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December 30, 2009

The Top 10 Movies of 2009…

Filed under: I LIKE MOVIES! — by Andrew @ 10:16 pm

I know. I feel as if I have left you behind. Three half-baked formspring responses and sweet f-all from the kid. I’m doing some soul searching. So, I will leave you with a top ten list.

I apologize.

But at least I will give you a list about 2009. That’s timely right?

And In this list, I will give you my 10 favorite movies of the year…That I’ve seen. So, no Adventurland. No Taken. And no District 9. There’s good odds that two out of the three would make my top ten list. It was kind of a down year.

Anyway… going in reverse order?

10) Extract (Mike Judge is always stronger when he keeps his focus small. This is a story about the lengths people can go to avoid communication. And Ben Affleck is remarkably hilarious here.)
9) Whip It (It was dead solid solid. I know it’s a really girly movie. I like sports movies. What?)
8) Watchmen (It’s not perfect. Zack Snyder’s not a man known for his nuance with musical choices. But damnit. I was enthralled, damnit.)
7) The Informant! (As a satire of the whistleblower movie? It’s top notch.)
6) Star Trek (The populist Summer Blockbuster Action Movie A go-go.)
5) A Serious Man (Michael Sthulbarg is the best actor of 2009 for his portrayal of Larry Gopnik. Anybody who says otherwise? Fuck you. Looking at you Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart!)
4) The Hangover (Todd Phillips always knew how to be funny. It’s nice to see that he found it again instead of trying to become the next WPT champ.)
3) The Hurt Locker (The indie populist action movie a go-go. Jeremy Renner would win best actor in every other year but this one.)
2) Up (I know I may be tempting controversy of what’s next. But while I enjoyed this movie tremendously?)
1) Zombieland (It didn’t make me want to watch it three times. This did. Rule of awesome carries the fridge logic of the female characters ending.)

So what say you?


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