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February 26, 2010

Big East in a Bubble Scenario?

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In? Syracuse. Even with a gimpy Wes Johnson they’ll be a #2 seed. Villanova. They’re also a #2 seed. Maybe a #1 seed if they make a tournament run. West Virginia. You think a team that has an RPI and SOS of 5/3 has done enough to get in? I know I do.

Barring a collapse? Pittsburgh. The non-conference wasn’t impressive. But they won ten games and they’re at the easy point of their schedule. Providence and Rutgers in Pittsburgh equals soon Panther fan. Soon. Georgetown. A couple of weird losses (at Rutgers, South Florida, and Old Dominion) means they have to win at least one more game. Louisville? Yeah. I’ll leave them here. But two road games at UConn and Marquette and the return match with Syracuse? It means there could be that sort of collapse.

Bubble teams? Marquette. Sure, they control their own destiny. Louisville, Seton Hall, and Notre Dame are all quite winnable. But a .500 in the Big East Marquette is going to need to work a miracle to get in. 10 wins would still need tournament help. UConn is in a similar boat as Marquette, though with a strength of schedule at 2 they could go 9-9 and have a real case to be in. (But they have Notre Dame and South Florida on the road. Intricate.) Notre Dame? They also have to travel to Georgetown. And with a gimpy Harangody? Seton Hall is on the fringes. They beat Marquette and I’ll delve into their case further.

One out of the four bubble teams is going to give the Big East seven berths. The Tournament is going to be fun.


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  1. Doug Gotlieb made a great point on MIke and Mike and The herd today. The Big east jsut doens’t have a lot of top NBA talent. And everyone loves NBA talent in the tournament. On the other side, Texas has been about as bad as they can be with a bunch of NBA talent (UNC as well).

    But will the lack of NBA talent in the big east really hurt their chances throughout the tourney? I think so.

    Comment by pickingpros — March 17, 2010 @ 1:40 pm |Reply

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