The Grand National Championships

March 17, 2010

The South Bracket

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After my last bracket I was all WTF, how did Missouri get to the Elite 8? But this one is the Siena bracket, and you’re asking me what I’m thinking. Can I book Siena into the Elite 8. Sure. But will I in blog form?

1 Duke vs. 16 Arkansas Pine-Bluff

Arkansas Pine-Bluff will make it a game between 25 and 30 minutes, but they don’t have enough to win the game. No matter how much you might want it.

8 California vs. 9 Louisville

There are two things that Louisville doesn’t work well with. Experienced guards and or sharpshooters. Cal has 4 senior starters. And they fill it up. Louisville’s defense isn’t good enough to overcome that.

5 Texas A&M vs. 12 Utah State

I wasn’t exactly planning on having two five seeds going down. Especially when you consider the fact that Texas A&M doesn’t lose in the first round. But Texas A&M gets beat by two types of teams. An A+ defense or a sharpshooting team. Utah State will make some moves on the glass, but you know what? They make their money from beyond the arc. An average game and the Utah Aggies advance.

4 Purdue vs. 13 Siena

Purdue without Hummel is a team that has lost its soul. Anytime you lose a great defensive rebounder, shotblocker, and your leading three point threat from a team that really doesn’t have two? You’re in trouble. Siena matches up pretty evenly. But they’ve done this before. And they’ve done it as a 13 seed. Veteran talent whos played big on the big stage? Gotta go with it again.

6 Notre Dame vs. 11 Old Dominion

Old Dominion has had offensive problems. But you know what? They are stronger off the glass than Notre Dame. And they force bad shots. The win against Georgetown, a Notre Dame for the super rich counts for a lot here. Am I really going three upsets in a row? Yes I am.

3 Baylor vs. 14 Sam Houston State

I usually can see an upset if you find a weakness in a matchup. Perimeter shooting versus poor perimeter defense? A team that keeps getting its shotblocked versus a Jarvis Vanardo? Yeah. That sort of thing equals upset. Here? Baylor is the platinum Sam Houston State.

7 Richmond vs. 10 St. Mary’s (CA)

A bit of a coin flip. Richmond is the sort of a team with a veteran back court and a spectacular defense. The St. Marians are a team of sharpshooters with tight perimeter defense and Omar Samhan down low. I can really see St. Marys win this game. But my gut said Richmond. I’ve got to trust it.

2 Villanova vs. 15 Robert Morris

Please. 5 Big East Players can just beat one guy.


1 Duke vs. 8 California

You either need low-post power or some sharpshooting guards for a team to be able to beat down the Blue Devils. Cal has the guards to be able to win. But they need a great day to do it. I can’t see it.

12 Utah State vs. 13 Siena

Hmm. The better rebounding team is probably going to take this one. Not that Utah State isn’t going to shoot themselves out of the tournament. It’s just that Siena is the better rebounding team. TO THE SWEET 16 CRAYONS! KAKOW!

11 Old Dominion vs. 3 Baylor

The team that’s going to beat Baylor is a team that will be able to take advantage of its weaknesses. Old Dominion will keep it close, but they will not beat the Bears.

7 Richmond vs. 2 Villanova

This will be a close game. A classic. But the fact is that Richmond is terrible against on the glass. Villanova will shoot well enough to advance to the Sweet 16.

Sweet 16

1 Duke vs. 13 Siena

Siena, because fuck you. That’s why.

2 Villanova vs. 3 Baylor

Baylor wins in Houston. They advance to the final four and lose to Wisconsin. Syracuse beats Ohio State. And wins it all. LOL WHAT?


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