The Grand National Championships

October 12, 2009

Okay. I know. The kid is struggling to bring anything to this table.

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And some of y’all are wondering why. I will just tell you, move to here and here. I brought interesting there.

I dunno why my synapses aren’t saying, this will be good for what’s here. But they’re not. It’s that fucking writers block thing.

(This was supposed to be a post on the general fuckery of Deion Sanders after all.)


October 8, 2009

Zombieland in a Paragraph

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First of all, I did see Zombieland. It was worth every penny. It doesn’t compare to Shaun of the Dead. It’s not a comedy based on personal relationships. I know it may sound stupid, but it seems to be more of a Zombie Midnight Run. You have the asskicker who’s running from his ghost, his nebbish nemesis/tag team partner. You have the disruptive force. (Though one would have to consider Emma Stone as someone infinitely more attractive than John Ashton.)


And this movie actually earns emotional moments as it comes to the end of the movie. I give it a 13 out of 5. It was that good.

October 5, 2009

This is what I did today.

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I made posts for other people. Well, SEC Football Blogger was a post for me. It was a post about how I compared SEC Football Teams and what we knew about them to what was in my iPod. It was magical. I also made Reverse Survivor awesome at the OMDQ. I say this. I know who wins reverse survivor.


October 4, 2009

Ten Fantasy Football Thoughts…

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No need for an introduction, this post will be what you think it is.

10. If you can find an upgrade, and catches aren’t a factor in your league? I would consider cutting bait on Leon Washington. Now, the odds on a real upgrade are longish. But if you’re looking at a Jerome Harrison? I would go as far as cutting the guy who lost run to Shonn Greene.

9. Ronnie Brown is someone who you can find a way to get interested in. In the next 4 weeks? It’s the Jets twice, the Saints and a bye. After that? It’s mostly cake.

8. You can’t cut Romo, but the guy does not have clutch decision making skills. If you have a backup in the David Garrard phylum? You have to call him your QB1.

7. Easy way to a defense by comittee? Whoever plays the Rams and or Browns.

6. Or the Raiders. (By the by? Drop all Raiders.)

5. I would wait one more week before I decided to roll out onto the Mo Massaquoi train. Unless your scenario is a desperate one. Your hitched your wagon to Laurent Robinson? Make a run for Massaquoi.

4. Don’t make a move for Rashard Mendenhall until he shows this type of running versus a team with a real run defense. Please be patient.

3. Vernon Davis is having a breakout. Huh. Who saw it coming?

2. If you have the space? Pick up Matt Leinart. If you don’t? Wait for a time when you need only one quarterback.

1. If Ricky Williams is available? I would pick him up. I expect you would find both Brown and Rilliams get 20 or so touches until Henne gets some semblance of a groove. Which won’t happen.

October 3, 2009

The Seven things I learned from this week in college football.

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Introduction in regards to the craziness of this season. Mention of how a rival with an inferior record beats an unbeaten and resurgent rival. Jonathan Crompton joke. Oh hey, next week has a real big game yeah?

Line break to artificially pad post size.

7. Notre Dame has returmed to being a legitimate heel team. Not in the multiple championships sort of way. But in the oversell for an undertalented team and only find a way to win via hitting a nutshot sort of way. Kyle McCarthy saved the game by destroying D’Andre Goodman Chuck Cecil-style. Washington deserved better.

6. That being said? Golden Tate is going to be a stud professional receiver. Great pros straddle the line between insufferable and awesome. Golden Tate is already there.

5. Why didn’t anybody tell us that Houston can’t stop the run? It’s not as if they had an inexperienced defensive line that was like 91st in rush defense last season. Oh. Yeah. They did. Donald Buckram looked like Barry Sanders tonight.

An aside: I would still bless the Case Keenum as Heisman candidate meme. This loss was in no way his fault.

Aside Number 2: BYU will never…EEEEEEEVER…be mentioned as a national championship contender A-GAIN.

4. There will be no legitimate case for a BCS buster this year. I’m calling Boise State losing to Tulsa. And TCU is going to lose.

3. Iowa and Wisconsin may be the marquee match-up of the Big 10 conference. I mean, if Wisconsin can win the checkers game versus Ohio State and if Iowa can have the greatest hot start in history.

2. There is a ridiculous amount of unbeaten and unranked big schools. Three teams are 5-0 and unranked. One isn’t going to make the top 25.

1. Who’s leading the MAC East? Temple. My call of them being this year’s Buffalo is back!

October 2, 2009

Harrumph. The Kid’s got nothing.

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Time to give up on tonight.

October 1, 2009

So Zombieland…

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I’m excited for it. Tense, balled up fists, just wanting to get the movie out. (And I wrote some awesome posts on SEC Football Blogger). But today. It’s out. And I will get this done this weekend. I will watch you Zombieland. You will entertain me. Or my money back.

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