The Grand National Championships

December 16, 2008

Hey New York?

This meme that you have perpatrated about Mike Cameron being overpaid? I just wish I could pull the same shit. Why? Because it is beyond clear to even the dimmest light of the baseball literati that Mike Cameron is paid at a level commiserate to his skills.

Why? Because he is essentially Torii Hunter at 6 million dollars less money. Solid power for a center fielder. Cameron has a better eye in comparison to Hunter’s ability to hit .270. And both have defenses that a scout would still score above 70 out of 80.

Yeah, he’s not a steal at twice the price, but you get it. He’s not exactly Joey Gaithright.

Or Melky Cabrera

Yeah, I know. I’m spitting into a wind tunnel with this. But Doug Melvin should have been fired if he took a package of Melky and Igawa. I mean, a 24 year-old with three full seasons of below average baseball, and a 28 year-old 4A pitcher for a longtime consistently above-average pro at a good price?

Yeah. The Yankees are walking away from that spectacular offer. Just like I’m “walking away” from an “offer” for a Villain Girl to engage me in “sexual congress.” Good looking out New York.

Good looking out.

UPDATE: You’re killing me, Doug.


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