The Grand National Championships

December 28, 2008

As we get into the Conference season, we should look to see exactly where our teams are…

And this is why we at the Grand National Championships are going to break down the teams and where they are in this world for this season.

And we will start with the Atlantic Coast Conference. Why? Because I can.

1. North Carolina (They’re good at basketball. Dun dun dunnnnnh.)
2. Duke (Any good shooting team that can take care of the ball will give Duke a game.)
3. Clemson (A paper Tiger. Their weaknesses are glaring. Again.)
4. Wake Forest (Get on the bus. Their youth may be a problem this year, but next year? This is your ACC Favorite.)
5. Maryland (Can’t shoot. Decent defense will keep you in it.)
6. Miami (FL) (Dwayne Collins is a salad bar of underrated badass.)
7. Boston College (Corey Raji has developed into a solid second option.)
8. Georgia Tech (Poor beyond the arc, at the line, and taking care of the ball. You need to be a Spur-level defense to handle that noise.)
9. Florida State (A pretty good defense, but if you can take away Toney Douglas? You can rampage over them.)
10. North Carolina State (Brandon Costner is back to studly, but the defense can’t bring them back if it breaks bad in the first half.)
11. Virginia Tech (A.D. Vassallo and Malcom Delany have poor ball control. And that, a.k.a. Point Guard is their weakness.)
12. Virginia (Maybe it’s bad times and poor memories for this season? But Mike Scott, Sammy Zeglinski, and Sylven Landesberg have hope for a tourney berth in the future.)


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