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June 15, 2010

Point Guard Dumpster Diving.

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Now we can be honest. This year’s draft is as deep as point guards as last years draft is to most other positions. Two will be drafted in round one, and none from a state that lacks the presence of Raylen Givens. That’s not to say that you can’t get interesting value in round two. Because you can.

Let’s break down guys from May Be Drafted to Likely Drafted.

8) Stefan Markovic 6’5″ 210 Yugoslavia

The sort of a guard whose strength is in the little things he does. His shot is inconsistent. Especially from beyond the arc. But he’s a dynamic playmaker and he has moments of spectacular defense. Though there are European Guards that have taken him down before. But he’s a veteran of the Euro wars and a coach could easily fall in love with him.

But that shot has to improve.

7) Jerome Randle 5’10” 160 California

There’s a lot to like about Randle. He’s a fast fearless penetrator who managed to hit the unwritten rule for sharpshooting in two consecutive seasons. (90-50-40). He’s also a consistent distributor and a killer of zone defenses. The problem? You can see it for yourself. Good short point guards won’t get picked. If he was 6’2″ he would be a first rounder.

As it is? He’s likely to get ignored.

6) Ben Uzoh 6’3″ 200 Tulsa

If you’re looking for a comprable player, it’s Bo McCalebb. A super-sized McCalebb, but bear with me. Both have great speed. Both know how to get to the rack. Both are more twos than point guards when they were draft eligible. But McCalebb became a very intriguing prospect in three Euro Seasons.

Uzoh will likely be ignored here. But in 2013? He’ll be an NBA player.

5) Mikhail Torrance 6’5″ 210 Alabama

He’s big. He can distribute at a very professional level. And he’s very strong defensively. However? He’s not a great shooter. That can be improved. His incessant habit of needing to switch up to his left hand to finish at the basket? That’s weird. And scouts don’t like weird.

But he does have ridiculous upside potential. Expect him to be in many D-League blogs.

4) Alexey Shved 6’6″ 175 Russia

If this was 2006? He’d be a 1st round pick. compares him to Penny Hardaway. And I can see it. He’s a tall distributor with great athleticism and an ability to create for others. He’s also with good defensive instincts and a decent shot. But he’s raw.

He’ll get picked in the second round. And be interesting to dream about. Looking at you David Kahn.

3) Sherron Collins 5’11” 205 Kansas

If you’re this bad of a shot, you shouldn’t be a lead guard. I mean, there’s things to like. He has good speed, and some real handles. He can beat his man off the dribble. But like Travon Hughes, he doesn’t do so much with the kick out. And he may not make the transition to the pros because of it.

But that being said? He learns to share and he’ll be more than a rotational player.

2) Greivis Vazquez 6’5″ 195 Maryland

He’s a self-made sort of player. He improved his passing, his perimeter shot, his ability to disrupt passing lanes and those things known as “intangibles” during his run at Maryland. And there were several instances where he singlehandedly took down a big scalp. Which is good and bad. See, his build is thin, and the guy taking over 20 shots a game and making 8 of them? That’s Zap Branigan leadership.

But then again? He could have a career as a Vinnie Johnson off the bench. He seems to have learned “the secret.” 

1) Armon Johnson 6’3″ 195 Nevada

He’s got an interesting lefty skill set. He’s got good athleticism and a second gear to find an open shot. His lefty pull-up from the mid-range is deadly. His shot creating skill is improving, it’s not all the way there yet. But even with over three turnovers a game, he still managed 1.65 Asstists for evey turnover.

He’s not Ramon Sessions, but he’s got a skill set that has him going in early round 2. He unlearns being the lead guard? He’s very interesting.


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