The Grand National Championships

March 16, 2009

Josh McDaniels may be a good coach…

Filed under: Analysis,Hoodie,Quarterbackery — by Andrew @ 3:17 pm

And Jay Cutler is a bit of a dick. This is why nobody likes the Broncos-Chargers rivalry when both sides are gunslinging. But you know what?

Josh McDaniels needs to grow the fuck up.

You’re the authority figure dealing with the fevered egos. And you have not had any success as a professional coach. So when you decide that you want to go after a quarterback that’s not the first round pick that at the very least knows how to make it happen versus most teams? You need to be polite.

You cannot act like the Belichick yet. In this day and age. The disciplinarian needs cachet before they can get anywhere. The Hoodie and Parcells were highly regarded assistants before they took their shots. And neither one of them was able to get rolling right off the bat.

Hell, the Hoodie failed in his first shot.

It’s not as if you have to be milquetoast. You can have a spine. But here’s the question that you have to ask yourself here. You want to have a locker room that hates you and a rookie quarterback who’s likely to fall on their face?

Or do you want known upside? I’d take the upside.


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