The Grand National Championships

May 18, 2009

Oh, for craps sake.

Filed under: BAYSBALL!,Drew be not proud,Weeks and Weeks,Weepy Salty Tears — by Andrew @ 6:52 am

I have made mention of my feeling that this was the year that Rickie Weeks was supposed to be at long last hitting his stride. And for a while there? I was looking pretty smart, Marlins winning the NL East style. In fact, this Friday, despite my misadventures as a Substitute Gym Teacher, I was a goddamned genius.

But like a wise man once said? A lot can happen in 48 hours. And unlike the Eddie Murphy-Nick Nolte vehicle? This does not turn into a buddy comedy. Rickie Weeks is having wrist issues. Again.

Why is this more annoying than having Weeks as a perpetual breakout machine? This does not leave Milwaukee in good shape offensively if it’s not just some sort of Carlos Zambrano internet related wacky. Craig Counsell would likely become your second baseman in peril. His offensive hot start would become obliterated. We would get Mat Gamel staying around longer than the first series of interleague play. But that being said?

You cannot be happy when you have a player who seems to have found his stride get his third flippin’ wrist injury.


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