The Grand National Championships

February 14, 2009

So on twitter…I cracked wise at the thought of the Cavs trading for Amare…

But on further review? It’s a trade I think the Cavs have to at least consider. The Suns are willing to let Amare go for 75 cents on the dollar. And in that respect? His dollar is devalued.

Because we have seen interested Amare. Interested Amare is someone who nearly beat the Spurs all by himself before David Stern–no, we’re not going to talk conspiracy theories. Just suffice it to say that there are few players who are better than interested Amare.

And if you look at how Mo Williams was able to go from marginally above average Shoint Guard to All-Star on team LeBron? Imagine Amare on a title contender? Yeah. That just seems perfect.

Now perhaps you’re not going to going to take Wally Sczerbiak, J.J. Hickson, and oh, let’s say…the inevitable rights to Tyler Smith? But there are ways to get this done. And maybe, just maybe, Robert Sarver’s going to blow the team up.

And you’re gonna get lucky, Danny Ferry. You’re due.


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