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August 13, 2009

So. It happened.

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Michael Vick is now an Eagle.

The Philadelphia ASPCA is quaking in their boots. Donovan McNabb has suffered more athletic indignity than Sidney Poitier did on screen. A.J. Feeley just lost his job. Basically? Shit just got real.

Does this give Philly fans the motivization they need to retake the throne of the most dickish sports fans in America? Yes. Oh God Yes. Vick’s offenses are in the top three of worst offenses that you can commit and still return to football. And lord help him if he sucks.

Isn’t this the system where Vick lost his fastball? Yes. The West Coast Offense was something that Vick was awful in. Straight up and flat out.

Does this mean the Eagles are cursed? Yes. How many injuries doe the Eagles have right now? Bradley, Celek, DeSean Jackson, Brian Westbrook? And that’s just among the major players.

But hey. Maybe Andy Reid can threaten to eat Vick into becoming a good quarterback. I don’t know. But Dallas is not my 32nd least favorite team. I can’t believe it.


August 5, 2009

The "Your Guy" Phenomenon…

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I’m going to level with you. I cannot abide what Michael Vick has done. Training animals to kill each other and all that is disgusting. But it’s a sin that he’s paid his debt to society for.

I’m not going to cheer for the man. But he deserves a chance at playing football again. Worse sinners have been allowed to see the field again. I’m not going to hit the cheer button for him. At least, I wasn’t before I started hearing the rumblings.

And it’s a deep philosophical argument. Not in the Jim Rome provocative, you’d shove Farve out of the way for Rodgers, but bring Vick in sort of way. But should I be all “thank you athletically gifted freak, thank you for coming to join my team?”

It’s obvious that he will add a dimension that the Packers haven’t had since the days of the late-90’s Super Bowl runs. And it’s obvious that the Wildcat would play a major role if the Packers decided to take the PR hit. But I honestly don’t know. It would be simple just to say don’t sign him.

But I want the Packers to win. And if Vick is my guy? So be it.

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