The Grand National Championships

February 17, 2009

So why was I light on Big 12 Berths?

After all, I only gave them five, and this is a good conference with the basketball. I mentioned Baylor as a team on the outside looking in, and Kansas State as a bubble to the bubble team. But you know what? In watching Texas A&M destroy Texas, we may have found our sixth Big 12 team. I know. I know. I’m saying Texas is playing badly.

But check this future schedule.

@ Texas Tech
@ Nebraska
Iowa State
@ Colorado

Don’t you think they should be able to go 4-1 here? I do. And that means this team gets back to .500 in the Big 12. And with decent computer numbers and actual quality non-conference wins? They would have a better resume than Kansas State. Let’s go to the resume watch.

(The Numbers: RPI/SOS/Proj. Record/Proj. Last 10/Proj. Record vs. Top 50)

Texas A&M: 47/32 22-9 (8-8) 7-3 4-6
Kansas State: 76/79 21-10 (9-7) 7-3 3-5

And if this happens? You have to put Texas A&M in the Tournament. I know, Nebraska in Lincoln isn’t a gimme. I know, Kansas State did beat Texas A&M in College Station. But you know what? Non-conference resume counts too.

And it may be bad news for Wildcat nation, but like Arizona State last year? The computer’s going to be the death of K-State’s big dance dreams.

Sorry K-State fan that I gained this preseason, the loss to Oregon’s going to get you in the end.


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