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June 23, 2010

An interesting day of movement for the Bucks.

The first part of the day is something along the lines of a free roll. Charlie Bell can be a useful role player. He’s high effort and a decent ballhandler. But that’s it. He’s a good 4th guard. And you have him coming with an albatross of suck in Dan Gadzuric. That’s all the Bucks have given up.

Two end of the bench guys? What they got in return. The worst case scenario is that they’re interesting. Corey Maggette is a ball stopper with inconsistent defensive effort. He’s also a slasher who can attack the basket and generate many opportunities of the free throw variety. The upside? He’s the sort of guy who can help a defensive minded team that’s sorely missing offense.

The Bucks fit that bill.

And Maggette will be an upgrade over Salmons. He may not be worth the contract. But he will come close. And sometimes for a player? It’s all about fit.

And the Bucks flipped the second round pick they got from Golden State. They turned that into Chris Douglas-Roberts. His zany twitter stream aside? I get the sense Skiles would like him. The Comedy Death-Ray’s big strength is defense. You know how they say flaky people don’t have defensive discipline? Nuts to that. CDR can defend.

Offensively? His game is somewhat similar to Maggette. Attack the basket and draw fouls. You can’t hit the three and it kills your offensive efficency as a wing man. But CDR can make a smooth pass. He may only be a rotational guy? But he will bring upside and energy off the bench.

And he’ll get more playing time than you think as well. Skiles loves a good defender. And Douglas-Roberts? He’s gonna make a fearsome deer. .

March 23, 2010

Can I do 200 words on a spare parts trade?

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Because someone has to discuss this Ray Olmedo and Matt Treanor trade. And that someone will be me.

Ironically, this does have some sort of value for the Brewers. Treanor was going to have to walk away. They had no room for him in Triple-A and George “the Animal” Kottaras looked like he was going to be the stop gap as the back-up catcher. There was no room at the inn for him.

But that being said? The Brewers signed a player to a minor league deal in Luis Cruz who mangled his leg during winter ball. He was the good defense triple A middle infielder glove who we would break the glass to grab in case of emergency. But yeah. That didn’t work. So, enter Rainer Olmedo.

To expect anything of any offensive value from Olmedo is naive. His age 27 and age 28 years had Triple A OPS hovering around Jason Kendall territory. His defense is pretty good as a middle infield glove. But you know what? It’s okay. It’s a warm body that if it all breaks right? He’s in Nashville.

An inconsequential trade. But they got something for someone who was going to force an issue for the Brewers and walk away on Thursday. And that’s cool. I guess.

Dollar tree middle infielder for the win.

February 18, 2010

The Bucks made a couple of moves.

Nothing as inherently earth-shaking as the Rockets. And nothing near as funny as the Clippers getting a back-up and an expiring contract for Marcus Camby. But there was some interesting value culled.

The deal with the Sixers can break interesting. In most aspects, it’s really a challenge trade in terms of Meek for a #2. I know Skiles is going to like Ivey’s inherent Royal Ivey. But the gangsta Primoz Brezec is not going to be around next seaon. And as for the Bucks? They can get both a ninja rebounder like a Kenneth Faried as well as an upside play like an Alexy Shved.

Or a reverse. General Greivous and Latavious Williams? It can only help.

Then again? Meeks could become a killer with a change of scenery. Many people called that pick a sleeper. My first instinct is to like this deal. But it could change quickly.  

Salmons for the expiring contracts of Hakim Warrick and Joe Alexander? It depends. Salmons is a very versatile piece. He can play the two, three, and even the four if you want to run a small ball. His offensive game is a between a three and a four. The only thing is? His defense is average on its best day. Skiles may not use him as much as he should.

But a line-up of Jennings-Ridnour-Salmons-Ilyasova-Bogut? It most definitely seems like it could be worth som running as well as some gunning.

January 28, 2010

Inglett and Edmonds.

While the dreams of Frank Inglett and Tom Edmonds becoming a modern day Loggins and Messina reside in the ashbin of their Pooh Corner cover? The Brewers have smoothly made some attempts at filling out their roster with excellent skills at low costs.

Joe Inglett has been a solid righty masher (for a middle infielder) who’s served time at four positions, even though he really can only defend three. A career line of .298/.351/.407 versus righties is a valuable asset to have. I know he’s already in his early 30’s, so this may be the exact ceiling of his usage. But here’s the deal.

He’s Weeks insurance. We know that he’s not going to play nearly as much on the roster if Weeks can manage to get himself 500 at-bats. And to get a low cost asset to use mostly at second base as good as Inglett in back up terms? It’s not a bad thing, it is most definitely a good thing.

Now, in the Wildcard category? We have Jim Edmonds comeback attempt. The guy spent 2009 in the unwanted bin of Free Agency. One would assume that he demanded to roam Center Field or a multi-year deal and no team really wanted to have to deal with all that. Because his 2008 was great as a Cub, but you know what else?

He was unlucky. For the year, his BAbip was a ridiculously low .249. But even as a Cub, when it seemed as if he was hooked up to a juvenation machine? His BAbip was .257.

But that’s not where Edmonds makes his money. Where Edmonds makes his money is as a righty masher. He had a .998 OPS versus righties as a Cub. So yeah. That’s where last we left him. Put it simply, if he’s useful, all he has to do is slug .500 as a Brewer versus right handed pitchers.

And get 400-450 plate appearances.

But lets be honest. If Corey Hart was actually able to be trusted? I wouldn’t be nearly as excited by the signing of a 39 year-old who skipped 2009.

December 8, 2009

In the throes of a full on blizzard, we say our final goodbyes to one of our favorite tropes…

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In 2007, while Curtis Granderson was making a run at 100 extra base hits and hit the funtastic total of 20-20-20-20 for the year we were there every step of the way. It was a good way to follow a player we had the manic indie thrill about and build blog content. And even though we stopped posting daily exploits of the adventures of Grandy? It doesn’t mean we had any reason to lose faith in him.

But then? He gets traded to the Yankees. Like Duke, the Viqueens, and the Los Angeles Lakers. I can’t get behind a Yankee. I know it’s going to make Granderson a better player, and he may actually hit the 100 extra base hit margin. But I can’t get behind that.


August 31, 2009

The LA Dodgers have decided to strike last…

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Sick and tired of getting chased after by the Rockies and the Giants after squandering a massive lead in the NL West, the Dodgers have decided to take advantage of two teams in full fire sale mode and infuse their team with just a little more talent.


The Los Angeles Dodgers now have themselves a whooping stick and on baseman for the clutch scenarios of life as well as a solid innings eater. And if the Dugout has taught me anything? Jim Thome will make everything better. Everything.

Jon Garland? He will knock you down.

Also? Brad Penny and Jose Contreras went to the NL West also rans. Boston fans will forget every other World Series since 2005 and call the NL the Special Olympics.

I tremble in excitement about that.

August 18, 2009

Okay. I’ll say it.

Brewers aren’t making the playoffs this year.

I’m going to give you a second to recover. It’s as bad of news as the Abraham Washington Show. But here’s the thing. Why aren’t the Brewers trying to see if they can’t get a prospect for their two free agents to be?

Yeah, I’m not saying there’s a 5-star prospect coming back. Doesn’t have to be. The Brewers could probably take two upper-level arms of a decent vointage and an A-ball prospect with upside for Mike Cameron and Felipe Lopez. Or two if a team interested in a second baseman (looking at you Atlanta) would be so inclined.

Now I’m glad they’re willing to trade Bill Hall. And I’m glad somebody seems inclined to take him. But they have pieces. Pieces that bring value back. And this value would be likely better than some lame draft choice.

Dude. Later.

August 17, 2009

I hear isn’t a taken domain…

I’ve been willing to give John Hammond the benefit of the doubt. They’ve gone younger and cheaper with more flexibility. They’ve found a way to get me kind of excited for the Bucks as a fun to watch team that would be a lot more entertaining then their record indicated.

That is…until today.

Because when you have someone with at least six illegitimate kids finding a seemingly prodigous ability to rack up fouls as a major character flaw, you have to bend over backwards to make him happy. So you trade two of the most potentially exciting Bucks on the team for the Argentinian 2-Guard answer to Luke Ridnour and Loco Roko.

Carlos Delfino is a tall two who can hit an occasional three who spent last year in Russia because he’s the sort of guy who has no glaring skill or weakness to his game. Now he’s probably better than Sonny Weems, but for a two year deal with an option for three? Send his ass back to Russia.

And Roko Uric. He’s a lead guard. He actually has some savior faire when he has the ball in his hands, and as Skiles wants, he is a good defender. But since he’s useless off ball, he can’t play the two. And he’s also here for two years.

Maybe there’s a higher floor for Delfino and Uric, but the upside? Please. Amir or Weems doesn’t emerge? We have no issues. They gone.

This trade feels like something Skiles demanded. More of a mistake proof team for two high energy players who could help give this team an identity with less money on the docket for 2010. I know, we’re not going to get the superstar in free agency.

But here’s the thing, sportsfans, if Scott Skiles is still around by the time Hammond has to consider the option on Delfino? I will make the douchiest move ever.

I will put my basketball fandom on free agency, because clearly the good Dr. John Hammond doesn’t know what he’s doing.

August 12, 2009

I’m not unsympathetic to Bill Castro.

I mean, it’s not as if a castoff from two organizations that were desperate for any sort of farm talent was going to be a starting pitcher that could stop any sort of bleeding.
It’s not as if a team that loses Sabathia and Sheets and replaces that with Braden Looper was going to be a recipe for pitching success.
It’s not as if Jeff Suppan’s suck wasn’t going to keep growing.
It’s not as if Chris Capuano brought anything to the table.
It’s not as if Manny Parra lost his shit.
It’s not as if all the starter issues was going to drain the bullpen of their skills.
It’s not as if he’s going to get another pitching coach job in the bigs either.

But hey, we live in a world where somebody’s got to take the fall for the slump. So Bill Castro’s gone.

What does this mean? This probably isn’t going to work like the Ned Yost September purge. Billy Hall’s been designated for assignment. J.J. Hardy is in AAA. The Mighty Mustache is scrambling. Usually when this happens, it’s too little too late.

August 10, 2009

The Brewers traded for David Weathers…

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And as someone who hasn’t done much worth a damn before he was 30, I do admire the second and third acts of his career. I admire the fact that he once showed me up. I admire the fact he became good as a Brewer and his return will likely come cheap.

However? Is an 8th inning guy of some renown going to help the Brewers catch the Cubs or the Cardinals? No. The Brewers are 6 games out. And if your starters can’t go 7 innings to begin with? You’re not going to have them magically get there.

I like the pick-up. But man, the questions the Brewers have are far beyond the purview of a 39 year-old reliever.

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