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January 26, 2009

The Under the Radar Games of the Week

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Why? Because ESPN has a stranglehold on the good styled games.

This week has a couple of very interesting match-ups for teams that fall into the mid-major and below. There will be a slow day or two as well. But that kind of goes without saying.

Today (1/26) Morgan State vs. Hampton

Hampton is an excellent defensive team. But they are really bad on offense. They chuck up a lot of threes for a team that’s 28 percent from beyond the arc. But that’s not their strength. Their strength is using steals to generate second chance opportunities. And they have to try and take down the Todd Bozeman-led Morgan State Grievis killers. They can stop the three with style and aplomb.

(Slow news day, Morgan State will be the first to 60. They will win.)

Tuesday (1/27) Virginia Commonwealth vs. Northeastern

It’s the battle of Eric Maynor versus Matt Janning. The CAA tradition versus the CAA sleeper. Fast hands versus faster hands. The keys to this game will be Chaisson Allen and Matt Janning’s ability to generate turnovers. Northeastern will need a good showing in the turnover column to take down an excellent shooting team like VCU.

(But I don’t think they can.)

Wednesday (1/28) Texas State vs. Texas San Antonio

This one may be more for me? But here you have two teams that can push the ball up the court like nobody’s business. Why this game may be something more for me is the fact that both teams have their struggle bugs on defense. Pomeroy lists UTSA as one of the worst teams at forcing bad shots. But why UTSA will win is the fact that at least they can generate some stops.

Also? NJIT has another win in them versus Maryland Eastern Shore. I can feel it.

Thursday (1/29) Chicago St. vs. Utah Valley State

This is aiming to be quite the one-on-one scoring duel. For Chicago State you have mighty mite scoring point guard David Holston. He has averaged a staggering 11 three attempts per game. For UVS you have Ryan Toolson, a little less of a pure gunner than Holston, but do not deny the man his scoring chops. So clearly, John Cantrell is going to decide the fate of this game.

Friday (1/30) Jacksonville vs. East Tennessee St.

First place is up for grabs in Florida. Behind Ben Smith’s shoint guardery and Marcus Allen’s defense, the veteran Bulls have a one game lead on Belmont and a big tiebreaker game on a dead zone for College Hoops. Why? Pigram and Tiggs. If you believe in the magic of steady veteran guardplay. This is a team to watch.

Saturday (1/31) Cleveland St. vs. Wright St.

This could be a game of two ships passing in the night. Few teams have been as hot as Wright State in the past two months, going 12-2 (with losses at Wake Forest and Butler). On the other hand? Cleveland State just went through a road trip from hell, getting beat by UWGB, UWM, and inexplicably Youngstown State. But they have homecourt. And they can split the series.

Sunday (2/1) Dayton vs. St. Joesph’s

It was at about this point last season Dayton fell off the cliff. There were injuries to blame, that’s for sure. But this team still has swagger that belies a neutralish loss to UMass. But St. Joe’s is unbeaten in conference. They have lost some inexplicable games, and they run Ahmad Nivins into the ground, but this is a must win for your Flyers to get an at-large Berth.


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