The Grand National Championships

January 20, 2010

The ACC in a nutshell.

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Here’s the fun facts about the ACC in basketball terms this year. I’ll give you some analysis based on it.

1. Virginia (They’re a sharpshooting team that takes care of the ball very well and likes to hit the glass. That being said, Pomeroy has their free throw shooting percentage against? Second in the country. They’re a deserving tournament team, but they’ll probably be overseeded.)
2. Duke (We all know that a season of 90/50/40 shooting in terms of free throws, two’s and three’s is proof you’re a sharpshooter. Jon Scheyer? A hot streak from beyond the arc from hitting that milestone (38.3%).)
3. Clemson (In terms of value to a single team? You would think Trevor Booker deserves ACC Player of the Year. But the fun fact is that Devin Booker is going to make for a pretty nice impersonation of his brother.)
4. Maryland (A paradox. While they’re excellent at defending inside the perimeter? They struggle at eliminating second chances. Greivis Vazquez has developed an NBA career, and Eric Hayes is a great kickout guy. But expect inconsistency.)
5. Georgia Tech (A simalcrum of last years Wake Forest. Amazing talent. Beasts down on the block. A talented but inconsistent point guard. Can’t take care of the ball. I would say sense a hot streak coming. But Iman Shumpert came to the BEEEEEEEEES as a two. So, no.)
6. Florida State (They can’t take care of the ball. They just can’t. The good thing? They can defend professionally. But they can be got.)
7. Wake Forest (Al-Farouq Aminu is struggling as the go-to guy. I mean, give C.J. Harris more shots. The team will do better. Am i right? Yeah!)
8. Virginia Tech (Malcolm Delany is like the guy who got kicked out of the cool fraternity and has to become a member of the nerd frat. He’s cool and can score, but as for the rest of the team? Not so much.)

An aside. The studious bracketologist will find themselves looking at the race betweem 5-8 for whos in and whos out. UNC will get better, and Virginia will get worse. We’re going to see good battles up in here.

9. UNC (Why is UNC struggling? Simple. It’s a team that never really generates many turnovers, and with Larry Drew being unsteady in terms of taking care of the ball as the quarterback (even though it can’t completely be on him), you see disaster scenarios like the Charleston game.)
10. Miami (James Dews and Malcolm Grant have been a solid impersonation of McClinton, but the man who deserves a shot at the league is Dwayne Collins. He’s a spectacular rebounder and a solid shotblocker. This is where you find the easy translated value. Cheap backup fours are supposed to be easy to find.)
11. North Carolina State (Tracy Smith and Javier Gonzalez are a fine inside-outside attack. Scott Wood is a sharpshooter. If they are all back next year? There could be something interesting in the Wolfpack Nation.)
12. Boston College (Not a bad team, per se. Reggie Jackson, Joe Trapiani, and Corey Raji are a decent core. And Josh Southern is a solid low post defender as well. They’re just not a great team.)


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