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April 22, 2010

The Green Bay Packers: The Final Thought Exercise.

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I’ll be honest. I’m fine with whatever way the Packers go. In many aspects. I wouldn’t want Taylor Mays or Jerry Hughes and Jahvid Best would be vaguely disappointed. So I’m going to do this as a final thought exercise. And I will actually have a page full of current posts.

1-23: The Green Bay Packers Select…Anthony Davis (OT-Rutgers)

If Anthony Davis falls to 23? I would be thrilled. If Charles Brown does? I’d rather they went best player available. Rodger Saffold wouldn’t be ready right away. Bruce Campbell? Please. Mike Iupati? Sure, if you trust T.J. Lang that much.

If Kyle Wilson is avaliable? The Packers should take him. Maybe he will? But I mocked him at seven. So maybe not. Kareem Jackson would be fine. Devin McCourty would not.

Pass-rush? If Sergio Kindle or Brandon Graham fall to the Packers, I’d bless it. Jerry Hughes can’t work through the trash. Jason Pierre-Paul? Nah.

Out of the box? Jahvid Best has a nerve problem. It wouldn’t be right. But it would be okay.

I still vote they look to deal here.

My Top 4 Options?
1. Anthony Davis (OT-Rutgers)
2. Kyle Wilson (CB-Boise State)
3. Sergio Kindle (OLB-Texas)
4. Brandon Graham (OLB-Michigan)

2-56: The Green Bay Packers Select…Akwasi Owusu-Ansah (CB-Indiana (Pa.))

This is a spot where the Packers seem to sit pretty. In the second round? You have the sleeper tackle Jared Veldheer. I love Jared Veldheer. But he wouldn’t work in this thought exercise.

There’s solid second round value for the Packers if they wanted to go after a cornerback here. Brandon Ghee and Jerome Murphy may not fit. But? Dominique Franks and Akwasi Owusu-Ansah would be great fits.

Also if they just had to go after a pass rusher here? There’s intrigue. A whole lot of great pass rushers with instinct issues. A.K.A. The Ricky Sapp.

Running back is cool as well. Jonathan Dwyer or a Montario Hardesty. I would enjoy that if the Packers grabbed either one. However? Ben Tate makes me scream the big no.

The rawness of Chad Jones makes me wary if he goes round 2. If he goes round 3? Perhaps.

Top 4 choices.
1. Jared Veldheer
2. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah
3. Jonathan Dwyer
4. Vladimir Ducasse

3-88: The Green Bay Packers select…Myron Lewis (FS-Vanderbilt)

After Round 2? There’s less of a need to drop a top 4. If you remember my last one, I went blitzing 3-4 OLB. But Myron Lewis is agile enough to play corner back. But the thing of it is? He can also be the ultility secondary man if necessary. You can play the corner. You can play strong safety? Sure. Free safety? Right.

I’d love it if he went here.

4-122 The Green Bay Packers select…Roddrick Muckelroy (OLB-Texas)

They’ll look to deal here as well. That is if Muckelroy isn’t gone. He’s a strong, instictive player, who plays fast in pads. He’s the sort of guy who can cover most running backs and is a sure tackler and a pretty good blitzer. Brad Jones is pretty good. But I think Muckelroy can be better.

5-154: The Green Bay Packers select…James Starks (RB-Buffalo)

If the Packers are going to draft a running back. And it’s likely they will? Starks is just different enough that he can be a fine back-up. Good power, soft hands, and decent athleticism. He may not be completely dissimilar from Ryan Grant. Then again? He may be as good.

5-169: The Green Bay Packers select…Blair White (WR Michigan State)

He’s the sort of receiver who hates to drop the ball. I know. He’d be the 5th receiver as a Packer. But that would be fine. He’s done it before. He willed himself to a #1 receiver. He’s done it before. He can do it again.

6-193: The Green Bay Packers select…Nolan Carroll (CB-Maryland)

Raw? Yes. Injuries and a position switch leave him here. But here’s a guy who’s 6’1″ and ran a 40 under 4.4. But he’s a former receiver with great agility with only room to grow in terms of his skills. And? And. A willing special teamer. I say yes. He plays the Trevard Lindley role in this thought exercise.

7-230: The Green Bay Packers select…Andrew Tyshovnytsky (OT-Fordham)

I know some of you may think me trying to pull a fast one. That’s a fake name! And I say, the protector of John Skelton is not! He is the sort of man who murdered his pro day. A 315 pounder rocking 33 reps on the bench and a 40 time under 5? Nice. He’s also the sort of guy with experience. 28 starts in 4 years. I can’t pronounce it. But I have to bless it.

Be back in about 90 minutes.


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