The Grand National Championships

April 1, 2009

The Ten Principles…

Filed under: Blogger inside baseball,Standards and Principles — by Andrew @ 5:41 pm

I have decided that it’s time to reassess this blog. It’s time to decide what this blog is and what this blog is isn’t. I would call it the five by five project? But fuck that. It’s too Glenn Beck. And I can’t make fun of someone who clearly loves America so much.

  1. I will not blog snarky.
  2. This is something I am deeply passionate about. It is hard to hate with style and creativity. This is why when someone hits it even one in ten times? It’s a good deal. Me? I don’t think I can take it down on that level. So unless I am dead serious that my take does not suck? I will avoid the hate.

  3. I will try to look for things under the radar.
  4. When we have been at our best? Is when we find our way into the under the radar. Curtis Granderson’s ill-fated run for 100 extra base hits turning into the quad twenties? Ramses Barden? This is when we have been at our most beautiful. So you know what? If you’ve got talent under the radar? E-mail us. We’ll hype that.

  5. I will not go crazy with the list posts.
  6. I will do one on occasion. But I make an effort to keep them away from you. The reader who only looks for Kim Kardashian’s ass. And Bianca Beauchamp.

  7. I am remiss to take tips.
  8. I do not have enthusiasm to be on an e-mail list serv of tips from a blog. I am not big enough to generate hits for you on your blog. And because of that? I usually link to stories I find on my own. I apologize, but it must be said.

  9. I will leave my political passions alone.
  10. Everything else is fair game, but let’s be honest. Most of our takes suck in terms of politics. It doesn’t matter if you leave a World Net Daily or a Talking Points Memo on your blogroll. But being arch in liberalism or conservatism is a way to lose readers. Also, it’s lame in many instances.

  11. If readers have questions?

    I like answering questions.

  13. This is what I like.
  14. I don’t think I could blog about Hockey. I have no issue with hockey. But I would not have much of a non-lame take about it. It’s sports. Less other stuff then there used to be. My tag team partner was spectacular at that. But he’s getting out of the game.

  15. If I miss a day?
  16. It’s not me being lazy. I do not have an angle. I do not have a non-sucky take. Sure, maybe a tip or two would help me out here? But I am what I am. Even if I have to be the guy who misses a day or two because I have nothing. I want to bring my fastball. Not my weak ass circle-change.

  17. Occasionally, I will give a paean to a dude whom enjoys partying
  18. Like this!

  19. No April Fools Day Jokes.
  20. Because you’re not funny. Fuck you.

Okay, I know. Personal and bloggy, right? But I feel a need to put this on the table. I am going to be doing it the best I can and leaning on nobody but me.

Saying it from where I stand?

Nothing comes easy.



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