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June 21, 2009

Three thoughts on Movies…

Filed under: I LIKE MOVIES! — by Andrew @ 6:27 pm

Like most of us on the internet, we think we can be Roger Ebert. And you know what? We are in a way. We don’t get the perks to lie about reviews, so we’ll just be honest, and give it to you straight. I have seen three movies, you may have seen them, you may not have.

But I’ll level with you.

drag me to hell
Drag Me To Hell: It does hit the right notes that remind you that Sam Raimi was the man who revolutionized cinema with Evil Dead 2. And for the first 80 minutes, it was worth your time. But the ending was Bullshit. You have personal stakes that high? You make for gosh damn sure you bring the right thing to the innermost cave. The ending costs 15% off the story. C-

Up: To be honest, I haven’t seen a whole lot of Pixar. I know the movies are going to be consistently good, so I don’t go after them. But this one? The first ten minutes alone are worth the journey. Carl and Ellie warm your heart and break it. But that’s the appetizer. The main event is just as good. A.

The Hangover: You’ll have a good time with this story. Zach Galifinakis finally gets himself a role that jets him into a name that people other than Comedy afficianadoes will love. Ed Helms becomes the male Tina Fey. And Bradley Cooper is now going to get all the roles Josh Lucas was offered. Because America still doesn’t have an American comedy star. B+.


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