The Grand National Championships

July 21, 2009

The Milwaukee Bucks: 1080p Black and White Basketball.

It seems as if the Milwaukee Bucks are in a deep state of disunity. You have a team that seems to keep grabbing pieces for a seven seconds or less offense. I mean you could get together a five of Sessions/Jennings, Meeks/Weems, Mbah a Moute, Alexander, and Amir Johnson and run another team out of the gym.

John Hammond has brought a lot of interesting pieces together in an effort to restart the Bucks. And this has made the Bucks offseason one that you cannot put a letter grade on by October. There are a lot of pieces, and if we had a digital coach? These pieces would be a spectacular fit. That’s the other problem.

Scott Skiles loves Luke Ridnour. It’s annoying on so many levels. Scott Skiles will probably start Bruce Bowen and ride Kurt Thomas until he inevitably breaks down. I mean, look at all the pieces the Bulls had that degenerated under the Skiles regime. You’ve got that whole thing to worry about.

But you know what? We’re not done. There’s a long time between now and training camp. Some would say we need to waive Weems to get a shot at Sessions. Some would say we need to waive Bowen and trade Ridnour. Some are saying we’re going to let Sessions walk. I’ll be honest, I want to like this. I’m talking myself into this.

But there’s still moves to be made or not made. I’m not going to walk away on this team just yet. But I’m still tentative as to bless this mess.

But we could see a ten game winning streak the moment Scott Skiles gets fired this offseason.


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