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August 31, 2009

The LA Dodgers have decided to strike last…

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Sick and tired of getting chased after by the Rockies and the Giants after squandering a massive lead in the NL West, the Dodgers have decided to take advantage of two teams in full fire sale mode and infuse their team with just a little more talent.


The Los Angeles Dodgers now have themselves a whooping stick and on baseman for the clutch scenarios of life as well as a solid innings eater. And if the Dugout has taught me anything? Jim Thome will make everything better. Everything.

Jon Garland? He will knock you down.

Also? Brad Penny and Jose Contreras went to the NL West also rans. Boston fans will forget every other World Series since 2005 and call the NL the Special Olympics.

I tremble in excitement about that.


Ten things I learned from a 6 pack of fantasy football drafts.

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It was a busy weekend. In between my disc problems, my blogger auction league, as well as my paid league? I had a busy and painful weekend. So, we’re going to get back into the bloggersphere with a list post. Nice and easy. Baby steps. Rehab it.

10. Inexplicably, I like the Raiders.

In every league I’ve found myself with at least one or two Raiders. Usually it was someone along the lines of Darren McFadden with a Michael Bush chaser. But I do think we could see a pretty good season for JaMarcus Russell. Or, at the very least a solid season from Zach Miller, and Chaz Schilens as my upside guy.

9. Peyton Manning is a 3rd round pick.

And that’s just value right there.

8. Brandon Marshall is falling into the double digit rounds.

And if he gets to Round 10? You have to take a flier. He may not play for you, or he may win the league for you. Draft him as a solid WR4.

7. If you can get Jason Witten in the 4th round?

I know it’s a deep year for tight ends, but no one has numbers that can rival a WR1. Either get Witten or wait for some good depth in the 7th-8th Round.

6. You can make the playoffs without drafting a running back until Round 5.

Guys like McFadden, Ray Rice, and Marshawn Lynch can be a 1-2 punch for your team in rounds 5 and 6 of your scenario. You can find value late at running back.

5. You should not autobid in an auction draft full of first timers.

They act like they’re in the pits of the NYSE in the dotcom era. And you’re left with LenDale White as your starting runner and Ahmad Bradshaw as a 12 dollar bid and 8 receivers. Take the time and price your players.

4. Get Chaz Schilens during week 2.

Just trust me.

3. I don’t trust MJD as a #1 running back in non-PPR leagues.

But he’s a safer play than Adrian Peterson in a full Points Per Reception League.

2. My #1 unsexy mid-round Running Back?

It’s Earnest Graham. He’s going to get all the Tampa goal line carries. He could be all LenDale White.

1. My #1 sexy mid-round running back?

Leon Washington. This could be the year he becomes Tiki Barber.

August 28, 2009

Hey Michael Crabtree?

Casting a wary eye toward the future.

You don’t know me. You don’t have to listen to me. But in the days and nights that followed the crazy between when you went guns up on Texas and got passed by my local sports team I’ve became a fan of your game. I didn’t even mind the rumors of you acting a fool at the draft.

But you’re being dumb. You’re in the wrong sport to be asking for a unicorn. I mean you’re not asking for a unicorn, but a football team isn’t going to go above slot for you like you’re some baseball phenom with signability issues. That’s why a football player gets that endorsement deal.

I mean, you must take come comfort in your money from EA Sports for NCAA 10, yeah?

It’s not as if you didn’t try and make some magic. You got the right guy to get you money if you were a top 3 pick. But you weren’t. So you’ve got to man up. You sit out a year? The precedent is Mike Williams. Everybody is going to compare you to Mike Williams. You’ll be picked in the mid-twenties because of it. No rookies in the mid-twenties gets to do commercials for Subway.

I know wide receivers get to act the fool and have no one care. But you know what? You aren’t there yet. Even Keyshawn had 8 td’s as a rookie before he ghostwrote his screed toward the organization that dared want his services. And if this is something else altogether toward the city of San Fransisco? Let me just say you’ve got nothing to worry about.

They’re not going to make you live in the Castro. You aren’t gonna have to live in the city of the gays if you don’t want to. What with 10th pick money and the massive amount of forclosures in California? You can get a House and build a gay moat to keep all the Socalists and Hippies who want you to gay marry out of your life.

But it’s not going to happen until you sign.

August 26, 2009

A draft in repose…

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The Brian Michael Bendis forum is a pop culture hodgepodgeatorium with an obvious comic book bent to their style. But there is an actual active fantasy football community. At least enough for two leagues. This one was the one deemed expert.

I came in the young upstart. I want you to check this team out and my thought processes behind it.


I went with a pairing that I could use in a committee format if necessary and I found that at least one of them would have upside. David Garrard is the one who I’m expecting to take the lion’s share of the snaps. He actually has receivers now. Apparently. Ben Roethlisberger was just too much of a value in the tenth round not to be selected. He’s a better real football player, but this is a good committee.

Running Backs

The draft started with what some people would consider a mistake. Maurice Jones-Drew was available at #3. I passed on him. For DeAngelo Williams. I don’t have Jon Stewart. But this is going to be a strong move because Jon Stewart is having achilles issues.

Ronnie Brown at #2? It’s a contract year. And as a third round pick goes? Gotta love it. And with some PPR value? Darren McFadden is a strong 3rd running back/4th round pick.

But wait! There’s more. With a return bonus as well as some PPR value, if this be the year Leon Washington becomes Tiki Barber, I will get myself some maximum value. And Earnest Graham as a #5 is simply solid. Michael Bush as an RB6? That was just me showing off.

Wide Receivers

A 12 team league, I’m picking 3rd. With 19 picks in between DeAngelo Williams and Round 2? What would I do? I would have Calvin Johnson fall into my lap. Megatron means the kid got lucky.

Nothing else inspires nearly as much love. Santonio Holmes and Jerricho Cotchery are both solid. Holmes missed his breakout year. Cotchery is a possession guy. I still like Josh Morgan’s upside, even as his average draft position slides back into the mid-30’s. And Devin Thomas? Likely gonna be cut.

Stupid Malcolm Kelly.

Tight Ends

Antonio Gates and Dustin Keller. Yeah. I feel strong here.


Neil Rackers? Text-based fart noise.

Team Defense

As this is a Yahoo league? I got screwed into getting the Miami Defense. I cut them for the Jacksonville Defense right after the draft. On paper, they’re not much better, but they have the schedule to get hot quickly. And teams with good defenses by Week 4 are in great shape.

The Packers should be fine. I like them.


I used a cheatsheet here. And according to the fine folks who built Draft Dominator? I am ridiculously strong here. Terrell Suggs? DL1. Barrett Rudd? LB1! Adrian Wilson? DB…2 But he comes with Kerry Rhodes at DB3! I hate IDP. But that was fun.

All in all? Good luck, and I make the playoffs. Where my stupidity will cost me cash and prizes!


August 25, 2009

Hey "Rescue Section"

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Remember when I said I was on to your little game? You fired another shot into the comment moderation hopper. I mean, really. No one else deigns to comment. I’m busying myself on other sites and with other things.

I just have to ask. What, exactly, does the trade for Jody Gerut have to do with Viagraish pills. Answer me that, and I will let you go and spam that post to your hearts content.

I mean, Jody’s a dude, dude.

August 24, 2009

Is Shaun Hill a sleeper?

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I mean, he is the Niners QB for better or worse. And last year, he was starter worthy during the second half of the season. But the offense isn’t going to be near as pass happy. Logically? He’s a QB2 who will be rated in the mid-20’s by most people. You can make a steal in the 14th round.

Nothing wrong with that.

Edgerrin James: Does it matter?

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Likely no.

Not to say that he’s not going to get playing time in Seattle. It’s Julius Jones and Justin Forsett, with T.J. Duckett’s disappearance. And that means he is at the simplest, he’s going to be the goalline vulture. But that being said? The line sucks and Edge is old.

If he had anything left in the tank, he wouldn’t have been signed during the stretch where everybody’s drafting. But since he’s going to get carries? You have to know. And I’ll tell you.

He’s a fringe RB3. He’ll get a lot of carries at the get go. But he’s going to be Jamal Lewis with more carries and fewer yards. Pass on him until Round 9/10. Don’t stretch.

August 23, 2009

David Eckstein is a Shapeshifter

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Or the Norse God Loki, because I’m confused.

Okay, here’s the thing about moneyball. It’s about hitting them where they a’int, to borrow a phrase. Nobody holds OPS on regard? Get the guy who walks. People too protective of the stat guy? Load up on the toolsy prospects. It’s all about zigging where the other guy zags. And it makes perfect sense.

Not to say you can’t old school your way into contention. The Brewers and Twins have been interesting teams based on old school scouting and savvy trading. But here’s the one true common sense fact in baseball.

If you make moves to extend veteran mediocrities? You’re doing it wrong.

I mean, the Padres have made an effort to clear the decks and start a youth movement. Not a fun thing to do, but sometimes it just has to be done. You load up on new prospects. And it’s going to be fun?

But then you go and extend David Eckstein? Forgive me, but that does not make sense. I mean? He brings nothing to the table. He’s stopped running, he doesn’t get to as many balls as your average second baseman, and he doesn’t even walk. Obviously, he deserves more work as a baseball player.

I mean fuck. Casey McGeehee fell out of the sky for the Brewers. You can’t trust your scouts?

This is making my head hurt! Christ! I want answers, Kevin Towers! I want answers!

Troy Williamson: Really?

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I can’t believe that I’m going to blog about this. The post-hype sleeper is almost non-existent in fantasy football. You get your shot, and you miss? You don’t get the second chance to make a first impression. Well, unless your name is Thomas Jones.

Or Troy Williamson?

It’s not as insane as you would think. Sleepers are all about skills, means, and opportunity. And with the 350th injury to Mike Walker? Suddenly, Troy Williamson has a second chance to make a first impression.

But will he? The reason why he was fail in Minnesota was because he had problems catching the ball. Now, I’m sure some of this was based on problems tracking the ball in flight. But are we going to see him suddenly struggle again? I mean, the Jags love their rookies.

This is actually a must-watch scenario. You’re looking at him as a strictly last round thing. But oddly enough, he’s got a chance of glory. And isn’t that what you want? A speedburner with upside? I’d say so.

To the Japanese dude who keeps trying to spam me…

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After a certain point? Comments are moderated and the handsome host does know how to use google. I’m not fooled by the fact that you have a language that translates to a bunch of squares in English. I mean, really. I expect better.

And besides, SEC Football Blogger is where the spam attack would be better served.

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