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June 30, 2009

The Five Running Backs who would cause a Waiver Storm…

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My friend Elvi has always had a mad on against fantasy sports. And I was nice enough, that because we were a team, I would go easy on the Fantasy talk. But you know what? There’s no reason to stop myself now.

So I will start with a list of five running backs and one situation. This is a watch list for you, it’s not a list of the Jerious Norwood/Ahmad Bradshaw sleeper list, and all of you who are reading my blog get a nice list.

The have the motive, they have the means. All they need is the opportunity.

Bernard Scott
Now you know that many people were making fun of the Bengals for making the pick. And the NFL existence may be a short one. That being said? He is the most talented runner on the Cincinnati depth chart. He has vision, agility, and good power. He was ultra-dominant in college, and all he has to do is beat out Cedric Benson.

Danny Ware
Here’s a little known fact. When the Giants had Earth, Wind, and Fire running last season? They actually kept a 4th running back on the roster. His name is Danny Ware. A tough inside runner who can do the whole one cut and go thing. But he’s never had the full chance to make magic. With Brandon Jacobs health and Ahmad Bradshaw’s character issues, you should need to keep him in mind.

Arian Foster
The Texans need a thumper. Chris Brown cannot take any punishment, and every other runner they have on the roster? Slaton sized. And while Slaton is good and just early 2nd round pick, he just does not generate a push. Enter Arian Foster. He does have a motor. And even if he does not start? The vulture potential of Foster may be worth a stash pick as the Pre-season goes on.

Gartrell Johnson
There needs to be a certain train of events that would have to happen for the G-Train to leave the station. LaDainian has to break down earlier. And Darren Sproles has to keep his touches under 20 a game. Because in a world of thunder and lightning? Gartrell has a shot at greatness on his thunder alone.

Kregg Lumpkin
Apparently, if Georgia wants you to be a running back? You’ve made it. Kregg had 4 touches last season. The shame of it, he was looking good before he tore his hamstring. While he is not nearly as physically gifted as a guy like DeShawn Wynn? He runs angry and he runs mean. And in a one cut and go scenario? It can be all you need.

The Jaguar Backfield
You don’t know who’s going to be the back-up. Right now it could be Chauncey Washington. It could be Greg Jones. It could be Rashad Jennings. All three runners can make their way to the forefront. Why? Because MJD is undersized and he’s lost his YPC average for the past three seasons. But with an offensive line infusion, doing homework here is good value.

Here you go. The six possibilities to electrify fantasy nation. I will peep you to names to know when the time comes. But until you reach that point? Just remember these names, okay.

Bradenton’s going to bust out in excitement!

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I’ve given you another 300 words in regards to an aspect of Minor League Baseball. This time? It’s a brief update on Minor League Baseball’s Indian prospects. Rinku and Dinesh. They’re ready to start organized baseball.

And you’re ready to win a purloined Simpsons quote.

Read it!

Joe Dumars has lost the plate.

Remember when Joe Dumars was well regarded as a general manager? It wasn’t that long ago. Even after he decided he was going to draft Darko over Carmelo. People still liked him.

I mean, Michael Curry was a highly regarded hire when he came to Detroit. But then, the wheels came off. I saw it coming. I mean pre-twitter and lesser NBA fan me saw it coming. And if I could see that it was bad idea jeans, you know you’re losing the plate.

But to scapegoat Michael Curry after one season? It’s ridiculous. You take what was at best calculated gamble that broke badly to get a player whose killed a coach or two in his past. And it doesn’t go well.

But you let the coach go after the draft and after the season because of it? That’s Isiah level-petty. Michael Curry did what he could with what he had. And he had an old team with mismatched parts.

And whose fault was that?

June 29, 2009

The Bucks decided to let Villanueva go free…

What the fuck was that? Huh? You go off and you start to a plan. You try to change the future of the team. Get flexible. Become leaner and meaner.

And I was there for every step of the way. I got blocked off of Bill Simmons’ Twitter account because of it. Yi and Bobby Simmons becoming Amir Johnson and two old Spurs? I understood.

Because there was one thing the Bucks needed to do this offseason. They could have reached on Jrue Holiday. They could have traded Michael Redd for two bad contracts. I would have understood. Because there was one goal.

Keep CV31 and Sessions.

Well that’s not going to happen. Odds are we’re going to see Alopecia Pete have the same sort of success as Mo Williams did on the same team. So that’s awesome. They made the wrong decision if it came down between him and Skiles. But I am going to leave it be for right now.

Just, on the infinitesimal chance Amir Johnson is listening? Get your shine on. If the Bucks are goin gto be good, you need to fill the shoes.

NBA in Brief…

So long as he doesn’t play at being a lead guard? I have little problem with what happened with Brandon Jennings. I mean for those of you who don’t know, he got into a swear-filled conversation with Joe Budden. And because it got on the Youtubes? There was a mini-controversy.

Outside of the naievte of someone who did not know that this was going to go out on the internet? The point guard is a lot like a quarterback. You want a point guard with swagger. You want a point guard who’s not afraid to make the big play. I hope that Skiles doesn’t break him. I really do.

And Yao’s foot? It’s not healing. Which is disaster for Houston, as well as the league. Houston’s now in a holding pattern as Yao degenerates into the Chinese Peter Stormare. And the league loses an international icon.

I may have more posting to come. I may not. Back’s killing me and I have things to do.

Man, I never thought I would be morose about a web video series ending…

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But the gentlemanly Mister Banks and Lil’ SAS made me laugh and cry. This is unlike any other SAS video. In a good way.

Please do enjoy. I did.

June 28, 2009

The Jamario Moon All-Stars 2K9

I pre-drafted this for last season, and it turns out I had a guy return to college and a guy get drafted. Stupid Daryl Morey reading my blog*! Anyway, considering I’ve developed a certain poor mans Bill Simmons quality about myself. I’ve decided I’m going to make with the gimmicks.

And as the rules go, I will make with the seven best undrafted free agents and tell you why they were passed up and why you need to keep your eyes forward on these guys.

Now seeing as Lee Cummard went back to school? He doesn’t make it.



PG Aaron Jackson Duqusene
Why did he get passed on? You have to knock peoples socks off to be drafted as a mid-major or lower. You cannot be just be good.
Why is he someone to watch? It’s as I’ve said, he’s got the size to defend and great offensive creativity as well as body control.

SG Jerel McNeal Marquette
Why did he get passed on?
A mixture of a seeming lack of upside and a real lack of size. He’s a 6’3″ senior and NBA GM’s are idiots.
Why is he someone to watch? He has no weaknesses. He locks people down, generates steals, and can create his own shot. Clearly, he’s no Christian Eyenga.

SF Diamon Simpson St. Mary’s
Why did he get passed on? Because he’s undersized at a smaller school.
Why is he someone to watch? You know why.

PF Alade Aminu Georgia Tech
Why did he get passed on? Because his basketball IQ is weaksauce.
Why is he someone to watch? But he’s dominant in a pick and roll system. Great athleticism, and ability to run and jump. I mean, you have a four who can slash? It’s a marketable skill.

C Tony Gaffney UMass
Why did he get passed on? He’s 24, and built like a small forward.
Why is he someone to watch? But like Simpson, he creates defensive chaos. Lots of rebounds, lots of blocked shots. And he can lock it down on the perimeter.

Dionte Christmas SG Temple
Why did he get passed on? Because he can’t create his own shot.
Why is he someone to watch? Because I disqualified Lee Cummard, and every team needs a bomber off the bench.

Josh Heyvelt C Gonzaga
Why did he get passed on? Psychotropic substances.
Why is he someone to watch? He can finish around the basket, rebound and hit the occasional 3. So he’s got a marketable skill.

Now, like last year, I’m sure these names will be a majority of Euro stars. But you know what? This will be a reader participation. If you have someone who you thinks going to come out of nowhere.

Bring the comments.

You will have a good day tomorrow.

Listen, I know this is merely a Youtube video…

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And a wrestling youtube video at that. But this is something that deserves a wider audience. I will give you three reasons.

1) The first minute of the match has a Super Mario World Theme.

2) The inexplicable baby walking in the background at about the 2:20 mark.

3) The fact that this is a play in five acts, ending inexplicably at a construction site.

Watch and enjoy.

June 26, 2009

Hey America?

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I feel like people are subconciously forgiving Michael Jackson for his sins.

It’s a theory that disappoints me. Give credit to Dave Lozo for it. Everyone gets awesome after death even if they sucked in life. And I feel like the majority of you are doing it for Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson likely isn’t sleeping with the angels tonight.

You can decide to feel bad because he created Thriller, and that’s the musical equivalent of the great works of art. And if you’re delineating the artist from the man. Then…

It’s something else entirely. But the fact is, what we know about Michael Jackson the man can be explained like this.

While Michael wasn’t exactly convicted of child molestation, the ways he beat the rap came down to this. The case in the early 1990’s was settled out of court for the sum of 20 million dollars, and the case in the middle of this decade is between the mixture of a bulldog defense attorney, someone secondary to the case having a crippling character flaw and the endemic flaw of juries in the state of California deciding that the protection of the celebrity is more important than the facts of a case.

So while he technically didn’t, circumstances lean wildly in the other direction. You can see how some of us would get angry by this. No amount of brilliance can overcome a sin like that, and hearing people ask me to pray for him grates on my nerves.

So, I’ll ask you this. If you don’t appear on one of the million cameras that are going to be covering this travesty? I won’t wish for the Basij to bash your brain means out of your skull.

June 25, 2009

Cake Rocks The Liveblog

Trust me. I will bring the thunder.

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