The Grand National Championships

September 8, 2009

The Cadillac Williams Comeback.

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Here’s why fantasy football can fuck with your head. And this is why if you aren’t involved, you should not get in on this.

Meet Carnell Williams. The kids call him Cadillac. To me? He is fuckface.

It’s nothing personal. Really. But in my darker days of fantasy football addiction? He was the man whom doomed me to a season of losing 45-41. This was before he tore his patella tendon. Again.

But then he came back. And he doomed another fantasy team. This was before he herniated his disk. And there’s a mess. He’s brought doom to fantasy teams, as well as the Buccaneers, at least when he was healthy and active. So yeah, you wish that he would go away.

At least I would.

But anyway. You have captain solid in Earnest Graham, a dude that I like as an unsexy goal-line guy. You have Derrick Ward. He’s a skilled runner, when healthy. And you have the albatross.

So who’s going to start? Obviously, it’s the albatross. Because Raheem Morris is a dumbass. Tampa’s going to fail. And it will be Epic.



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