The Grand National Championships

June 25, 2009

Orlando just screwed up…

Vince Carter is not so much of a cancer. But he’s happier being the man on a 30 win team. Orlando is in no way shape or form a 30 win team. But is this as bad as the last time the Nets traded a video game cover sort of superstar? No.

Three reasons why.

1) Rafer Alston is the sort of player who needs to start to be effective.

He’s not going to oust Devin Harris from the starting role. And he will not be happy by this turn of events. Skip to my Lou needs run to be happy.

2) Courtney Lee is not as good as Vince Carter.

Not to say that Lee isn’t going to be good. But Devin Harris was already safely better than Kidd. Lee will merely have to wait a couple of years.

3) Ryan Anderson can shoot the three.

And he’s 6’10”, even if Hedo does his work somewhere else? There is a chance that Ryan Anderson can bring a B-grade amount of replacement to the Turk. Honestly, there’s a decent regard for Anderson and he will do some things.

But Vince Carter doesn’t play hero. He doesn’t play final piece. The chemistry’s going to smash into a wall.

Rod Thorn, man. Freaking stealthy.


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