The Grand National Championships

May 18, 2009

I have better things to do than rail against the Happy Youngster.

Filed under: Douchebaggery,Enough already.,Taint — by Andrew @ 1:52 pm

There’s good small forwards to peep up on you. A true test of why there is no chance we can know just how Stephen Strasberg is going to do. (And I am looking at you unnamed Padre Scout saying he’s an NL-ready starter. You don’t know. Stop lying.)

But suddenly, I have a Chris Coghlan-The Happy Youngster take. And suffice it to say? There are habits that are cute, and there are habits that are annoying. This guy’s behavior? Definitely gone beyond the pale.

He’s not playing free safety for the Badgers. He’s not attacking the passing lanes like Mike Kelley. He’s an adult. He does not need a major league baseball if he’s not going to play the game. He is everything that is wrong with fandom. He is Ronnie Wickers, he is Red Sox nation, he is every fan who gives their city or a bad reputation.

You don’t wear the opposing teams colors. You don’t make diving catches for a baseball. You don’t cheat from your seats. And you don’t make Steve Bartman look good.

Man…I’m writing for writing sake here. Sorry. More to come.


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