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August 26, 2009

A draft in repose…

Filed under: Fantastical Football — by Andrew @ 10:56 pm

The Brian Michael Bendis forum is a pop culture hodgepodgeatorium with an obvious comic book bent to their style. But there is an actual active fantasy football community. At least enough for two leagues. This one was the one deemed expert.

I came in the young upstart. I want you to check this team out and my thought processes behind it.


I went with a pairing that I could use in a committee format if necessary and I found that at least one of them would have upside. David Garrard is the one who I’m expecting to take the lion’s share of the snaps. He actually has receivers now. Apparently. Ben Roethlisberger was just too much of a value in the tenth round not to be selected. He’s a better real football player, but this is a good committee.

Running Backs

The draft started with what some people would consider a mistake. Maurice Jones-Drew was available at #3. I passed on him. For DeAngelo Williams. I don’t have Jon Stewart. But this is going to be a strong move because Jon Stewart is having achilles issues.

Ronnie Brown at #2? It’s a contract year. And as a third round pick goes? Gotta love it. And with some PPR value? Darren McFadden is a strong 3rd running back/4th round pick.

But wait! There’s more. With a return bonus as well as some PPR value, if this be the year Leon Washington becomes Tiki Barber, I will get myself some maximum value. And Earnest Graham as a #5 is simply solid. Michael Bush as an RB6? That was just me showing off.

Wide Receivers

A 12 team league, I’m picking 3rd. With 19 picks in between DeAngelo Williams and Round 2? What would I do? I would have Calvin Johnson fall into my lap. Megatron means the kid got lucky.

Nothing else inspires nearly as much love. Santonio Holmes and Jerricho Cotchery are both solid. Holmes missed his breakout year. Cotchery is a possession guy. I still like Josh Morgan’s upside, even as his average draft position slides back into the mid-30’s. And Devin Thomas? Likely gonna be cut.

Stupid Malcolm Kelly.

Tight Ends

Antonio Gates and Dustin Keller. Yeah. I feel strong here.


Neil Rackers? Text-based fart noise.

Team Defense

As this is a Yahoo league? I got screwed into getting the Miami Defense. I cut them for the Jacksonville Defense right after the draft. On paper, they’re not much better, but they have the schedule to get hot quickly. And teams with good defenses by Week 4 are in great shape.

The Packers should be fine. I like them.


I used a cheatsheet here. And according to the fine folks who built Draft Dominator? I am ridiculously strong here. Terrell Suggs? DL1. Barrett Rudd? LB1! Adrian Wilson? DB…2 But he comes with Kerry Rhodes at DB3! I hate IDP. But that was fun.

All in all? Good luck, and I make the playoffs. Where my stupidity will cost me cash and prizes!



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