The Grand National Championships

January 31, 2009


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This Badgers streak is too ridiculous for me to continue blogging.

Another last-second choke job? Yaaay!

January 30, 2009

I’m bored…

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So, how about I make a list post of the Best Super Bowl Counterprogramming? Okay.

10) Celebrity Rehab Presents: Sober House

9) World Series of Poker: ESPN
All the social awkwardness of the Las Vegas Main Event, now with Magnificent Vistas of Europe!

8) Ghost Hunters: Sci Fi
People get freaked out by abandoned buildings!

7) Beach Marathon: The Travel Channel
I live in Wisconsin! This and Heat in HD is…fuck! I love it!

6) The Closer Marathon: TNT
Obligatory reference of how Kyra Sedgewick looks like John Rocker? Sure.

5) Predator Raw: The Unseen Tapes
Have a seat for Chris Hansen commentary and Creepy Dudes! Drink for every wispy mustache you see! Find out just what that BET Comedian is talking about when he leaves the “Black People v. White People Material”

(And if you happen to be one who would engage with the underage, the Bratz Movie is on Showtime.)

4) House
Finally! A procedural with No Private Investigation by Non Cops! On USA!

3) God vs. Satan: History Channel
Or Kurt Warner versus Ryan Clark. Somebody with that sort of aggression toward other men has to have something deep seated.

2) Death Wish Marathon: AMC
Charles Bronson shoots people in the face for vengance!

1) The Puppy Bowl! Animal Planet!
Back when Elvi wasn’t too cool for school and we were at the old site, we were the leaders of Sports Blog Puppy Bowl coverage. Will there be a Puppy Bowl Liveblog? I don’t know. We do thse things spur of the moment. And Elvi? He is mercurial.

But rumor is there’s going to be some dastardly fan interference?

We may meet you there. We may not.

Here’s the thing…

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The draft compensation issue is something that absolutely needs to be fixed in Major League Baseball. I mean, if you would do a cursory list of a Best Free Agent Available list? You would notice one thing.

They are all Type A Free Agents.

Now that’s not to say their unemployment careening up against the time where pitchers and catchers start to report is something that is completely belonging to the greedhead owners. Manny could be had. Boras is just playing the game with him so poorly.

I mean, this isn’t wrestling, we don’t forget what happened 6 months ago. But that being said? At the rate things were going? Juan Cruz should have been in line to be the highest paid middle reliever in the history of baseball. Now sure, the economy might have something to do with it. But when Paul Bako gets a contract before Orlando Hudson? There’s all sorts of strange in the neighborhood.

Are we coming to a world where two draft choices is worth more value than an above average ballplayer? Perhaps.

But suffice it to say, we may see more than one Free Agent of the Type A variety with an unhappy choice. Go back from whence you came or wait out the draft.

Just saying. Adam Dunn may learn an even worse approach at the plate.

The Super Bowl is: The One.

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Really. Arizona is nothing more than a clone of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is coming for them so they can take control of the league with their kung-fu and surprising lack of acting ability. Arizona is the final step.

Larry Fitzgerald is Delroy Lindo. Don’t ask me why. This just is what it is.

Delroy Lindo Pictures, Images and Photos

In recent years, obvious Super Bowls have led to an upset. I didn’t botch the Championship Week. So you know what? Bet on Tim Hightower to get the first touchdown.

The Super Bowl is: The One.

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Really. Arizona is nothing more than a clone of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is coming for them so they can take control of the league with their kung-fu and surprising lack of acting ability. Arizona is the final step.

Larry Fitzgerald is Delroy Lindo. Don’t ask me why. This just is what it is.

In recent years, obvious Super Bowls have led to an upset. I didn’t botch the Championship Week. So you know what? Bet on Tim Hightower to get the first touchdown.

I Taped the St. Mary’s Gonzaga game…

Why? Because I found a radio feed of Utah Valley State and Chicago State. 123-121. 4 overtimes. Ryan Toolson scored 63. David Holston had 41. John Cantrell added 40. I would take these three, and go seven seconds or less on every team I saw, and everyone would love it.

But that’s a digression. I saw things in the Gonzaga game that you would not believe…and in list form, I will share with you this news.

1) Patrick Mills has a chance to be special.

While he is till more of a combo guard than pure point, he is a man who can do special things. He is learning to use his distributional skills, but if you have to run your offense through one guy? You could do worse. Just hope that that wrist isn’t broken.

2) Gonzaga is the team to hate for Hardcore basketball fans.

This is a team that plays dirty. Austin Daye’s move for when he cannot power himself into position? A hook of the arm. And do not get me started on Jeremy Pargo. Watch the replay of that game. Before Mills went down, who had his hand with a fistful of shorts? Pargo. Who pulled his shorts? Pargo.

They’re Mid-Major Duke.

3) Of course maybe they need to cheat.

Gonzaga Protip? Any team that can assert itself on the offensive glass has a punchers chance against Gonzaga. That’s why St. Mary’s team of Simpson and Samhan were able to keep them in it before the bottom completely fell out. If Jacksonville draws them in Round 1? Take the points, Gamblers.

4) Matt Bouldin: Grown Ass Two-Guard
I can’t hate everything about the Zags. Bouldin’s skill set is pretty intriguing. He is a sharpshooter from beyond the arc who has a way finding an offenses passing lanes. He’s at the wrong school, but until he draws a bullshit charge or Ginobili’s when he gets called for a foul? I have no beef with him.

(Feburary 24th? Chicago State travels to the Utah Valley State. There will be points.)

Update: Mills is out for a month. I’m a man who would wish a bad things on people. But if any of you would throw Jeremy Pargo to the ground? I’ll give you a dollar.

January 29, 2009

I am in a Rambling Mood…

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I have nothing worthy of something beyond a paragraph.

But watch this space, I have an interview upcoming, and it will be the greatest thing ever, or I will have failed. There Ain’t No Doubt About It Baby.

With the Diamondbacks signing Jon Garland? I have to wonder if Ben Sheets hasn’t sufficently dropped in value that he’ll come back in the short term. Not to sound completely Polyannish, but I honestly think 87-75 could take the NL Central this year. Nobody’s made near enough of an impact this offseason to take it away.

Though if my irrational love of Aaron Heilman maintains? The Cubs will still be solid.

Jeff Lebo still hasn’t been fired yet?

And if I will continue to go through the SEC, The Bucks should call up Derrick Byars from the D-League.

There needs to be a word for when you’re all excited to see a movie, but then you see a blurb from a critic who is nothing more than a whore for the studios. There probably is, but you can’t search Urban Dictionary by definition.

There is no bigger namedropper in the Nerdy Pop-Culture than Ed Brubaker.

HOLY SHIT JESSICA SIMPSON GOT FAT?!? That makes me feel better about barely working!

Jason Boltus just may be the next great practice squad quarterback. Brett Ratliff style.

If Tyrell Sutton is too expensive to be your Maurice Jones-Drew San Diego? Look for Yonus Davis.

Am I just making up names? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaybe.


January 28, 2009

This senior class has no killer instinct…

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For most of my adult life, I’ve seen a Badger team that would roll up on you with a polite if not passive aggressive swagger. They come up on a close game and they would win more often than not. They were a confident, well coached team.

Until this year.

Not to say that Bo Ryan hasn’t done an excellent job with this 12-8 team. This team has had a chance to win the majority of their losses. But last night was a microchasm of their issue. The last 2:30 of the game, in a nutshell.

Three for Purdue
Three for Purdue
Rebounds the front end of the one and one.
Purdue ices the game with two free throws.
Three pointer.

So what does that tell you? One? The Badgers did not man up an excellent three point shooting team down the stretch. Two? That on a team that prides itself on its senior leadership? Freshman Jordan Taylor took the four final shots with the game in question. Now, maybe this means big things next year? But Joey Floorburn and the guy I prayed would turn into Shawn Marion have to take some form of offensive responsibility. Three? To save this team, Bo may have to go out of his comfort zone.

Experience and small rotations are his bailiwick. But with the struggles of his veterans with experience? You may see Taylor and Nankivil’s roles expand. You may see more Rob Wilson (The Pomeroy would love that). Heck, you may see undersized drunkard Kevin Gullikson if it gets really desperate.

But this team will not fix itself by staying on its present path. That much is true.

Do you wish for more Chikara Goodness? I shall give it to you.

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January 26, 2009

The Most Dated Book About Sports?

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Now, I’m not one to lay claim to the deity of the scrapper. I am one who looks at OPS when I look at hitters as well as the control and dominance stats when I look at a pitcher. But that doesn’t mean that scouting doesn’t have its place.

Especially after you read a chapter where three pages of debate and mocking tones of the scouting world in reference to Jeremy Brown, who never developed any sort of quality defensive skill, and who never really achieved offensive success until he stopped caring about the walk and opened his swing up. It just goes to show you that when you are talking about an expiriment, you need to keep your tones neutral. Jeremy Bonderman turned out to be 10 times the player of that ol’ Badger.

One in ten drafted players actually end up spending time in the major leagues. So, in that respect? The A’s had some success, signing 8 players who spent time in the bigs. (Funny note: One of their unsigned draft choices was a flamethrowing high schooler named Jonathan Papelbon.)

But in terms of real success? Not so much. Nick Swisher’s bat never fully developed an ability to hit .260, Mark Teahen needs to be able to play second to have his offense become a true positive. Joe Blanton has been mediocre at best. And four others have been of the September brief visit to the show variety. And they let the other one go in the Rule 5 draft (do become a solid middle reliever in the Great American Ballpark) Hollar at your boys Jared Burton.

Now listen. I don’t blame Billy Beane for any of this. He had a puff piece written in book form, and the Baseball Gods had him go into the wilderness. It happens. But the fact of the matter is, Michael Lewis damaged his repuation by writing a book like this.

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