The Grand National Championships

March 31, 2010

A Megan Fox Haiku

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Her thumbs are like toes.
When she talks? It kills my soul.
Ridiculous Hot.


March 23, 2010

My advice to Simon (on Sports)

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In Regards to Manny Parra? I have to tell you that he has moved back into the general direction of the lefty pitcher with upside. If you look at his BAbip from last year, there is reason to believe that he will be better this year. And he has been better at limiting his baserunners in the small sample size. His WHIP is 1.25 for the spring. He’s currently locked in a matcuhp with Dave Bush for the 4th starter.

Right now? Bush has shown the better stats. And I think if the Brewers aren’t going to do anything with Suppan? The place where he can do the least damage is as the 5th starter. So the loser goes into the Seth McClung long relief role. In short. Hold. But be ready to drop him at the first sign of a sexy waiver pickup if he doesn’t start hot.

Can I do 200 words on a spare parts trade?

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Because someone has to discuss this Ray Olmedo and Matt Treanor trade. And that someone will be me.

Ironically, this does have some sort of value for the Brewers. Treanor was going to have to walk away. They had no room for him in Triple-A and George “the Animal” Kottaras looked like he was going to be the stop gap as the back-up catcher. There was no room at the inn for him.

But that being said? The Brewers signed a player to a minor league deal in Luis Cruz who mangled his leg during winter ball. He was the good defense triple A middle infielder glove who we would break the glass to grab in case of emergency. But yeah. That didn’t work. So, enter Rainer Olmedo.

To expect anything of any offensive value from Olmedo is naive. His age 27 and age 28 years had Triple A OPS hovering around Jason Kendall territory. His defense is pretty good as a middle infield glove. But you know what? It’s okay. It’s a warm body that if it all breaks right? He’s in Nashville.

An inconsequential trade. But they got something for someone who was going to force an issue for the Brewers and walk away on Thursday. And that’s cool. I guess.

Dollar tree middle infielder for the win.

Re-Trying The Sweet 16

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So, you know how I kind of gave up in the South Bracket on my projections? No? Well I did. It’s because I knew I was going to be in trouble. I had seven of my original teams hitting the Sweet 16 in my Yahoo Bracket. Ironically? 6 of them were going to the Elite 8. And 3 for the Final Four. An atypical bracket for me.

So…More content!


Midwest Regional

9 Northern Iowa vs. 5 Michigan State

This goes against every instinct. Izzo is a tremendous coach. Cinderellas always fall in the Sweet 16. They’ll rally around their fallen hero. But that being said. Northern Iowa is steady. They do not make mistakes. Korie Lucious? He has not been consistent and steady. And if they get to a lead? Michigan State cannot shoot themselves back in. I will live and die with Starokhmanesh.

6 Tennessee vs. 2 Ohio State

The only teams Ohio State has lost to since the return of the Villain were against West Virginia in Morgantown and Purdue at Mackey with Hummel. If this Volunteer team could hit better from three and rebound? I would be less confident in this. But Buckeyes. Lock it down.

West Regional

1 Syracuse vs. 5 Butler

Butler’s had a nice run. I’ll agree. But that being said? I still like Syracuse. Not to say that Butler can’t keep it to a point where Gus Johnson would not go apoplectic at certain points of the game. But Wes Johnson will do enough to win.

6 Xavier vs. 2 Kansas State

The run continues for Frank Martin. If they could shut down Jimmer, they can shut down Jordan Crawford. K-State is the stronger team inside and the Pullen-Clemente-Kelly have a nice inside-outside thing going. Three in a row for K-State.

East Regional

1 Kentucky vs. 12 Cornell

There’s enough aspects to keep this game interesting. Kentucky doesn’t have strong perimeter defense like Temple. Syracuse is very close to Ithaca. A close game will definitely shake Kentucky. 48 states want Cornell to win. But Kentucky is currently infused with destrucity. I have Kentucky going very far in my Yahoo bracket, and I think they win here. But I’m not surprised if I’m wrong. HEDGES!

11 Washington vs. 2 West Virginia

I don’t trust Bob Huggins, as you probably can tell. The Huskies rebound very well. In fact, they defend about as well as West Virginia. And not in a turnover generating sort of way. They play fast. They play hard. And they will find a way to win. They usually shoot just a little better. I will trust the Huskies to do.

South Reigon

1 Duke vs. 4 Purdue

In order for Duke to lose? They need a guard to go off and have a good offensive game. And while I respect Purdue for playing to their seed without their superstar? I don’t think E’Twaun Moore or whatever he spells it. Duke has one more win in them.

3 Baylor vs. 10 St. Mary’s (CA)

Don’t expect this to be a blowout either. Samhan isn’t going to be nearly as dominant as he was in the first two games (or they’re going to let him go and try to stop the three). But that being said? Baylor’s not great at defending a good three point shooting team. And a team like Sam Houston State has shown? They can keep it close. But I like Baylor. Tweety son. Tweety.


9 Northern Iowa vs. 2 Ohio State

And here’s where the dream dies and the run ends. Evan Turner’s just simply better than anyone Northern Iowa has ever seen. Okay, seriously? Buford-Lighty-Diebler are spectacular from beyond the arc. Lauderdale is a strong garbage time player. And they won’t panic. Not by a long shot.

1 Syracuse vs. 2 Kansas State

Gus Johnson is doing this game. It will be tremendous. And Syracuse was supposed to win this game anyway when I went all bracketological the first time anyway. End to end awesome. Whoo!

1 Kentucky vs. 11 Washington

The end result of this game is simple and sane. Kentucky can attack the basket with style and aplomb. And as such? The Huskies cinderellaish run ends here. As a mere footnote.

1 Duke vs. 3 Baylor

Baylor has the offensive backcourt talent that a team needs if they’re going to go out and beat Duke. Add to that the will of America wanting them to get to the final four on the scalp of falling Duke? Baylor moves onward and upward.

Final Four

2 Ohio State vs. 1 Syracuse

This will be another tough classic. I believe the duel between Wes Johnson and Evan Turner will be spectacular. I feel less confident about this result than previously. But the Orange go to the finals. There I said it.

1 Kentucky vs. 3 Baylor

I know Kentucky could lose at any point. But I’m at least going to be man enough not to go away from my Yahoo bracket. Kentucky wins.

Championship: Syracuse 88, Kentucky 83.

March 20, 2010

Let’s take you back.

Back to March 2003. A more confusing time. There was that whole Iraq thing. And anyone who said anything bad about that was a terrorist. So yeah. Confusing times.

So one would dive headlong into the basketball. After all, my high school had made the state tournament. Both Wisconsin and Marquette were looking frisky. And they were in the same bracket!

And hey, the Badgers held off their scrappy undersized opponent in the first round. And wonder of wonders, they got to avoid the Atlantic 10 Champions in favor of a Mid-Major who buzzbombed them. It’s supposed to be an easy win right?


13th seeded Tulsa played 36 minutes of destructive basketball, it got to the point where they pulled away from the game in Wisconsin. But the 5th seeded Badgers got off the deck and came back to win. The reward? The universally regarded #1 team alive in the tournament. Your Kentucky Wildcats. The Badgers were game, but Kentucky’s talent level showed up when it counted.


It’s kind of a bizarro scenario for 20-0-10. The underseeded mid-major? 12th seeded Cornell who buzzbombed the A-10 Champ (Temple). The Badgers had a little (lot) more trouble with Wofford, but that’s another W-Team they held off. And the winner? The winner is going to get Kentucky. The best team still alive (seeding wise).

And unlike Tulsa? Many Badger fans are scared of Cornell.

Then again? Bo Ryan is playing a metagame. Survive, advance, and shock the fuck out of Kentucky.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

March 17, 2010

The South Bracket

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After my last bracket I was all WTF, how did Missouri get to the Elite 8? But this one is the Siena bracket, and you’re asking me what I’m thinking. Can I book Siena into the Elite 8. Sure. But will I in blog form?

1 Duke vs. 16 Arkansas Pine-Bluff

Arkansas Pine-Bluff will make it a game between 25 and 30 minutes, but they don’t have enough to win the game. No matter how much you might want it.

8 California vs. 9 Louisville

There are two things that Louisville doesn’t work well with. Experienced guards and or sharpshooters. Cal has 4 senior starters. And they fill it up. Louisville’s defense isn’t good enough to overcome that.

5 Texas A&M vs. 12 Utah State

I wasn’t exactly planning on having two five seeds going down. Especially when you consider the fact that Texas A&M doesn’t lose in the first round. But Texas A&M gets beat by two types of teams. An A+ defense or a sharpshooting team. Utah State will make some moves on the glass, but you know what? They make their money from beyond the arc. An average game and the Utah Aggies advance.

4 Purdue vs. 13 Siena

Purdue without Hummel is a team that has lost its soul. Anytime you lose a great defensive rebounder, shotblocker, and your leading three point threat from a team that really doesn’t have two? You’re in trouble. Siena matches up pretty evenly. But they’ve done this before. And they’ve done it as a 13 seed. Veteran talent whos played big on the big stage? Gotta go with it again.

6 Notre Dame vs. 11 Old Dominion

Old Dominion has had offensive problems. But you know what? They are stronger off the glass than Notre Dame. And they force bad shots. The win against Georgetown, a Notre Dame for the super rich counts for a lot here. Am I really going three upsets in a row? Yes I am.

3 Baylor vs. 14 Sam Houston State

I usually can see an upset if you find a weakness in a matchup. Perimeter shooting versus poor perimeter defense? A team that keeps getting its shotblocked versus a Jarvis Vanardo? Yeah. That sort of thing equals upset. Here? Baylor is the platinum Sam Houston State.

7 Richmond vs. 10 St. Mary’s (CA)

A bit of a coin flip. Richmond is the sort of a team with a veteran back court and a spectacular defense. The St. Marians are a team of sharpshooters with tight perimeter defense and Omar Samhan down low. I can really see St. Marys win this game. But my gut said Richmond. I’ve got to trust it.

2 Villanova vs. 15 Robert Morris

Please. 5 Big East Players can just beat one guy.


1 Duke vs. 8 California

You either need low-post power or some sharpshooting guards for a team to be able to beat down the Blue Devils. Cal has the guards to be able to win. But they need a great day to do it. I can’t see it.

12 Utah State vs. 13 Siena

Hmm. The better rebounding team is probably going to take this one. Not that Utah State isn’t going to shoot themselves out of the tournament. It’s just that Siena is the better rebounding team. TO THE SWEET 16 CRAYONS! KAKOW!

11 Old Dominion vs. 3 Baylor

The team that’s going to beat Baylor is a team that will be able to take advantage of its weaknesses. Old Dominion will keep it close, but they will not beat the Bears.

7 Richmond vs. 2 Villanova

This will be a close game. A classic. But the fact is that Richmond is terrible against on the glass. Villanova will shoot well enough to advance to the Sweet 16.

Sweet 16

1 Duke vs. 13 Siena

Siena, because fuck you. That’s why.

2 Villanova vs. 3 Baylor

Baylor wins in Houston. They advance to the final four and lose to Wisconsin. Syracuse beats Ohio State. And wins it all. LOL WHAT?

March 16, 2010

The East Bracket.

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The question of the East Bracket is will I let my blatant homerism take control. Wisconsin AND Marquette live in this bracket. And I happen to like my home state sports teams. I remember Jerel McNeal and I care. And whatnot.

1 Kentucky vs. 16 East Tennessee State

Please. John Wall is God. And the fighting Mister Jennings may not be going out like that, but they are going out.

8 Texas vs. 9 Wake Forest

Texas is a sublimely talented team. They could come together and make a run to the sweet 16. But for two reasons, it’s the Demon Deacons. They’re a strong defensive team that forces a team into bad shots, and Texas has had severe offensive issues in recent weeks. Also? Never trust Rick Barnes.

5 Temple vs. 12 Cornell

If you wanted me to give Cornell my 5-12 blessing, they should have had a team that can’t stop the perimeter jumper. Temple locks down the defense on the perimeter. Cornell’s main strength is crazy go nuts from beyond the arc. Temple will force them off their game.

4 Wisconsin vs. 13 Wofford

An undersized team that runs mostly man to man? An officially healthy Jon Leuer? Their last game being a terrible game for Trevon Hughes? I vote yes to the Badgers advancement.

6 Marquette vs. 11 Washington

I’m going Marquette. Washington has a tendency to play down to the level of their opponents. USC was a terrible team, and they beat Washington twice. UCLA got one with no defensive presence. Texas Tech and Oregon as well. And nobody was as good from beyond the arc as the Golden Eagles.

3 New Mexico vs. 14 Montana

Montana may be able to keep it interesting for a little while, but you know what? No. Montana’s perimeter D is bad. And New Mexico rocks it from treyland, and while they do not defend at an A level? Their B- defense is good enough here. Lobos to round two.

7 Clemson vs. 10 Missouri

Missouri. They can generate Turnovers and take care of the ball. Clemson cannot. LOCK CITY.

2 West Virginia vs. 15 Morgan State

West Virginia. I don’t trust them to get much further, but Todd Bozeman isn’t gonna do shit.


1 Kentucky vs. 9 Wake Forest

A poor shooting team that just doesn’t generate many turnovers? Yes please, says Kentucky.

4 Wisconsin vs. 5 Temple

First to 50 wins? Yeah. It’ll be like that. These teams have some real similarites. Hit up KenPom. You’ll see something interesting. But I trust the Badgers to generate more good looks here. Also? Their tall guy has power in their offense.

3 New Mexico vs. 6 Marquette

This is the sort of thing where the winner of the 6-11 game is going to advance through to the Sweet 16. New Mexico just doesn’t force bad shots with near enough the alacrity to stop the winner of this game. And as for Marquette? Most teams score on the Lobos from beyond the arc from three. And the Golden Eagles are 7th in 3 point field goal percentage.

2 West Virginia vs. 10 Missouri

Missouri’s going to shock some people. Not me though. Bob Huggins will fall early again. Missouri’s a pressure team and Joe Mazzula is made of suck and Truck Bryant’s got one arm. Missouri to the Sweet 16 is a Book it upset pick.


1 Kentucky vs. 4 Wisconsin

You know what? I’m going to let my homerism soar. Why? Because they’ve beaten three teams when they were in the Top 5. And they have two guards who have the ability to take over a game Devan Downey style. They’re more experienced, and when the pace slows down, Kentucky has trouble. Hit the upset one time Bo Ryan!

6 Marquette vs. 10 Missouri

I honestly don’t know how this will happen. And if this does? Honestly. Marquette has a rotation of six going up against a 40 Minutes of Hell scenario. But they cradle the ball like an infant child. Maurice Acker is a steady force. And Missouri can’t take advantage of Marquette’s size. Marquette had bad luck when their paths crossed last year. IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN.*


4 Wisconsin vs. 10 Missouri

The Badgers pride themselves on taking care of the ball. And they will not fear trying to go for the extra pass. I know it should prbably be New Mexico or West Virginia here. But screw it. No school. Wisco.

*Note: This Bracket Match-up will not happen. Come on.

The West Bracket.

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It has a chance for intrigue. The craziest things you can talk yourself into? From this bracket. Vermont becoming the first 16 seed to take down a #1? Yep. UTEP to the Sweet 16? Yep. BYU to the Final Four. Even that. But my bracket commentary? Here we go.

1 Syracuse vs. 16 Vermont

Here’s the thing about Vermont. Their strength is in Marquis Blakely. They don’t have the T.J. Sorrentine to rock the three point shot. Syracuse advances.

8 Gonzaga vs. 9 Florida State

Teams that bang on the low post have given Gonzaga some real trouble this year. Not to say that Florida State is a guaranteed lock to win this game. But Gonzaga’s weaknesses mesh a lot better with the Noles strengths than the other way around.

5 Butler vs. 12 UTEP

I may not be the first to suggest this as a 12-5 Upset, but I will at least give you a reason as to why. The teams that have beaten Butler are teams that shoot well and have an inside presence. Derrick Caracter provides the inside presence. RANDY Culpepper hops around and calls it comedy from the outside. And slow teams aren’t what gave UTEP trouble this year anyway. Butler falls.

4 Vanderbilt vs. 13 Murray State

There’s a lot of reasons to like Murray State here. Murray State crashes the offensive glass with style and aplomb. They also generate a lot of turnovers and a team like Vanderbilt can be weak in taking teams off of the defensive glass and protecting the ball. I can’t believe I’m talking myself into this. But teams with good guardplay and or teams that can force bad shots inside have been Vanderbilt’s big issue. Murray State can do both. Murray State advances.

6 Xavier vs. 11 Minnesota

Minnesota is a talented enough team that they could beat Xavier, but Xavier has enough shooters to make that sort of a scenario highly unlikely. And I trust Xavier’s defense. So? The Musketeers roll onto round 2.

3 Pittsburgh vs. 14 Oakland

Please. You don’t need me to tell you who wins this game.

7 BYU vs. 10 Florida

Every year I pick BYU in the first round and every year they get pummeled. I know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and hoping for a different result? But you know what. This pick is crazy. BYU.

2 Kansas State vs. 15 North Texas

Frank Martin advances to round 2. Thanks for playing Angry Green.


1 Syracuse vs. 9 Florida State

This result is as easy as the fact that Syracuse generates enough turnovers to make Florida State pay, Florida State can’t hit the three, and Syracuse can. Survive and advance PC Oranges. Survive and advance.

12 UTEP vs. 13 Murray State

Remember when I said that UTEP had trouble with teams that run faster than they do? Murray State doesn’t. They also have had some issues taking care of the ball. UTEP won’t blow them out, but the size and experience will win out.

6 Xavier vs. 3 Pittsburgh

This game feels like a coin flip. But I’m willing to trust in Pittsburgh’s ability to control the pace and limit fast break opportunities. So yeah. Pitt goes ahead.

7 BYU vs. 2 Kansas State

I can’t pick BYU here. I just can’t. Kansas State is the sort of team BYU hasn’t seen much if at all this year. And teams that could rebound have been the end of BYU via a right thrashing in previous seasons.


1 Syracuse vs. 12 UTEP

The run ends for the Miners right here. Faster team, and they’ll win on the offensive glass. Onuaku should be back by this point as well. The Cuse may win by 20.

2. Kansas State vs. 3 Pittsburgh

Kansas State has the better defense in this match-up. Pittsburgh may force bad shots, but the Wildcats are better glass cleaners. Kansas State may give up turnovers? But Pittsburgh won’t take advantage of that. Kansas State rolls on.


1 Syracuse vs. 2 Kansas State

This looks like one of those classic 88-84 up and down games where there are 21 lead changes. And if you’re living in a world where the game looks like it’s going to be tight as well as classic. Bet on the team with the best player. Kansas State does not have Wes Johnson.

So yeah. 2 down 2 to go.

March 15, 2010

The Midwest Bracket

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Okay, in the interest of full disclosure? I’m going to tell you that I usually collapse by the first weekend. It’s like a mediocre golfer at the Masters. But seeing as I’m starving the people in regards to production? I’ll give you a commentary as I fill in the brackets.

We will start with the Midwest.

1 Kansas vs. 16 Lehigh

Kansas. I know that Bucknell has beaten a Bill Self led team. But Kansas is obvious.

8 UNLV vs. 9 Northern Iowa

Teams than can defend inside have given lots of trouble to the Rebels. The Rebels lost to Utah twice this year and they were kind of pretty terrible. Northern Iowa has one of the best rebounders in the country in Egelseder. I say they get to strap it up versus KU.

5 Michigan State vs. 12 New Mexico State

This is not the 5-12 upset that you’re looking for. Izzo is built to win games in the tournament. Michigan State gets the win. Easy.

4 Maryland vs. 13 Houston

Houston absolutely can keep it interesting for 30-35 minutes. But the thing about Maryland? They get beaten by teams that rock the offensive glass. Houston just does not have that sort of genius power to their game. Maryland advances.

6 Tennessee vs. 11 San Diego State

This is the sort of matchup that actually plays right into San Diego State’s hands. Most of the teams that have shown that they can beat Tennessee have an inside presence. If you tamp down inside shooting and crash the glass? You can beat Tennessee. And Tennessee isn’t the strongest team defending inside. I’m going to take the Aztecs.

3 Georgetown vs. 14 Ohio

Ohio’s just happy to be here. The team that gets hot to get in will not get beyond the first round. Ohio may gave won 5 in a row and 7 out of 8, but please. Please. Georgetown.

7 Oklahoma State vs. 10 Georgia Tech

It actually favors Georgia Tech on paper. It’s not the run and gun Oklahoma State of years before. And they haven’t generated the turnovers that have killed the Bees at several points during the year. Oklahoma State’s going to have to make threes to have a chance here. And it hasn’t happened yet.

2 Ohio State vs. 15 Cal-State Santa Barbara.

Ohio State can work it inside. UCSB gets killed by teams with an inside presence. Buckeyes get to round two.


1 Kansas vs. 9 Northern Iowa

The Balance of Kansas will make them win. Northern Iowa just doesn’t have the offensive horses. It’ll be something like last years Purdue score. 61-55 or something.

4 Maryland vs. 5 Michigan State

Remember when I said that Maryland has trouble with teams that find a way to hit the offensive glass? Say hello to Tom Izzo’s latest trip to the Sweet 16. The 9th best team at hitting the offensive glass will overcome a good Maryland team.

3 Georgetown vs. 11 San Diego State

The big bugaboo for the Aztecs is their inability to defend a team that can consistently hit from beyond the arc thereby limiting their inside defensive presence. With players like Austin Freeman and Jason Clark? Georgetown will get into the Sweet 16. (But I want it to be known if this was like a Football bowl pool? I’d give this game a low confidence score. BETWEEN THE HEDGINGS!)

2 Ohio State vs. 10 Georgia Tech

This is the sort of game that Ohio State will pull out. Georgia Tech’s size will keep them in it for a long while. They may even be leading as we get to crunch time. However? Georgia Tech cannot make a free throw to save their life. And we all know that Evan Turner’s rolling through his draft status drive.


1 Kansas vs. 5 Michigan State

Redemption comes through in this game. Kansas is one of the deadliest teams at defending inside. Outside shooting is Michigan State’s big weakness. They get down by 10 and it’s over. Kansas to the Elite Eight.

2 Ohio State vs. 3 Georgetown

Georgetown is a team that doesn’t take care of the ball. They also don’t go to the bench unless they absolutely have to. And they also don’t have Evan Turner. The better defense will win this game. And that goes to the Buckeyes.

Regional Final

1 Kansas vs. 2 Ohio State

I have no empirical evidence as to exaclty why I’m saying this. But I am going with Ohio State. Evan Turner is the sort of superstar that Kansas doesn’t have. And you know what else? By this point anyway? My bracket is toast. So guts and nuts. Buckeyes to the Final Four.

March 12, 2010

The Quarterback Class in the NFL Draft

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It’s kind of a weak list again. No quarterback on the list is completely without a question. And considering the amount of money that’s going to be put out there for the top guys? It has the potential to be a scary scenario at the top.

Sam Bradford (QB-Oklahoma)

Obviously? There’s a lot to like about this man. Deadly accurate with a good enough arm. He’s good enough to place the ball where it has to be to avoid the interception. And he can pick up the first down if necessary by running the ball.

But he missed the rough eqiuvalent of nine games last season. And considering his rawness at a pro-style offense? It means you are not getting a guy why would have a 22/20 TD/INT ratio. He locks on his receiver. And he was much more of a system quarterback than you’d think. His reads were a whole lot more Stoops-based. So what does that mean? You’re paying nearly 75 million dollars for somebody in 2012. And then the world’s gonna end.

Jimmy Clausen (QB-Notre Dame)

The Zack Ryder of College Football had an impressive season in 2009. I mean, it wasn’t the defense that was Notre Dame’s issue last season, right? And he definitively has the highest floor. A pro style offense? He was solid in it. Upside? He has copious amounts of it. Accuracy? He can make all the throws. Arm? Yep.

But in a way? He’s Ron Pawlus writ small. Not to say that he can’t be Phillip Rivers. (He’s a jerkass who has a tendency to float passes), But you expected more from him. And how much of last year was due to Golden Tate and Michael Floyd? He’s the safe 1st round pick. But meh.

Colt McCoy (QB-Texas)

He doesn’t have a great arm. Most of his throws are under 20 yards. He has a tendency to take off and run. He will try to make the gunslinger move to make something happen. He has almost never had to be the man to get his team the win. So? There’s a real chance he’s going to be a higher regarded version of a Kliff Kingsbury or Andre Woodson.

Then again? He’s got a chance to be Jeff Garcia, or let alone a Drew Brees. He’s one of the smarter quarterbacks in College Football. And he knows how to run smart so he does not get killed. He has strong poise and good intelligence. For all we know? He could grow up to be Jared Zabransky.

Tim Tebow (QB-Florida)

We all know Tebow.
He has no quarterback skills.
Convert to the Y.

Old photo. Old site.
Number one on the Google.
Pretty soon old site dies.

Haiku fail.

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