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March 12, 2010

The Quarterback Class in the NFL Draft

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It’s kind of a weak list again. No quarterback on the list is completely without a question. And considering the amount of money that’s going to be put out there for the top guys? It has the potential to be a scary scenario at the top.

Sam Bradford (QB-Oklahoma)

Obviously? There’s a lot to like about this man. Deadly accurate with a good enough arm. He’s good enough to place the ball where it has to be to avoid the interception. And he can pick up the first down if necessary by running the ball.

But he missed the rough eqiuvalent of nine games last season. And considering his rawness at a pro-style offense? It means you are not getting a guy why would have a 22/20 TD/INT ratio. He locks on his receiver. And he was much more of a system quarterback than you’d think. His reads were a whole lot more Stoops-based. So what does that mean? You’re paying nearly 75 million dollars for somebody in 2012. And then the world’s gonna end.

Jimmy Clausen (QB-Notre Dame)

The Zack Ryder of College Football had an impressive season in 2009. I mean, it wasn’t the defense that was Notre Dame’s issue last season, right? And he definitively has the highest floor. A pro style offense? He was solid in it. Upside? He has copious amounts of it. Accuracy? He can make all the throws. Arm? Yep.

But in a way? He’s Ron Pawlus writ small. Not to say that he can’t be Phillip Rivers. (He’s a jerkass who has a tendency to float passes), But you expected more from him. And how much of last year was due to Golden Tate and Michael Floyd? He’s the safe 1st round pick. But meh.

Colt McCoy (QB-Texas)

He doesn’t have a great arm. Most of his throws are under 20 yards. He has a tendency to take off and run. He will try to make the gunslinger move to make something happen. He has almost never had to be the man to get his team the win. So? There’s a real chance he’s going to be a higher regarded version of a Kliff Kingsbury or Andre Woodson.

Then again? He’s got a chance to be Jeff Garcia, or let alone a Drew Brees. He’s one of the smarter quarterbacks in College Football. And he knows how to run smart so he does not get killed. He has strong poise and good intelligence. For all we know? He could grow up to be Jared Zabransky.

Tim Tebow (QB-Florida)

We all know Tebow.
He has no quarterback skills.
Convert to the Y.

Old photo. Old site.
Number one on the Google.
Pretty soon old site dies.

Haiku fail.


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