The Grand National Championships

April 13, 2009

So after I left my twitter feed…

I know when last I left you in the blog world I had the man three or four bloggers on twitter dubbed K fucking P already wearing the green jacket. Well, all I have to say to you is that it seemed like a safe bet and your boy had real life to get to. But that’s just it. Winning a golf tournament, let alone a major, is really hard to do. You have to make somewhere between 270-280 good repeatable swings.

And you must always be closing. A birdie on the doorstep means you find yourself letting people back in. Perry left one a mere quarter’s length away. That would have won him the tournament. Phil had a scenario where he hits the green on twelve, and makes his putts on 14, 15, or 17. That gets him to -13. Cabrera could have run away with it as well.

But after a certain point, it becomes more about the mental game than the scoring game. And it just so happened that Kenny Perry couldn’t cool out as well as Angel Cabrera could knuckle up. Cabrera is a grinder. And he deserves to be the most famous golfer in South America.

And in other news? I was so close to hitting the top 3 dead on. And unlike Bill Plaschke, I was able to tell you that mine was not a bold prediction.

You’re welcome.


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