The Grand National Championships

December 13, 2008

You know how some people say "God Don’t Like Ugly?"

Filed under: Analysis,Fuhbawls,Good Looking Out,Stereotype Transcendance — by Andrew @ 9:24 pm

I’m going to say that winning at Iowa State can be an untenable proposition. With little history and at least 4 challenging conference games per year? I can see 5-19 happening in those two years to a Saban or a Stoops.

That being said? Of all the coaches available? Gene Chizik is one of them.

His defensive skills are pretty solid as a playcaller. But you know what? There’s a reason Auburn was the winner of that 3-2 shootout. And consider the fact that the talent level at Auburn wasn’t spectacular on paper this season. What kind of a recruiting class is Chizik going to pull?

Any hope of a Robert Griffin in the back pocket is Christmasian at best and insane otherwise. But being as we are in the deepest of the deep south. You have to wonder…

Would being an “Auburn man” have mattered so much if Scott Frost or Eric Crouch had the same sort of pedigree? You don’t want to take the home run swing for Mike Leach? Fine. But instead of going for the guy who failed in the untenable situation, how about you go for the guy who won in a worse scenario?


This is why college football really blows. The BCS is just fun to bitch about. But until we see some generational replacement amongst the boosters in the literati? The African Americans only get the untenable.

A mediocre opportunity is too good for those people, am I right?


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