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September 27, 2009

RapidDraft: The worst Fantasy Football Site Ever.

Filed under: Fantastical Football — by Andrew @ 10:16 pm

Not to say that it’s not an intriguing concept. You take ten media based fantasy sports experts and last years champion. You have a speed draft. And you. You pick the spot. And it should be fun, right?

Well, I got a free entry. So I thought to myself. Sure. Spin the wheel and make the deal. And even with a free entry?

It’s godawful.

It’s godawful for three reasons. It’s godawful because when you consider the fact that a text based search box has been in every website’s interface since the days when Ray Lucas was a worthwhile waiver wire pick-up. But it’s not here. So if you wanted to draft Ray Rice, you would have to scroll up and down to get him.

Also? For waiver purposes? Other sites have their own problems, but with no text box and sorting people by first name? That’s indefensible. That shows that someone illogical was running the web interface.

And you know the third problem? It stems from Domenik Hixon. Amidst the emergence of Mario Manningham and Steve Smith was the disappearance of the mid-July sleeper. In fact? He was on the inactive list this week.

And in this expert league, this league that’s supposed to simulate the best of the best? I played a team that started Domenik Hixon. It’s something that’s not supposed to happen unless it’s a Random Yahoo gathering, right?

But in this “Play against the best league,” I got to play a man up. I joined this league to avoid that.

C’est la vie.


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