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July 27, 2009

I’m not one for nuance…

But there is a difference between being turned on by someones aesthetic and objectifying them. The difference is blurry, but it’s there. Two posts ago, I set a decision to you. I put up some pictures that turned me on. You may see it exploitative, but hey. Potato pototo.

I also know that women don’t need my help defending themselves. They’re smart and have shaper tongues then your average bear of a dude. This is why (even if I’m one of the last ones to report on this) I am quite annoyed with Electronic Arts. If you don’t know about it. Feast your eyes on this. Click the thumbnail.

What this is was EA’s promotion for a game called Dante’s Inferno. It asked people to “commit acts of lust” toward booth babes. These are women who are attractive and use that attractiveness to promote various acts of of pop culture. And while the intention here was something along the lines of a photo hunt, the wording?

It does seem like an open interpretation to sexually harrass women hired by EA and other companies, let alone random attractive women who decided to come to the comic-con dressed as their favorite character. And no matter their choice of employment. It’s never okay to bring that implied invitation to the table.

So in conclusion? EA’s marketing staff is more special than the twenty-seven year old slacker who gets outworked by elderly and the mentally low. I may bring a locker room post or two, but I am only marginally dickish. Be classy. Be good and be funny, and you’ll have a better shot than just going om nom nom and honking various soft tissue humps.

I’m all over the place today. I dunno.


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