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April 25, 2009

The Five Most…The Five Interesting Draft Day Moves…

Filed under: EVERYTHING I SAY IS IMPORTANT! — by Andrew @ 8:52 pm
Now we all know where we're at going into the second day. Some of us are happy. Some of us are sad. Some of us are nonplussed.
And some of us haven't picked yet. So what does this mean? I will state the five teams who have had interesting days. Some done good. Some done otherwise.
1) Al Davis gets advice from Sparkles the Cat
You just knew he was going to take Darrius Heyward-Bey. If you didn't, you really should have. Ted Sepien has nothing on what Al Davis has become. He sees triangle numbers and he starts to drool. Never mind any other aspect. This is why they drafted Bey instead of a possibly defensible Maclin. This is why the 74th rated safety became a #2 pick. This is why the Raiders will take Lydon Murtha in Round 3.
2) The desperation of Double T
Now we have seen Ted Thompson make some strange moves in previous seasons. But with the picks he made this year? He had a very sane draft. Raji becomes the Gravedigger that will make certain DeAngelo Williams won't go out with 4 scores next year. Clay Matthews will agress to the quarterback with all deliberate speed.
This is a very non-Ted Thompson day 1. He drafted for need. He overpaid to trade up. Why is he doing this? He does not want to get fired. They won, but they won strange.
3) Cleveland Rocks?
For a team that deals down 15 picks, they've got some great talent coming in. They will get stopgap starters in Coleman and Elam for their defense, a top prospect in Ratliff, a way to cool out the center of their line in Mack. Robiskie is NFL Ready, and Massaquoi could be great. And they got cheap pass-rush in Veikune. Few teams can ever say they got five starters on Day 1.
4) You trade your Franchise Pro Bowl Tackle…
You have other needs, and that's understandable. But you have solid prospects available to you at tackle at 28, 42, and 51. Interior line help can come at a later point in the draft. Why didn't you replace him, Buffalo? 
5) Michael Crabtree is still the steal of the draft.
You're welcome San Fransisco.

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