The Grand National Championships

September 6, 2009

The Seven interesting facts about today in College Football…

I know, I’m rocking you with lists. But I do this because I’m trying to rehab my creative juices and at least attempt to masturbate the text down the page. And as today was most definitely an interesting part of college football, we’ll discuss what happened and what may yet happen.

7) As bad as the ACC’s day was? The Big Ten’s day could have been worse.

I know. Not much can beat the CAA proving that its best is at least as good as the ACC’s middle of the pack. But here’s what the Big Ten nearly had happen.

Iowa had to have two field goals blocked in the final seconds to beat Northern Iowa.
Minnesota nearly lost to Syracuse. In overtime, no less.
Ohio State had to stop a two point conversion to beat Navy.
And Wisconsin had to make a big stop to keep from having Northern Illinois come all the way back from a 28-6 defecit.

Next week? Next week could be really bad for your would be Midwestern heroes.

6) BYU could pose a real problem.

With the upset over Oklahoma? They have three tough games. All three are in Provo. I say if you beat Oklahoma, Florida State, TCU and Utah. You deserve a National Championship game.

5) USC won’t be up for Cal.

But Cal has to win in Autzen to get to USC. Cal destroyed the team that beat them last September. SC has to deal with both Washington teams. The game’s in Berkley. If anyone’s running the table in the Pac-10? It’s not going to be USC.

4) Landry Jones looks like a child molestor.

3) The SEC is as I would expect.

Florida and Alabama are the upper echelon. Arkansas, Georgia, LSU, Ole Miss, and Tennessee are the solid second tier. Everybody else inspires nothing.

2) Don’t sleep on Houston next week.

They have a superpowered offense and can go toe to toe with anybody. Oklahoma State just beat a Top 10 team. It’s a shootout definitely, but don’t be surprised if the Cougars spring a trap. It looks to be that sort of a year.

1) This is going to be a mess, much like 2007.

And that’s gonna be fun.


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  1. great idea of posting ….. nice facts toooo

    Comment by rickee — September 9, 2009 @ 11:01 pm |Reply

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