The Grand National Championships

January 5, 2009

The Mid-Major Ken Pomeroy 100!

Now? We’re out of the BCS. We have to talk about new teams. We haven’t dicussed St. Mary’s, let alone Gonzaga. So, of all the teams in the Ken Pomeroy 100 that don’t belong to the BCS? They start here.

With the Mountain West.

1. BYU (The efficency of the team is spectacular. Lee Cummard has three-point shooting, blocks, and point forwardery. And you know? You need to find a way in Jackson Emery.)
2. San Diego State (Fast hands and offensive rebounds are their tiger style. Kyle Spain is an awesome two-guard and Tim Shelton is a great glass cleaner.)
3. Utah (It’s a tall veteran team with good shooters and some good defenders. Luke Nevill may actually be worth an NBA shot.)
4. UNLV (Rene Rougeau is a bad ass unlike his wrestling brethren. And because they take care of the ball? He will be the most fabulous Rougeau ever!)
5. New Mexico (This is a very good shooting team if they don’t go to the line. It’s got good scoring balance too. Daniel Faris is a good pivot. Tony Dandridge is a great slasher.)


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