The Grand National Championships

January 2, 2009

So how in flux is the Big 12?

After Kansas lost everybody, their mother, and the drugs of the Supernintendo Chalmers, there had to be a bit of a letdown. And that’s okay. Because the Big 10 knows how it feels to be a down conference. But hey? What do we know about your Big 12 in peril?

1. Missouri (They are built on fast hands and the low post of Leo Lyons and DeMarre Carroll.)
2. Kansas (Cole Aldrich has the defensive skills to contain Blake Griffin, but outside of him and Sherron Collins? There’s not much offense. Bring in the Morning Star!)
3. Kansas State (Why are they not useless in 1 A.B.? They clean the offensive glass with style and aplomb.)
4. Oklahoma (Blake Griffin is the best player in the NCAA. He will be the #1 draft choice if Ricky Rubio’s rumors are untrue. That’s obvious. But Cole Davis? He’s the Sooners Vinnie Johnson. Yeah, he is the Microwave.)
5. Texas (If the Longhorns lose Daimon James for an extended period of time? They are in deep trouble. That’s obvious. But unless Dexter Pittman can lose 20-30 more pounds there will be cognitive dissonance in Austin.)
6. Baylor (Weakness: Kevin Rogers is their only low post defense. Strength: Curtis Jerrells is a delightful point guard. And kevin Rogers is a solid 4.)
7. Oklahoma State (Byron Eaton has the hands of a pickpocket, and he leads a team of bombers that promise, at the very least, to be a team filled with an entertaining streak.)
8. Nebraska (Poor offensively with a great defense. I mean, Paul Velander can shoot. But this is a team that lives and dies on its pressure alone.)
9. Texas A&M (Josh Carter needs to be more assertive offensively, and maybe you give Chinemelu Elonu more burn when you get to the heart of conference play.)
10. Iowa State (Dear Craig Brackins, please stop taking so many bad shots. Love, Hilton Coliseium.)
11. Texas Tech (They are lucky, but Alan Voskuil and John Roberson are good.)
12. Colorado (Outside of Cory Higgins and Nate Tomlinson, there’s little hope for the future. But that’s at this point. They are super young.)


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