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June 30, 2009

The Five Running Backs who would cause a Waiver Storm…

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My friend Elvi has always had a mad on against fantasy sports. And I was nice enough, that because we were a team, I would go easy on the Fantasy talk. But you know what? There’s no reason to stop myself now.

So I will start with a list of five running backs and one situation. This is a watch list for you, it’s not a list of the Jerious Norwood/Ahmad Bradshaw sleeper list, and all of you who are reading my blog get a nice list.

The have the motive, they have the means. All they need is the opportunity.

Bernard Scott
Now you know that many people were making fun of the Bengals for making the pick. And the NFL existence may be a short one. That being said? He is the most talented runner on the Cincinnati depth chart. He has vision, agility, and good power. He was ultra-dominant in college, and all he has to do is beat out Cedric Benson.

Danny Ware
Here’s a little known fact. When the Giants had Earth, Wind, and Fire running last season? They actually kept a 4th running back on the roster. His name is Danny Ware. A tough inside runner who can do the whole one cut and go thing. But he’s never had the full chance to make magic. With Brandon Jacobs health and Ahmad Bradshaw’s character issues, you should need to keep him in mind.

Arian Foster
The Texans need a thumper. Chris Brown cannot take any punishment, and every other runner they have on the roster? Slaton sized. And while Slaton is good and just early 2nd round pick, he just does not generate a push. Enter Arian Foster. He does have a motor. And even if he does not start? The vulture potential of Foster may be worth a stash pick as the Pre-season goes on.

Gartrell Johnson
There needs to be a certain train of events that would have to happen for the G-Train to leave the station. LaDainian has to break down earlier. And Darren Sproles has to keep his touches under 20 a game. Because in a world of thunder and lightning? Gartrell has a shot at greatness on his thunder alone.

Kregg Lumpkin
Apparently, if Georgia wants you to be a running back? You’ve made it. Kregg had 4 touches last season. The shame of it, he was looking good before he tore his hamstring. While he is not nearly as physically gifted as a guy like DeShawn Wynn? He runs angry and he runs mean. And in a one cut and go scenario? It can be all you need.

The Jaguar Backfield
You don’t know who’s going to be the back-up. Right now it could be Chauncey Washington. It could be Greg Jones. It could be Rashad Jennings. All three runners can make their way to the forefront. Why? Because MJD is undersized and he’s lost his YPC average for the past three seasons. But with an offensive line infusion, doing homework here is good value.

Here you go. The six possibilities to electrify fantasy nation. I will peep you to names to know when the time comes. But until you reach that point? Just remember these names, okay.


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