The Grand National Championships

April 28, 2010


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An 18-5 run in the final 4 minutes and the Bucks get to go home up 3-2. Now some would want to give this series to the possibility of Andrew Bogut and the Ewing theory. Don’t insult my intelligence. The Bucks won this one despite their inside presence. Horford and Marvin Williams killed the inside.

It’s just that the Bucks drew fouls and hit threes. And the Hawks kinda choked. Not to say I’m not greateful for it either. Check my twitter feed.

NBA is kind of fantastic.


April 26, 2010

Hey, did you know I read?

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I do. And in this world, I review books about Minor League Baseball. My latest one was about Steve Fireovid and his 1990 season in Triple A. Read it won’t you?

B.J. Novak is now the less annoying Ryan Howard.

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Now it’s not the Subway pitchman’s fault. If you were offered 125 million dollars over five years? Goes without saying you’d take it. I mean, you’d be taken to an asylum if you said, “No! I don’t want to be paid 25 million dollars to play a sport when I’m 36! That’s crazy for you to offer!”

But why Ryan Howard is so annoying is because my favorite local sports team has a first baseman of boldness and genius power. Sure, he enjoys candy a little too much, but he’s strong and as long as he’s a Brewer? He’s going to be someone I enjoy a lot.

But with the Ryan Howard contract? There’s no way he’s returning. I’m not going to say that I was so naive as to believe that he was anything close to a 50/50 shot to come back. I know basic math and probabilities. But you know what?

I wanted to believe. Hope’s a good thing. I mean it’s hard to be an idealist upon the internet. And now? In this aspect of my life, I cannot feel good about it. Prince is as good as gone.

Ryan Howard put the final nail in the coffin.

April 25, 2010

The Five Undrafted Free Agents That Really Intrigue Me.

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Now this is another bit of homerism. The fact that Blair White went to the Colts is interesting and the fact that LaGarrette Blount will probably falcon punch his way past Anthony Dixon are interesting and all. But for the Packers? There are five guys who could really be interesting. Or at least make the roster.

1) Tim Knicky (DE/OLB Stephen F. Austin) Why? Because he was a very productive defensive end in college who showed at the Texas vs. The Nation game that he can play at Outside Linebacker. If he starts fast in camp? He can force his way in.

2) Noah Shepard (QB-South Dakota) Why? Because he has great physical gifts, not to mention the fact that he fits Bill Parcells four rules for drafting a quarterback prospect. 23 wins, 3 year starter, and a senior graduate. There’s a lot to like about him.

3) Chris Campbell (OT-Eastern Illinois) Why? Because he’s a pretty good right tackle mauler type. There may not be so much space at the inn. But Campbell could find his way in as a right tackle.

4) Frank Zombo (OLB-Central Michigan) Why? Because he’s a bit of a Connor Barwin type. Soft hands and pass rush skills mean he could grow up to be another Spencer Havner.

5) Alex Joesph (ILB-Temple) Why? Because he’s a special teamer. And as a PFA? He’s a cheap special teamer.

Note: I would add Sam Shields (CB-Miami) to the list. Rumor has it that he signed with the Packers. And he’s a tremendous athlete. Raw as a corner, but with return skills and three college years at wideout? He could find his way into being somebody.

April 24, 2010

The Green Bay Packers First Final Grade

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This seems like a draft where there will these grades will prove to be wildly inconsistent. The Packers have played the upside game with a multitude of their picks. So my final grade will most likely be wrong. But here we go. A preliminary draft grade.

1) Bryan Bulaga (OT-Iowa) A (A ready made heir for Chad Clifton. He’ll be a starter before long.)
2) Mike Neal (DT-Purdue) B- (An interesting attempt to bolster the pass rush. He’s got a lot of good when it’s right. But short arms and getting dinged is worrisome.)
3) Morgan Burnett (SS-Georgia Tech) C (I don’t like giving up a pick for him. I don’t like that he can disappear and look really bad. But he can hit and he can ballhawk. I may be blaming him for costing the Packers a cornerback.)
5) Andrew Quarless (TE-Penn State) B- (In terms of need? It’s an F. In terms of upside? It’s an A. In terms of gut feeling about his pro future? B+).
5) Marshall Newhouse (G-TCU) D (Last year they drafted Jamon Meredith and I loved it. He didn’t break camp with the Packers. This year? I’m not a fan. And lightning will strike just to spite me. :P)
6) James Starks (RB-Buffalo) A+ (I will tell you this again. If James Starks stays healthy, he will be the heir to the throne. And he’s the 3rd down back this year. I love love love this pick.)
7) C.J. Wilson (DE-ECU) B+ (I like this pick. I like it a lot. He seems like the sort of guy who’s going to see more time than Lane.)

Final Grade: B- (The picks they made were decent to pretty darn good. But if you’re a team where you got torched through the air as they did at the end of the year? You can’t stand pat at corner. The Packers did. Thus they lose points.)

The Green Bay Packers Select… C.J. Wilson (DE-ECU)

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It’s a rule of thumb that you can never have too many pass rushers. And with C.J. Wilson, the Packers seem to have found themselves another bit of 5-technique pass rush skills. He’s not going to beat someone off the corner. But his hand placement, leg drive, and general strength is plus skills. He’s not going to miss a tackle that he gets to either.

Good value pick. I’m not guaranteeing greatness. But you may see him get more run this year than Mike Lane. He’s the DE version of Matt Flynn, I guess.

The Green Bay Packers Select…James Starks (RB-Buffalo)

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There’s a distinct possiblity that we have found the heir apparent if Starks can stay healthy. What we have here is a tough inside runner who was good enough to get 34+ receptions in the three years he was healthy. 52 grabs in his junior year. He can be a third down back straight away who can stun you on a draw. He was hyperproductive when healthy and hat two years of 250+ carries.

He’s not a make you miss sort of a runner in the open field. But he’s a try hard blocker in pass pro. But like I said before. The Packers have found the heir apparent if Starks can stay healthy.

The Green Bay Packers Select…Marshall Newhouse (OG-TCU)

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There’s a theme that develops in all of Ted’s drafts. Some are inexplicable. Some are straitlaced and common sense. This year? It’s a draft that could run the table of awesome or be as bad as 2004. It’s another pick of a guy with spectacular athletic gifts who needs work on his technique.

Again, while he’s ignoring an obvious need, Marshall Newhouse’s physical gifts are undeniable. He has good strength, and as a 326 pound man, he got clocked at 4.99 with his 40 yard dash. But, you remember last year when the Packers drafted Jamon Meredith? Newhouse is quite a bit more raw.

He’s a guy who vibes practice squad for me. Just being honest. Won’t hate it. If lightning strikes and all. But my gut says he’s not going to be on the 53 Man roster come September.

The Green Bay Packers Select…Andrew Quarless (TE-Penn State)

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Now watching the run on corners made me wary. And you know about my twitter feed. I have a name that I wanted. I didn’t get it. Never mind the aging corners, here comes TRAMMON!

That being said? For a position that we have absolutely no need for? Quarless has a real chance to be somebody. He has the same sort of melange of skill as Jermichael Finley. Decent wheels, good frame, and solid hands. He’s also strong in the receiving game.

Blocking wise? He’s improving. But he’s an immature kid. He’ll take a play off, and he had issues at Penn State. But he’ll work on special teams. And that’ll help right away.

And it’s not as if the Packers need Quarless right away, right? Right. Give him some seasoning? And ooh wee. This could be fun.

Ten Intriguing Guys Who Are Still Available.

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For the Packers? It’s been the waiting game. There is one seemingly glaring need. And one seemingly perfect guy for them. After which? Here’s a list.

1. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah CB-Indiana (Pa.)
2. Johnathan Dwyer RB-Georgia Tech
3. Eric Norwood OLB-South Carolina
4. Dekoda Watson OLB-Florida State
5. Ricky Sapp OLB-Clemson
6. Dan LeFevour QB-Central Michigan
7. Shawnbrey McNeal RB-SMU
8. Perrish Cox CB-Oklahoma State
9. Dominique Franks CB-Oklahoma
10. Clay Harbor TE-Michigan State
11. Jonathan Crompton QB-Tennessee
12. LeGarrette Blount RB-Oregon

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