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May 10, 2009

NBA Draft Dumpster Diving: Point Guards

Okay, I owe you an apology. Should have told you about the blogcation. But I didn’t. If you read it, you could tell though. I was burned out.

Blah blah blah, exorcise the demons. Let’s go.

They say that the NBA draft is one of the weakest classes in memory. To that? I say phooey. I say that there’s value this year. I say that this will not be a devil class. There are better Angels in this class.

You want a sleeper distributor? Look here. They are ranked in likelyhood of being drafted.

8. Paul Delaney UAB
6’2″ 197

Delaney is killing pre-draft camps with his game that compares favorably to Leandro Barbosa. He has long arms and spectacular athleticism. He attacks the basket with a fury, and in transition? He has great point guard skills. He’s underdeveloped in the half court game and has an inconsistent shot, but he’s got a future.

7. Aaron Jackson Duquesne
6’4″ 185

He’ll likely have to take a backdoor route to get to the NBA, but a good scouting department will keep watching out for him. He can play just a little too fast for his ability to control, but he has great offensive creativity and body control. He is very dangerous when he attacks the basket and he uses his sze to aid his defense.

6. Lester Hudson UT-Martin
6’3″ 190

So, you have a guy who’s basically the same prospect as he was last year, looking like an early-mid second rounder. He is still a spectacular scorer. His shot is still silky smooth. He generates a lot of steals. And his handles? They’re developing. So how about you explain to me just how he’s looking like an undrafted free agent? Because I’m baffled.

5. Dominic James Marquette
5’11” 175

Yeah, he’s injury prone. Yeah, his shot sucks. But here’s the thing. The athleticism that made him a fringe lottery prospect as a freshman? Still there. He’s an excellent distributor. He generates steals and he has the ups to overcome his size on defense. Get him a shot whisperer? You have a starter.

4. Rodrique Beaubois Cholet
6’2″ 170

The best backcourt that you never heard of was not in the United States this year. Three guesses as to the location from the name and the team of Mr. Beaubois. Now, I made mention of Paul Delaney as a man with Barbosan skills. Beaubois is a simalcrum. Long arms, elite athleticism. Inconsistent handles. But he forced his way into the line-up even with…

3. Nando De Colo Cholet
6’5″ 187

Stylistically, his game is beautiful. He makes flashy plays. He has great court vision. He slashes with great handles and footwork. And he can hit the three. He does not have the best of lateral quickness. And his defense? It’s not so much. But yes, his offense is that good.

2. Toney Douglas Florida State
6’1″ 196

He doesn’t have the greatest distributorial skills. In fact? You really aren’t drafting him to be a one. But he was an excellent scorer on a team where people looked to lock down on him. He can also lock down other teams one’s. He will be drafted if only because he fits two myth of the nexts. The dream is one half Arenas, one half Brandon Roy. The reality? A billionaire’s George Hill.

1. Sergio Llull Real Madrid
6’3″ 176

You want someone who could take the basketball world by storm in 2011? Look for Epic Llull’s. His is a distributorial force. It’s a shot-creating force that gets major run in the Euros. He can hit the three even if he doesn’t bring the strength and mid-range game. He’s going to grow up and be the Spanish Ramon Sessions. I believe in it.

Yeah, at the very least. I’ve got a five part series. Better to rage out then fade away. Myth of the next? Maybe that’s more of hype central closer to major drafts.

Onward and upward.


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