’t going to shock the world by drafting an offensive player. But while there is a 40% chance I am going to be upset with life and the way things are going, I can see them getting a need, even if the need is someone who will keep a need for talent at the position necessary.

Round 2
Space Eater: Jarron Gilbert DE-San Jose State
Pass Rusher: Gilbert
3-4 End: Ron Brace NT-Boston College
Offensive Tackle: Lawrence Sidbury OLB-Richmond
WCB: Gilbert

What once was a nuclear powered rise up the charts has been blunted somewhat for Jarron Gilbert. I’m not saying that he’s a bad player by any stretch. But who was the likely pick is now something that could be the d-lineman that sneaks into round 1 in Ron Brace. And as for Lawrence Sidbury, I think Connor Barwin could fall, but Sidbury is going to be a spectacular pass rusher. Pack would love him.

Round 3a
SE: T.J. Lang OG/OT Eastern Michigan
PR: Lang
34E: Cody Brown OLB UConn
OT: Alex Magee DE Purdue
WCB: Lang

T.J. “Twanger” Lang just might have to play guard at some point during his career, but during his postseason all-star game? He killed it at both guard and tackle, and the Packers need some help on the right side of the offensive line. Good upside, an aggressive kid, and I think he’ll only get better. Cody Brown would be the best pass rusher available, and Alex Magee would rock this town as a 3-4 End.

Round 3b
SE: Coye Francies CB-San Jose State
PR: Francies
34E: Francies
OT: Francies
WCB: Francies

The Packers take a Corner in the third round. It could be Chris Owens. It could be Gregory Toler. But the man I want the Packers to take right here is Francies. He is a press corner who, as I have said before, just reminds me of a young Al Harris.

Round 4
SE: Kaluka Miavia OLB USC
PR: Sammie Lee Hill NT Stillman
34E: Fenuki Tenopu OT Oregon
OT: Tenopu
WCB: Hill

Here’s why if Ron Brace is on the board at 41, they may pass on my guy. There is a real drop in the space-eater in the middle of the defensive line. Not to say that Hill doesn’t have upside? But will he be ready for the world straight away? The Packers have to hope. Tenopu would be the would be right tackle. Miavia? Versatiliy, instincts, with a batch of Lofa Tatupu upside on the weakside.

Round 5
SE: Mike Goodson RB Texas A&M
PR: Nate Davis QB Ball State
34E: Davis
OT: Hill
WCB: Goodson

Did I mention Sammie Lee Hill might just be a real reach at 4? But here seems to be where you would go after a best offensive player available. They want a speedster at running back, and Goodson does seem to fit the bill as someone of fifth round value. And Nate Davis? Dude. The negative backlash is going to allow somebody a steal. And Troy Smith went Round 5.

Round 6a
Brian Hoyer QB Michigan State
PR: Devin Moore RB Wyoming
34E: Moore
OT: Moore
WCB: Frantz Joesph ILB Florida Atlantic

Brian Hoyer is a guy with solid tools to his name, even if he struggled mightily with his game as a senior. But the Packers have the time to develop. And I think they are going to add a QB at some point. Devin Moore would be the speedster change of pace back that the Packers select. They’ve been interested. And here they will pull the trigger. More on Joesph below.

Round 6b
SE: Joesph
PR: Joesph
34E: Joesph
OT: Joesph
WCB: Lydon Murtha OT Nebraska

Too low you say? Maybe. Who you say? If the Packers select him, they would get a steal two rounds earlier. Frantz Joesph is an explosive player with amazing instincts. He is a dollar tree Rey Maualuga in terms of his rep. But don’t question his game. He could start right away. Murtha is a developmental tackle with great measurables.

Round 7
SE: Joe Burnett CB-UCF
PR: Burnett CB-UCF
34E: Burnett
OT: Curtis Painter QB-Purdue
WCB: Painter

Joe Burnett is another Macho Harris type. More quick than fast. He may have a bad 40-time, but he is great with the man coverage. Believe in him if you get him. Curtis Painter, solid, unspectacular. He’ll grow up to be a stopgap starter if he’s average.

So yeah, 5 mock drafts for the Pack. I just have one more homeristic thing to say before I sleep. Please don’t make me have to watch Tyson Jackson.



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