The Grand National Championships

December 28, 2008

Prepare to get all historical…

Filed under: Boring Homerism,Fuhbawls — by Andrew @ 2:44 pm

A well worked drive from the Packers offense and a play-action pass to emerging fullback Jon Kuhn and we are 9:31 away from History. And avoiding that last embarrassing loss.

But losing a top-ten pick next year? OH NO!

Packers 24
Lions 14.

UPDATE: In the words of River City Ransom…Barf.

3 plays. 80 yards. 1:59. John Standeford did the legwork, but what the fuck fatass?!?!

Kevin Smith makes it 24-21. Like that.

UPDATE II: Never mind that bollocks, Donald Driver just goes for 79 yards and a score!

31-21! 16 seconds later!

UPDATE III: I never like it when you have a team in a prevent defense with four minutes to go. You only get two fucking fourth down conversions in a drive.

But Megatron is hurt. Which is a good sign for the Packers.

UPDATE IV: Good looking out, Fatass.

UPDATE V: It’s over! Even if Brady Poppinga blocked a dude in the back. 2:45 left. Run it out!

UPDATE VI: Clinched. 2:00 left. Detroit has 1 timeout left. If they recovered DeShawn Wynn’s fumble? It still may not have mattered.

But that’s all right. 0-16!



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