The Grand National Championships

February 23, 2009

Pat White? Top 5 Quarterback Prospect?

It’s not as strange as you think. After all? Pat White suddenly has skills that you’re able build a dream on. He has an official listing of 6’0″, which contextually means everything. His 40-time is listed at 4.49, but we already knew that. He was a productive, if not injury-prone quarterback at West Virginia.

But why would he be listed as a Top 5 Quarterback? Because with a ridiculously bad quarterback class, when you’re a major college quarterback who’s in the process of showing something new? You can climb the ladder rapidly. Break it down, you say, and I will.

One, Pat White was able to look comfortable in the pocket as a quarterback during the Senior Bowl game. He’s spectacular at throwing the ball on the run, but he showed the raw tools to be a McNabbian dropback quarterback in the future.

Two, in a world that can shake your top prospects, (Matt Stafford, Andre Smith) he has shown himself to be able to rise up to the challenges of the NFL Combine. You can read thoughts from Don Banks or Mike Mayock, but suffice it to say, Pat White isn’t a speedy dude with a rag arm. It doesn’t mean he can be a good pro, and your Pat White may yet have to move to a different position, but in a world where the white Andre Woodson was your putative 6th quarterback prospect coming into the combine?

It can shoot somebody up the ladder.

And three? All things being equal, Pat White’s weaknesses seem less glaring. Rhett Bomar and Nate Davis are both quarterbacks who lack a certain amount of polish to their passing game. So too Pat White. Bomar also has a little longer list of an injury history than Pat White. And Bomar also got thrown out on his ass at Oklahoma.

I’m not saying that you need to look for him in the middle of round 2? All I’m saying is if you get up at 10 am on April 26th and find that you’re in the Pat White business?

Don’t be shocked.


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