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July 29, 2009

We’re Two Days Away From the Deadline…

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And while some of the big dominoes still have room to fall, we have to discuss where we are, right? Who’s won, who’s lost, and who’s yet to make a stand.

Who’s won?

Philadelphia: They’ve acquired Cliff Lee and a great 4th outfielder in Ben Fransisco and they did not have to give up any of the pieces that stopped them from committing to Roy Halladay. Now I like Carrasco, and Marson has great hitting potential, but they were able to keep Michael Taylor and J.A. Happ as well as Kyle Drabek. It’s the piece they needed, and they didn’t have to give up anything.

Cleveland: At present, they’ve infused themselves with seven top ten prospects from three pretty good systems. Jason Knapp is in A-Ball and Jason Donald has pretty well sucked this year, but for a guy that was going to get squeezed out and a guy they couldn’t afford? They got a B+ worth of value. And when you add in the two power relievers they got for DeRosa and Scott Barnes, an already good system gets better. They may be waiting for next year, but there’s hope in Cleveland.

Who’s lost?

San Fransisco: Long term, my gut says they’ve made a huge terrible mistake. Not to say that the offense they have won’t get better because of Ryan Garko and Freddy Sanchez, but come on. Tim Alderson is kicking ass in Double-A and Scott Barnes looks like he’s going to be goods. And is it that going to be that big of an upgrade over Travis Ishikawa and Eugenio Velez? No. Brian Sabean is such an idiot.

Somewhere in the Middle?

Seattle: I’d lean toward this being a loss. If you’re going to move to a sell, you need to start playing your prospects. I mean, Ryan Langerhans is a bad stopgap. A real bad one. To keep Langerhans and dump Wladimir Balentin for a junkball reliever? Bad sauce.

And cosidering the Mariners catching situation, I would be baffled by dealing Jeff Clement. But Ian Snell was the best player in the deal by far. I mean, Jack Wilson sucks, but the Pirates are paying some salary. And odds are one of the three pitchers the Pirates will get there? But they are bottom third prospects in a bad organization. My money’s on Brett Lorin.

And Dan Cortes is bound to find the plate eventually, right?

Pittsburgh: Getting Lastings Milledge? Good. Getting Tim Alderson? Good. The Ian Snell trade? Meh. They have no room for Jeff Clement. And outside of Lorin? There’s nobody that interests me. So, B-.

July 28, 2009

There are two ways this can go for the Brewers.

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We all know that your Milwaukee Brewers got launched by the Nationals. More specifically Jeff “Toast” Suppan got launched by the Nationals. And while my personal opinion of Jeff Suppan is something probably unmentionable to polite company, we need to calm down.

This was going to be a tricky needle to thread, if you look at the story of the preseason. Nobody expected the Brewers to be a divisional winner. Few expected them to contend for the wild card. I was banking on the Brewers finding their way based on the inevitable return of Chris Capuano. That didn’t happen, and with the injuries for Dave Bush and Seth McClung, the rotation swung strongly into the smoke and mirrors scenario.

And they aren’t exactly out of the division race. They’re in 4th and under .500 for the first time in a long time, but they are still just four games out. Like I said before? The Nationals are the perfect bellwether for a slumping team.

If they cannot get healthy? It’s time to sell.

So far? Off to a bad start.

July 27, 2009

I hate Jarrod Washburn.

I just do. He has not committed injustice toward me in any form or fashion. Even at his worst? He has never been outright awful. He’s just overrated. Especially this season.

Suffice it to say? He’s in the middle of a contract drive. Luck is on his side. And he is pitching out of his mind. The team that acquires him will not be getting a pitcher who has an under three ERA. They will be getting someone whose ERA will rise. I don’t even care that there will be an AL-NL swing, I will be right stunned if he ends the year with an ERA below three. Make it 3.30.

For Milwaukee? Giving up Alcides Escobar for him would be downright stupid. And I like Branden Morrow. He has a chance to have a run of closer dominance for a good 4-6 years. But asking him to start is the wrong thing to do. He doesn’t have the third pitch.

So, I would honestly wait. The Deadline’s Friday. The Brewers fans have a sparring partner for these next four days. If disaster strikes, stand pat. If they run the table? Let’s see if we can’t get Balentien and another prospect thrown in. I like Jharmidy DeJesus.

That’s a name you know.

I’m not one for nuance…

But there is a difference between being turned on by someones aesthetic and objectifying them. The difference is blurry, but it’s there. Two posts ago, I set a decision to you. I put up some pictures that turned me on. You may see it exploitative, but hey. Potato pototo.

I also know that women don’t need my help defending themselves. They’re smart and have shaper tongues then your average bear of a dude. This is why (even if I’m one of the last ones to report on this) I am quite annoyed with Electronic Arts. If you don’t know about it. Feast your eyes on this. Click the thumbnail.

What this is was EA’s promotion for a game called Dante’s Inferno. It asked people to “commit acts of lust” toward booth babes. These are women who are attractive and use that attractiveness to promote various acts of of pop culture. And while the intention here was something along the lines of a photo hunt, the wording?

It does seem like an open interpretation to sexually harrass women hired by EA and other companies, let alone random attractive women who decided to come to the comic-con dressed as their favorite character. And no matter their choice of employment. It’s never okay to bring that implied invitation to the table.

So in conclusion? EA’s marketing staff is more special than the twenty-seven year old slacker who gets outworked by elderly and the mentally low. I may bring a locker room post or two, but I am only marginally dickish. Be classy. Be good and be funny, and you’ll have a better shot than just going om nom nom and honking various soft tissue humps.

I’m all over the place today. I dunno.

Palate Cleanser…

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Comic-Con Winners!

So you know what? I like comics. I also like movies. So when the powers of comics and movies combine, I switch my purview from sports to Nerd Proms not involving politics. And with San Diego Comic-Con? We’re all winners.

Some winners were just more winner. We discuss them here.


This is the reason why James Cameron’s taken the better part of a decade off. And from the looks of it? It’s going to be awesome. And probably the only the only thing that’s going to be worth a damn in 3-D from here on out.

Iron Man 2

Because the first one was awesome. You have Robert Downey as the perfect fit for Tony Stark. You have Jon Favreau as the best mixture of style and substance in direction. Zack Snyder wishes he fly like that. Also…

This could be a very interesting movie. Very interesting.

The Book of Eli

Denzel Washington brings a swagger to any proceedings, and these are people who have a tendency to be the creepy guy hiding in the background. So, he did well. Even if one of the Hughes brothers said “This movie is for people who like graphic novels as well as comic books.” Also, a postapocalyptic vision of the future. With Gary Oldman in the role of a lifetime. So yay.

And to a similar extent? Josh Brolin promises to make for a kick ass Jonah Hex.

Attack of the Show

Word on the street was that their panel was legendary. And that always does well. The show that they did for comic-con was also well recieved from the nerd community, for two reasons.

I mean after I punch myself in the balls for that statement, I just have to say that that costume is a wonder of structural engineering. And that’s solely the reason why I posted this picture. And this one.

Yep. I did it. I did it and I’m proud. I’m like the security guard on the left in text form.

Now to shake my head and slowly back away from it.

Poker Players America’s Role Models: Frank Wiese.

So the poker boom may be over regardless of Phil Ivey’s magical run to the final table. That doesn’t mean you can’t find someone who wants to exploit it. Enter Frank Wiese. And enter the best bad commercial…of all time!

On the scale of 1 to 10? This has an unitentional comedy scale of an 7.5. Poker fans will give it a 9.

Cold Chilling at the Halladay Inn

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Let me propose something. Let me propose the premise that J.P. Riccardi is about to outhink himself on the Roy Halladay front. He wants the moon and the stars coming back in return. And rightfully so. You get a pitcher of Halladay’s caliber coming back for 2010.

That being said? He’s treading dangerous ground. Why? Because he’s letting offers pass that many would consider strong hauls for the pitcher. Philly has an offer of J.A. Happ, Michael Taylor, Carlos Carrasco, and Jason Donald. Put this another way.

J.A. Happ is a pitcher who’s been strong in a hitters park. Michael Taylor killed pitchers dead in his half-season of AA. Carrasco? He’s had to deal with a .330 BABIP and bad luck with homers. And Jason Donald is struggling after coming back from an injury.

It’s not a 12 out of 10 in terms of the highway robbery scale, but Michael Taylor’s coming quickly and coming strong. Happ would be moving to a pitchers park, which would help offset any changes in talent. Carrasco is having a fluky season of bad luck. And Jason Donald is kind of sucky this year, but that’s beside the point.

The point is, Riccardi is not going to get anywhere near a haul that he could get this season if he decides that he’s going to wait until next year. The Indians got two players who might be worth a damn for Sabathia. If he’s going to wait for someone to blink, he may be sorely mistaken.

And he may lose out on a real chance to help for the future because of it.

July 26, 2009

The teased Bus Leagues Baseball post is here…

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I’m talking about how the Brewers will likely lose their playoff chances for the inability to have a pitcher maintain their health or gain knowledge legally. It’s time for you to get learned. It’s time for you to find out why Alexandre Periard and Jeremy Jeffress have taken a FUBAR to the head of the Brewers Chances.

Go here now.

Yes now.

July 24, 2009

I’m going to roll out of bed with a string of ramblings…

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I’ve got to get shit out of my head. And I’m going to make swings and take swings. Randomness here and randomness there.

Now, I’m never going to be a baseball manager, but if I was Ken Macha and I had a pitcher who struggled so mightily in the first half? If he was showing success with the back-up catcher, he would get the back-up catcher. Craig Counsell may suck, but he’ll get on base enough to have it be worth your time if you’re desperate.

Speaking of desperation? The Brewers do entirely reek of it. Matt Holliday goes to St. Louis and gets the Pujols bump in his stats. The Astros are inexplicably in the middle of this. And while somebody said the Cubs were bound to have injuries sink them? The pack has kept them in it.

Do they make a move and kill the future to cold chill at the present in the Halladay in? I have to say no. Halladay is great. But does he get the Brewers a chance at a pennant? No. I can’t see an Escobar, Parra, Hart, and Brett Lawrie package not killing the Brewers future. We’ve been marginalized.

Or for the want of sticky icky, a division championship has been lost.

Here’s what I want to say about Deadspin. It has gotten worse. I don’t blame Daulerio. Any newbie was going to get pushed over to get the blog more into the Yellow Journalisitic gawker ideal. I’m not hating the player, but man, fuck the game.

Isiah Whitlock, Jr. is a character actor who always brings a charismatic force and Nolan Richardsonish looks to whatever role he plays. Sadly, no one will remember him for anything beyond being the sheeit guy. HE WAS DOC LOUIS, DAMNIT!

He was Doc Louis.

Now I’m not one for guilty pleasures, but Degrassi: The Next Generation has one of the great modern portrayals of the Byronic Hero.

And when Santino Marella can’t save a comedy sketch? You have negative charisma.

And if you’re in a keeper league and you lose 4 of your top ten draft picks to the DL in a 30-team 34 set-up? It’s not your year.

Having Vincente Padilla as a keeper is just retarded. I’m just saying, Bill Simmons, fantasy expert.

Has Starbury gone back to a manic indie thrill? I say yes. It’s a wonderful thing. The Starbury as cancer meme is dying out.

Jerryd Bayless. Offer Portland a 1 or twelve twos. You will not be disappointed.

I know, it’s just like a twitter feed. But you know what? You get to read it here. I may post something on Bus Leagues this weekend, I may not. Something sparked a hint of creativity.

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