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May 27, 2009

The Five Comics You Should Read…and not lose your cred.

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I’ve done this before. A long time ago to be sure, but I’ve done this exact sort of thing before. I like my street cred, such as it is. And you don’t get the street cred for reading the X-Men. That being said? There are some comics you should be reading. Count it back from five to one. I will try and keep these choices less obvious. No Powers, Criminal, or Walking Dead up in here.

transhumano Pictures, Images and Photos
5. The Jonathan Hickman collection.

He may be the next hot Marvel comics writer, but he has three comics that you should be looking for from Image. In The Nightly News, he skewers the network news industry with surgical precision. In Transhuman, he takes on the drug culture. And in Pax Romana? I haven’t read it. But Nightly News and Transhuman come with the highest recommendations, so if you like the first two, get Pax Romana.

Nextwave-protest_signs Pictures, Images and Photos
4. Nextwave: Agents of HATE
Writer: Warren Ellis Artist: Stewart “Not Trevor Immelman” Immomen

This is an officially licensed Marvel Comic. It lasted twelve issues. It’s a Blockbuster in comic book form. You have an organization led by an insane man in pink pajamas. You have crazy weapons. You have epic battles. And you have Forbsuh Man. He has a hat. And you best not make fun of it.

Comic book writer, Garth Ennis Pictures, Images and Photos
3. The Boys
W: Garth Ennis A: Darick Robertson

When the Writer of Preacher meets the artist of Transmetropolitan? You get magic. There are some who consider this the greatest deconstruction of the superhero genre. Above and beyond what the Authority turned out to be. You have a CIA-backed team of antiheroes who are here to keep tabs on the resident superteam, The Seven. Only, things are not what they seem. If you’re collecting the trades, Volume 4 looks to be just tremendous.

Noble Causes 21 Pictures, Images and Photos
2. Noble Causes
W: Jay Faerber A: Various

It’s another Superhero Deconstruction. It’s run its course. But it’s really good. Faerber takes us into the life of the Noble family, the Kennedys of superheroics. It’s less about the beatdowns and more about the day to day. I’ll be honest, if this was in Marvel Comics? It may be nothing more than guilty pleasure. But Faerber has been indie for most of his career. Nothing to feel guilty about. Read in good health.

Young Liars preview
1. Young Liars
W: Dave Lapham A: Lapham

Shame this book got cancelled, because this book is surprisingly good. It’s the story of Twenth-somethings in new York on the fringes of society and their criminal adventures. Lapham, who created the excellent Stray Bullets, has a story here that was what Warren Ellis said creators should use. All of the energy of a superhero comic with none of the spandex. Get the trades. You won’t be disappointed.

Non sports? Yeah. But you know what? This blog is best as a sports and other stuff blog. Deal.


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