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October 4, 2009

Ten Fantasy Football Thoughts…

Filed under: Fantastical Football — by Andrew @ 10:59 pm

No need for an introduction, this post will be what you think it is.

10. If you can find an upgrade, and catches aren’t a factor in your league? I would consider cutting bait on Leon Washington. Now, the odds on a real upgrade are longish. But if you’re looking at a Jerome Harrison? I would go as far as cutting the guy who lost run to Shonn Greene.

9. Ronnie Brown is someone who you can find a way to get interested in. In the next 4 weeks? It’s the Jets twice, the Saints and a bye. After that? It’s mostly cake.

8. You can’t cut Romo, but the guy does not have clutch decision making skills. If you have a backup in the David Garrard phylum? You have to call him your QB1.

7. Easy way to a defense by comittee? Whoever plays the Rams and or Browns.

6. Or the Raiders. (By the by? Drop all Raiders.)

5. I would wait one more week before I decided to roll out onto the Mo Massaquoi train. Unless your scenario is a desperate one. Your hitched your wagon to Laurent Robinson? Make a run for Massaquoi.

4. Don’t make a move for Rashard Mendenhall until he shows this type of running versus a team with a real run defense. Please be patient.

3. Vernon Davis is having a breakout. Huh. Who saw it coming?

2. If you have the space? Pick up Matt Leinart. If you don’t? Wait for a time when you need only one quarterback.

1. If Ricky Williams is available? I would pick him up. I expect you would find both Brown and Rilliams get 20 or so touches until Henne gets some semblance of a groove. Which won’t happen.


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