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June 13, 2009

On Parra…

Filed under: Baseball,Chicago White Sox,Manny Parra,Milwaukee Brewers,MLB — by Andrew @ 8:26 pm

TEMPE, AZ - FEBRUARY 29:  Relief pitcher Manny...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

I always worry about Brewer pitching prospects. The history of fail has been something of a Homeric epic. From Narciso Elvira to Nick Neugebauer? There’s only been two Brewer prospects that have been somebody.

The dude on your right had a chance to make it three for three. I mean, Manny Parra has three pitches of professional quality and he’s had skills to pay the bills for the longest time. The issue? He’s never been healthy.

Which brings us to today, yeah? Another bad effort for the man who would be king. He struggled to get out of the second inning as the White Sox game today. His command has been shaky for the duration of the season. And unless it’s yet another injury? He’s the quiet Chien Ming-Wang.

I mean, he has stuggled with his command for most of his big-league career, and when you have one of those scenarios? You break bad and it goes nuclear. But then again? He’s a Brewer. He has to be hiding an injury right?

If he isn’t? Then AAA is a dangerous thing. If he does not touch the plate in AAA? His career may be over fast.

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