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May 9, 2010

I believe in Sports Karma…

I do. I believe that certain franchises are cursed because they have players do something bad. Or by the general egomania of certain owners. Sometimes, like when you’re the Oakland Raiders? It’s a little from column A and a little from Column B.

For whatever reason? The Suns have turned their karma back toward the positive. It could have something to do with Robert Sarver and his Los Suns protest. It could be because they have some of the best healers in professional sports. Or my gods.

Steve Nash had an iconic performance tonight. He went for 20 and 9. And half of that was with one eye. Literally one eye. You’re going to try and explain it tomorrow, and peoples minds will be blown.

And as for the likely series versus the Lakers. The Lakers will rightfully be the favorites. But there are reasons for the Suns fans to think they’ll find their way into the finals.

One, Kobe has a broken finger and between Jared Dudley and Grant Hill? He has himself a real tough draw. Two? The point guard match-up swings far, far into the favor of the Suns. And with the Suns ability to hit 40% or better from beyond the arc? The draw and kick would be masterful. Three? Lamar Odom waxes and wanes in terms of his entry point.

As such? I say the Suns are your Western Conference Champions.


May 3, 2010

Ten Questions for a Hundred Dollars?

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Yeah. I said it. You have been challenged. Fill out the 10 questions, and you can get a 100 American dollar gift card if you win the drawing! It’s from the fine folks at Yardbarker. So fill out this survey before I decide to bore you with how I inadvertantly insulted famous comedian/actor/chat show man Kevin Pollak.


I’m in the Sky Tonight.

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There I Can Keep By Your Side
Watching the wide world Riot and hiding out.
I’ll be coming home next year.

I said after the Bogut injury I would be thrilled if the Bucks got to a Game 6. The simple fact they got there with a chance to win? Gravy. Not that it doesn’t hurt? But still. Seven games without Bogut is a moral victory.

That being said? There’s things the Bucks can do to solidify their situation. And none of them would involve getting a spectacular free agent, either.

1) Do we need Luke Ridnour?

I’m not sure that we do. It’s no offense to Luke. Luke’s a tremendous 6th man. In fact? You probably could consider him one of the 30 best point guards on an NBA roster. And that’s the problem. The Bucks are the sort of team that should not be paying 7 million a year for Luke.

A sign and trade would be sweet. But I don’t think any team that would be interested in dealing a pick in the bottom third of the draft. It may just be worth the time and consideration to bring a guy like Bo McCalebb over from Greece instead. Dude’s got a certain sort of quality to him. Fast hands, good anticipation, and no fear of attacking the basket.

And he’s just 24. Bringing him over would be like an extra draft choice.

2) Do we need any veteran?

Or does any veteran want to return? I mean Jerry Stackhouse and Kurt Thomas are more than valuable rotational pieces. But if and only if they don’t resign any veteran or Darnell Jackson, they’ll be under the cap. And they should be in fine shape. Jennings-Salmons-Delfino-1st round draft choice-Bogut with Redd, Ilyasova, and Mbah a Moute are a fine rotation.

But Stackhouse will get more than ta prorated veterans minimum next year. And I agree he deserves it. If Thomas signs for less money? I’d be thrilled to have him and his love of How Stella Got His Groove Back. But a point of fact? These decisions are hard.

And if all three are back? John Hammond is doing it wrong.

3) I would most definitely buy a pick.

Even a pick in the early second round. Sure, they will most likely find something highly interesting in terms of a best player available scenario. But the second round has a lot of value this year. Jordan Crawford. Terrico White. Jarvis Vanardo. Craig Brackins. Sylvan Landesberg. Kenneth Faried. Heck, even Armon Johnson has interesting value as a Ramon Sessionsesque backup point guard.  And these guys will all be second round picks. Get Faried, Brackins, and Crawford? This bench will be scary.

I’ll delve into basketball further later. First? A piece of Business.

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